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KidcuttyJun 18
Healer07Aug 26, 2015
DianalouAug 25, 2015
shadowenwalkerJun 08, 2015
By traceyken Blank
My daughter, 16, was goofing around with her friend. They were wrestling around on the floor when she turned and ban...
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By mindi23
A little background. 64 yr old female. Spent last two weeks driving 3 hours a day moving 87 year old mother into assi...
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By RunnerSahara
Last year I did an intense running program. Where I ran two miles a day, once in the morning, and once in the evening...
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an009Jun 13
tn01Apr 09
By Pepperpotty Blank
Hello, Last night I had just laid down to go to sleep when I felt something pop in my head. It was so severe that I ...
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By samanthaschell17901
was held down and punched on the right side of my head on my temple . and they dug there knuckles into my head the re...
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soup1979Jan 22, 2010
MysticalPoetAug 12, 2009
By ugates Blank
My DVD/VCR combo hit me on the back of the head a few months ago. My head will still hurt if someone touches the spo...
18440204 tn?1464891667
By Tamara1313
I just started using Topamax and Effexor together but it doesn't seem to be helping. I feel so lethargic and don't ha...
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By guy3211
Hi all, Last night after I finished masturbating with ejaculation I immediately experienced an extremely painful h...
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joanjuJun 04
banyaikOct 26, 2010
Dr. Kokil Mathur Sep 27, 2010
By joeblack456789 Blank
Hello community, Yesterday, while waking up early and didnt have anything to eat, i was standing in line for some...
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By VernonT
So a few minutes ago I was sitting on my bed, and I have a hair cut that you have to "swish" it for it to look good. ...
18440204 tn?1464891667
By Tamara1313
I had MVD surgery in which the surgeon went behind the ear to the center of the brain, then straight down into my bra...
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By snowboard1988 Blank
I fell snowboarding last February and hit my head(was wearing helmet) as well as suffering whiplash. I had similar fa...
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taffu449May 28
LobzikAug 30, 2014
wisetalerApr 19, 2012
lisa_hensonJul 26, 2010
Kimbo581Apr 15, 2010
By usgirls Blank
I am a 31 year old female.15 years ago I was involved in a accident where i was hit in between the eyes. That acciden...
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By marieen
i was hit in the head 5 days ago. and it is still feel pain on the side of the head that was hit. is this normal?
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1junebugMay 19
Dr. Kokil Mathur Oct 13, 2009
By terri681 Blank
Hi, 12 days ago I fell and hit my eyebrow bone real hard and it immediatley swelled up and out pretty far. since then...
18256842 tn?1463639219
By DiannaJames
I have had this sore on my head now for four years, it scabs over, but occasionally opens and bleeds. It hurts, howev...
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vinsukisMay 18
vinsukisMay 18
S_HalderMar 14
Guiotto7Feb 17
BinuJJan 12
By MaZx Blank
For the past few weeks or a month I have been noticing something weird. My head feels really heavy like one part of t...
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By PM72
Hi, need some advice... Started around 2 months ago with mild headaches. Now, I am getting fairly strong headaches...
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PM72May 17
PM72May 16
ryan_vieiraOct 16, 2014
pablobMay 13, 2011
papsmegreatApr 25, 2010
By papsmegreat Blank
Hi I am 36 year old. Since past week I have been hearing ringing sound in my left ear. I have a very stiff neck, f...
5876677 tn?1375906504
Dr. Kokil Mathur Aug 14, 2013
By kittcatt1 Blank
i passed out at a friends house 2 weeks ago i got a bad concussion and 10 stitches in my forehead the dizzy/light hea...
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