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This patient support community is for discussions relating to a person’s predisposition to a variety of medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s, blood-clotting disorders, breast cancer, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, Marfan syndrome, and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

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Droo98Aug 31, 2015
By Droo98 Blank
So I am in love with one of my blood-relations. She has the same last name as mine. My father's dad and her father's ...
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By Xlizziex6 Blank
My baby had multiple seizures a few hours after birth. His MRI scans showed his brain cells were dying off quickly in...
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By stellar2419 Blank
Hi, I have a rare genetic condition that was passed down from my father. I frequently have questions that come up in...
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By Ravenowl72 Blank
I have recently been diagnosed with this B vitamin deficiency, do the B12 and folic acid supplements have good progno...
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By LeBeauPrince Blank
I used to sleep on average 2-3 hours a night at the age of 11-17 and had a poor nutrition (consumed more carbs and le...
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By vibhavselwal Blank
Childwas evaluated as caseof infantile cholestasis,HSM,facial dysmorphism,hypotonia,developmentaldelay,recurrent LRTI...
14718502 tn?1436126069
By ziva2015 Blank
Could you please explain if it is possible for a father who has O positive blood and a mother with A positive blood t...
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By dani34744 Blank
My cousin and I are 4 months apart in age. Our mothers are sisters. We were raised as cousins but have just found out...
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By kroconnor19 Blank
A very rare neurological disease known as neuroacanthocytosis has affected members of my family. 20 years ago, at the...
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stephluv31Jun 22, 2015
ajsanders23Oct 02, 2014
dking46Sep 07, 2012
imisstonyMar 30, 2012
savannahvMar 23, 2012
By kally79 Blank
I am interested in finding out if anyone has had the same experiences as me. I was born with no enamel on my teeth. T...
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By JerryCe334 Blank
Hi, I am a 5'-11'' male and I am almost 16 years old. One problem that I've always had is that my torso has always be...
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KaryoQueryMay 21, 2015
By koloche90 Blank
What is the rarity of such a growth spurt in someone's 20s? Well, it happened to me : /
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By KaryoQuery Blank
What does 45x/46xy, +y, t(y:14) (p12:q32) mean?
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By fish_tang Blank
I am tring to identify a novel pathologic gene from a high myopia (near sight) autosomal dominant family (four gener...
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By 00BABY Blank
I have had about 8 miscarriages. I cant get past 5-6 weeks. Doctors put me on Lovenox and aspirin. One time I made i...
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By Fictor Blank
How many diseases are directly linked to their genetics? As well as demographics on population carrying genetic disea...
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By Tinku11 Blank
Dear Sir/Madam, my self am Tinku from Hyderabad.This is regarding I got a match girl is 70%&30%deaf not by birth a...
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brmom25Apr 14, 2015
Dragon1973Jan 04, 2011
3misDec 18, 2010
jorgy513Dec 14, 2010
Kricket212Feb 18, 2010
By Christine_713 Blank
I have had 3 miscarriages since January, one being a twin pregnancy. I just recently found out that I tested positive...
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NeverAgain127Mar 23, 2015
By ramxara Blank
My dad has high BP for the last 15+ years and takes tablets regularly. Last time I checked my BP it was around 140/90...
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By MARIANNA7777 Blank
Hello, I seriously need some urgent help, please!!! I have a G6PD deficiency, category 1, and my level is 0.01...
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