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Fuzzsoccer12 minutes
MrsM10Mar 22
Fafo606Jan 10
SirericOct 23, 2015
jrg2222Nov 25, 2010
By jrg2222 Blank
Hello, Last Thursday I had a mild sore throat, which for me is usually a sign that I'm catching a cold. The next d...
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By z33fairladyz
i had a auto accident about 15 days ago. it was single accident that hit the tree in the median. I had laceration o...
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tn01Apr 09
NmaplesCJan 27
JohnnyDPJan 09
By Pepperpotty Blank
Hello, Last night I had just laid down to go to sleep when I felt something pop in my head. It was so severe that I ...
17862408 tn?1460850439
By bonoo
Need to know. I was asleep, and a POP went off in my (upper left) brain. It actually made my head jerk. Do I need t...
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Carly7909Jul 01, 2014
Dr. Kokil Mathur Mar 24, 2013
By sipar82 Blank
I had a concussion about two years ago maybe three years (I hit the front left side of my head on the car door). I se...
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By alorabelle
Several days ago while swimming I ran into the pool wall. Since then, my forehead swelled. The skin of the raised are...
Avatar m tn
By spasmproblem
Since the beggining of febuary I have been getting sudden bouts of ear and head pressure. it started off as just a ba...
Avatar m tn
By Jim0999
Hi All, I suffered a laceration on my top of my head in the scalp area around 4 days back. I went to the hospital ...
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By BirdLady23
Yesterday morning I woke up with a bad headache, I would rate the headache as a 7 on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being the ...
2197322 tn?1338845793
whoknows2Mar 14
Pam_DufresneOct 26, 2015
Pam_DufresneOct 26, 2015
LMuzSep 08, 2014
MarissaCAug 27, 2014
By renegade71 Blank
I am interested in further help with respect to myxedema coma recovery, and am hoping that you may be able to help me...
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S_HalderMar 14
Guiotto7Feb 17
BinuJJan 12
Rizvi602Sep 02, 2015
Rizvi602Sep 02, 2015
By MaZx Blank
For the past few weeks or a month I have been noticing something weird. My head feels really heavy like one part of t...
604197 tn?1292308636
arby16Mar 13
StubzMar 02
arby16Feb 15
arby16Jan 24
arby16Jan 24
By brittanyf Blank
Hello, I'm 17 years of age and recently (2 months ago) had an accident that has resulted in the loss of my sense of...
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By Alexanderd
So I am doing a home project making a soccer goal for my daughter. Lift the goal up right and started to secure the b...
2192097 tn?1338997061
MJ0791Mar 09
lydia_scotlandSep 24, 2014
Dakota143Dec 08, 2012
By Tomr64 Blank
I am a 47 yo engineering professional and I had an arachnoid cyst (14 cm x 5 cm x 2.5 cm) that was diagnosed in Jan t...
Avatar m tn
By Superz23
I hit my head on two fridays ago. Was leaned over a trash can stood up real fast smacked top back part of mt head whe...
Avatar f tn
By Alysum27
I am writing in desperation and fear that my eye's will get worse if I don't figure out what is wrong. My right eye f...
287827 tn?1357564083
AwolloJan 11
Dr. Kokil Mathur Aug 05, 2011
By JustMe0925 Blank
About 4 years ago while lying in bed I noticed my head would get numb, a falling asleep feeling, while lying on it....
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By dedot
Dont know even how this happened, but i started with going to pcp had bloods done all is fine. my head is so damm hea...
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lordjesushelpOct 22, 2013
annnie551Mar 26, 2011
ArcticReconOct 24, 2009
latafairamOct 07, 2009
By lottsandy Blank
I have heard noise in my head for the last 5 or 6 months. I have headaches. It is not a ringing in my ear. It is a...
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By jennclark
Hi, I'm very anxious. Earlier this morning I bumped my forehead on the sharp corner of a cabinet when I bent down...
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