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Gout is a common and painful form of arthritis that causes swollen, red, hot and stiff joints when uric acid builds up in the blood. Discuss topics including symptoms and medical or alternative treatments for gout.

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Dear All, My father 76 y/o has CHF. Since he used lasix/deuretic last 5 months his gout is increase. Can knee support help him from pain? Knee support that I meant such as: http://www.therawear.com/therall-joint-warming-knee-suppo...
klp2 | Last answer
History: -I'm 28 year male, and a gout sufferer. -I've had one attack so far on April 3rd, my Uric acid level was 9.02 mg/dL. -After taking medicines, exercising and turning to vegetarian diet for a month, my level is 3.7 mg/dL n...
cadefoster | Last answer
Hi, my mom has gout, she has been having a long term 3 yrs. deal with her teeth, dentures, 4 implants, new dentures, fitting dentures and it has not been resolved sufficiently yet and this is taking a toll on her diet. I would say she h...
Mary4now | Last answer
I am allergic to any combination of acetaminophen from three years old so I take ibuprofen. I am suffering from ankylosing spondylitis and sjogren's sydrome. My doctor gave me mobic (meloxicam) to relieve my pain, and I have had no sid...
joanniekim | Last answer
Is there anyone who is taking Meloxicam that would know how much aspirin is in it? I am allergic to aspirin and just read the printout from the pharmacy. Can't call my dr till Mon. and think maybe I shouldn't take it. On the other hand m...
Mapato2 | Last answer
I have had a history of gout in the great toes of both feet for a number of years now. Most of the time it just manifests itself in one foot or the other, seldom both at once. Overall, I have been experiencing about 2 gout episodes per y...
Rusty1952 | Last answer
This is a new forum on MedHelp and we're hoping some folks with questions or comments will find it helpful. Feel free to post about anything you feel pertains to it and let's see if we can get some dialog going. Welcome aboard! Ga...
gah_70 | Last answer
I am 30 yrs old male,suffering from problem of gout in back and hips from last 18 months,In starting my UA level was tested 7.8. Then i took zyloric(allopurinol)for 3 months,2 tablets a day and a homeopathic medicine with it.Then my UA l...
shilpy0009 | Last answer
dear dr, i m suffering frm gout. since my age was 26. but no one dr. told me it is gout in intial 4 year i took medicines randomly. i got married in 2007 aftr that gout agrravated. i always feel pain in both feet joint and rare occation ...
munna_bai | Last answer
I have had gouty arthritis for 6 years & have had 4 surgeries to correct stress fractures caused by extreme swelling during gout attacks. Even though I take allopurinal, indocin, etc I still have attacks at the minimum 2 times every 2 mo...
vicolover | Last answer
I am a 40 year old male with blood test showing 8.6 uric acid. I have started homopathic treatment. please advice me
muzamilshafi | Last answer
I having been having problems with pain in my foot, its really bad and when it happens I can't walk. it really seems like gout but I am a vegetarian, I have been avoiding legumes and other foods known to cause gout, I do not drink beer, ...
abbianza | Last answer
How much of a NSAID (ibuprohen) should be taken for gout.
gonnabhepcfree | Last answer
Hi dear people in MedHelp I am 62 and I have Gout for about 20 years, I am 5.9" and 190 lb and I have a little gouty tophi on my toe Since a month ago I have started doing : 1- Daily walking of at least 3 hrs ( fast ) 2- Watching...
rahim28 | Last answer
Hi All, GP Has prescribed allopurinal 100mg tablets for me, and recommended that I start on a small dose and build up Anyways, I took half a tablet in the morning after food. I found that later in the day I felt slightly feverish a...
Jsx | Last answer
I went to the urgent care dept of Kaiser Permanente on 4/20/12 with pain in my left foot, again, between the top of the arch and bottom of the ankle. The Dr immediately concluded that it was a Gout episode and ordered blood tests and an...
thomj513 | Last answer
What is gout
sumeym | Last answer
I've been having a lot of aching and pain in my legs, mostly in the calf region, front and back. We did blood work and it showed my magnesium was low. He started me on 420 MG, but I still had the pain. So after a month we increased it to...
ToTired | Last answer
I'm a 49 yr old post menopausal woman, 5.5" tall and weigh 80kg. Last evening,inner side of my left ankle developed severe pain.On examination, I found that it was swollen and red.I covered it by crepe bandage, but by morning the pain an...
harbinder | Last answer
I haver been a chronic gout sufferer for ten years now. Had not had a flare up for over 4 years the suddenly KABoOm. Doc said that I am a chronic case and that I need to take allipulinol cause I will eventually damage my foot worse b...
dreeftwppd | Last answer
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