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Ask questions on Gastroenterology issues: Acid Reflux (GERD), Barretts Esophagus, Colitis, Colon/Bowel Disorders, Crohn's Disease, Diverticulitis/ Diverticulosis, Digestive Disorders and Stomach Pain.

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WanjiwituJun 09
vadim888Dec 28, 2012
healthiswealthNov 11, 2008
boronJul 09, 2008
By jawhiddon Blank
I have had EXCESSIVE burping, bloating and saliva for several years. I have had numerous expensive tests done and all...
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EndosAftermathDec 10, 2015
OceanturquoiseMay 28, 2015
ElizabethlozFeb 13, 2015
By lot12 Blank
hi its been one week of feeling constipated when i try to go to the bathroom its so hard to get my stool out i feel...
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vjnnowataApr 29
antoniatlApr 26
alfrommeltMar 15, 2014
By Strawberry808 Blank
For about fourteen years my stomach muscles below my rib cage on left side, the muscle spasms, charlie horses, has a ...
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By Shamak12
I've been having excesive bloating for a week now. It came out of no where, it's not painful but annoying. I have not...
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iceonfloorJan 09, 2014
dadresterFeb 18, 2013
biologist_momDec 06, 2012
By Nikole72 Blank
To those of you who are suffering from sulfur burps, vomiting, cramping, bloating, and diarrha I may have finally fou...
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GmapattiJun 07
MaluPMay 20
Sunshine12963Nov 15, 2013
MuddergigiJun 09, 2012
By mizscarlett Blank
About 5 days after by colonoscopy, I started having an acute pain in my right hip that sometimes travels down the fro...
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By CatheO
I've been on Prednisone for about two years now for Sarcoidosis. They started me on 40mg and the pain and bloating wa...
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By Chrisrec79
Im 37 years old male, start of 2014 I got really sick, lost 17kg in two weeks and started having non stop throat prob...
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By sallymagu
Hi All, I had gastric/digestive problems for couple months now . I had heaviness in breathing along with gastric a...
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peace129Nov 26, 2009
cramboneNov 26, 2009
peace129Nov 25, 2009
whisperwolfNov 22, 2009
By MeggyB Blank
I am a 34 year old woman and over the last 6 months I have at times experienced rectal pain and pressure after orgasm...
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slyvanyJun 06
rahdogMay 30
HmarthersJan 17
Margot49Jan 02
Helix333Nov 20, 2015
By jenquad Blank
I am 35 yr old female history of gerd symptoms: 1.lots of thick saliva after I eat/drink 2.sticky gelatin like mu...
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By NeedSomeHelp456
Is it even possible? How long does it take?
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LM_SmithJun 05
kyomagiMay 04, 2009
sillyvixenApr 23, 2009
kyomagiApr 23, 2009
sillyvixenApr 22, 2009
By kyomagi Blank
So, My girlfriend is having gallblader removal on 4/28, we leave for disney on 5/6 and will be there for about 6 days...
437325 tn?1205290810
rs123456Mar 14, 2009
CalGalMar 07, 2008
By Will390 Blank
I have esophageal varices and have had 2 bleeds - first March 2007, second October 2007. They banded 2 bleeders after...
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By KimSha24
For about two weeks now I have had the worst case of diarrhea. I'm not vomiting I Just going back and fourth to the...
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KimSha24Jun 05
jacobw1993Apr 29, 2014
michell243Jun 08, 2012
michell221Jul 19, 2010
tomas923Jul 19, 2010
By tomas923 Blank
I developed watery explosive diarrhea 10 days ago. After 5 days I went to my PC doctor and they did bloodwork and a s...
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By terriblefart Blank
This problem is ruining my life. My fart stinks like omg, and when I am not farting, I release gases involuntarily wh...
571297 tn?1217356153
sasha1234567Feb 10, 2013
AngeeeSep 14, 2009
cqueorSep 14, 2009
deebee562Aug 25, 2009
By wojamo Blank
First time posting.... I am a 29 year old Female. Over the last 5 months now, I have had blood in my stool and in the...
1233043 tn?1267675330
TaoofmarcoSep 09, 2010
syerenAug 24, 2010
By demighoul Blank
My symptoms are episodes or "attacks" which include; very sharp burning horrible upper right abdominal pain, shortnes...
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By jojokdz
My family member was on a antibiotic for 10 days. When they moved their bowels, it smelled like a barn .. very bad ...
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