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MH Community Mgr | Posted
My son was 13 when his father committed suicide on New Years Day right out front of our house. His father did it in front of me...and my son ended up going to the door and looking out while I was dialing 911. Needless to say, that was ...
ChrissynMarkie | Last answer
I apologize, in advance, for this being so long, but it's a really complicated situation, and I'm desperate. In fact, I exceeded the character limit, so I'll post it in two parts. I had to leave my therapist of 5 years in M...
SweeterShimmer | Last answer
I am 32 years old (d.o.b13/01) and have very recently lost my mam. She was the most loving, caring, fantastic woman in the whole world, she was not just my mam but my very best friend, my rock, my everything. She died 4 days before my bi...
Mammysgirl32 | Last answer
... but they are lost to me. My son just rejects me and acts like my existence is a pain in his neck despite that he doesn't even speak to me (I'm a very quiet pain in the neck apparently) my daughter is suffering from methadone / Xanax ...
Lizzytish1313 | Last answer
Just With In the Last 6 months our Lives have Been Turned Upside down. my Wife and Son were Killed in a Car Accident DUI leaving Myself and My other Son (who were Identical Twins). the Last Six months Have Been a Roller coaster, before t...
TTDad_91 | Last answer
I'm 14 years old last year my mother died of stomach cancer and my world turned upside down about a month after that we moved away from my friends and neighbors and all the people that understand what has happened. I can't think of any r...
Icantcope | Last answer
My grandad who I have been close to all my life even lived with him and my nana when i was little even though i had a mum and dad and when i was older he's like my dad died on Monday I'm 22 he was 85 a good age my nana sank into depres...
flubber123 | Posted
What's the best way to get over depression and thoughts of suicide. I'm 24 filed divorce last year with my wife and have two children. I also just found out in October I'm HIV positive. Haven't had sexual inter course since. I'm scare...
Marcus1329 | Last answer
my husband has hep c cirrosis stage 4. cant get a transplant. other organs are damaged and has brain damage. he only drinks fluids. no food. sleep a lot. how long will he still live?
ouni | Last answer
what would be wrong with my childs liver or kidneys that she couldn't feel when she had to use the bathroom
flowerdemon4life | Last answer
Hello i just want to ask cause now my father inlaw was suffering in liver dissies now its hurt on my side to see him not ok by in his condition now even i am only his daughter in law i was gut hurt to see him was suffering also now his s...
fhyniamae | Last answer
I lost my wonderful mom on January 4th this year and I don't know how to cope without her. I was with her every day for the last 6 years. She had a dementia type illness but always remembered her family. I feel so guilty as the medicine ...
Pauline52 | Last answer
My baby was born @34 weeks 4days by emergency c-section on Aug.26 but passed on sept1 due to two holes they found in his small intestines during emergency surgery. Why do I still have trouble looking @ newborn babies?
natp79 | Last answer
I lost my mother suddenly a month ago. I have done nothing but cry. I can't live without her. My mother and I had a great relationship. I called her every morning and every night. I lost my brother a year ago, my grandmother 2 years ago,...
dregs403 | Last answer
My mother in law (MIL) has liver failure. As of a couple months ago her liver was at 30%. They installed a TIPS shunt/bypass. She was put on lactulose, but she hated it due to the voilent diahrrea. She was put on the other mediciation th...
ErinMWN | Posted
My Dad has demicia and has fallen and hurt his back and over dosed on meds. In hospital and has gone really down and isn't aware of anything. Hasn't eaten or drank very little in last week Urine in brown and now after being medicated h...
nanawoods | Last answer
I am currently going through liver failure. I have read with much interest and empathy the posts on this list in regards to what happens with this disease. If there is interest, I will contribute my circumstances, history, and upda...
jeffrat | Last answer
Im dating a man that lost his wife to cancer about a year and a half ago, I'm going through a divorce after 33 yrs of marriage and I have always been there for him never objected on his grieving anniversary, mothers day ,birthdays ,holid...
Patrizia59 | Last answer
I don't feel like I can leave my baby w/ her grandfather w/o thinking I have to hurry whatever I'm doing so I can take her back. I don't care for my daughter to be around his wife, either. He had the nerve to refer to her as "grandma". N...
Miss_Courtney | Last answer
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