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i know its not like losing someone to some of you people but i feel like i lost a sister or brother. my babys father got her for me the first year we got together and i had her for 5 years. someone poisoned her and she died. she was a hu...
justimpatient79 | Last answer
On feb 6,2012 My dad & mom came for a visit. Monday morning we got up & went out for breakfast mom felt great that day. I was remodeling my kitchen tring to work & take care of my kids. On tues morning she woke up in a lot of pain in her...
wtdz1993 | Last answer
Ive lost my mom seven months back, I was adopted for the past couple of years ive struggled with depression, anxiety and panic attacks, before my mom died I started getting my life back on track, she was my rock threw everything it is be...
Destiny47 | Last answer
I feel like my whole life has been flipped up side down.my dad told me he felt great yesterday. He was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer about 5 months ago and drs said he had a year till he left us.he only made it 3 months. He was smil...
sirianne | Last answer
Just when u think you have this grieving under control...whamm! Just thinking how my daughter would be turning 6months old today ..only my favorite age:*((! ..i just am not coping well at all! I feel like I'm dying inside as my soul sc...
skyler411 | Posted
Hi, I lost my baby at 38wks. ..when her heart stopped beating, just six days away from my schedule c-section!..I feel so many emotions. It's been six months now and just not seeing anything any clearer! Its like my friends and family alr...
skyler411 | Last answer
I lost my oldest child a son Todd at the age of 31. In a little over a day, he will be gone 3 years. He passed on January 11. I really don't have any questions. Just trying to travel this awful grief journey. I have learned a lot about g...
lynnkay | Last answer
Just this 9th of October, I had undergone C-section and my baby was taken out at 32 weeks of pregnancy. The doctors cannot detect anymore her heartbeat and my body is not anymore responding to all medicines/shots to control my blood pres...
gabie1009 | Last answer
I lost my son last July from a miscarriage. 19 weeks prenant and excited about my new addition. I blamed myself for months. The funeral was the hardest thing that I ever had to go through. My other kids suffered too along with my boyfrie...
divanay | Last answer
My grandmother passed away yesterday at the age of 83. She had wandered off from her house Thursday evening, and was found the next morning a block down the alley from her home, where she had froze to death. She was found wearing only o...
witheredrose | Last answer
hi everyone ,.this is my frist time in the loss and grief ,im in the depression forum ,...........i couldnt up till come in here ,.........but im here now ........and my question is ,............if there is someone out there that has had...
bell124 | Last answer
I lost my grandma 8 years ago! She was the most carin loveable happiest purest person in the worls,, the second you met her she would have stoled your heart or at least put a smiled on ur face. She was always teachin us how to be a bette...
cHiNa_dOlli3 | Last answer
How do you explain to a two year old that her sister won't be coming back that she has passed on ??
Mommyof3_2014 | Last answer
I've lost my dad to cancer 5 years ago. It was hard, but I went through it and learned lots of coping techniques... However, this time seems so different and nothing works to mend my broken heart - I lost my 8.5wk baby in womb. Her hea...
Annie_777 | Last answer
My boyfriend of 12 years killed himself in our home1 1/2 years ago. Our daughter is I ust now having many behavioral issues. She can't be alone at all. She doesnt want to go to shool. She isnt interested in the things she was before. Sh...
sashmore1978 | Last answer
Iv recent had surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy and my right fallopian tube. My partner has been great, mostly, but now appears to have thrown himself into work to deal with everything. Im glad he has a way to cope but I now fee...
lil_miss_b | Last answer
My wife died 8years ago from cancer. She died sudden and no one knew she would die. My daughter was only nine when she died. Her and her mother were really close. She didn't really grieve when she was younger. I did take the whole family...
Bluejayrave | Last answer
It's been more than a month since my world was shattered into a million miniscule pieces... more than a month since the centre of my universe was violently and suddenly, yet peacefully and expectedly, taken away from me. I feel numb and ...
tg84 | Last answer
We have just found out my brother has 'decompensated advanced cirrhosis of the liver', he as we expected is in denial, but me as his only sibling, his sister and his mother, Our mum........well, what can I say apart from we are devastate...
sammidge | Last answer
My oldest son passed on July 14 of this year. He was living 900 miles away when it happened, and we were hoping to have him visit around the holidays. That is obviously not going to happen. No card will be sent, no gifts exchanged, no...
BluCrystal | Last answer
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