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This patient support community is for discussions relating to hearing loss, alerting devices, assistive listening devices, audiologically deaf, captioning, cochlear implants, culturally deaf, hearing aids, hearing dogs, home safety, Meniere’s disease, oral communication, safety, sign language, speech recognition, TDD, telephones, tinnitus, travel, and visual communication.

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GeorgeJosephP22 minutes
GeorgeJosephP23 minutes
GeorgeJosephP25 minutes
lapieperApr 27
By brendajj9 Blank
at what point does a person with diagnosed SSHL, who has already been treated with oral steroids and tympanic injecti...
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By momy12
My left ear got infection due to sinusitis so I lost my eardrum. It happened two years ago. This week, my left start...
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By john2109
Hello, has anyone had the above experience. I am blind and soon I am going to have CI surgery for one ear. I have n...
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Nancy TJan 22, 2014
Dr. Kokil Mathur Jan 22, 2014
By Nancy T Blank
Odd question, but my dentist wants to start replacing my ancient huge fillings with crowns, and I seem to remember th...
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By Bbygrllil1
My boyfriend hit mW in the ear and head now I hear less and it leaks fluid will it heal or
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By Dakota15688
I went shooting yesterday. After we go to our lane I forgot to put on my eye protection so I take off my hearing prot...
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By arsalan2016
doctor said i have nerve drying in ear that casued SNHL he said its incurable i have no idea how i got it i have E-tu...
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By jackclee1
I am experiencing ringing in my right ear for 2 weeks and when I consulted doctor, he said me I had a slight outside ...
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Flojo89Mar 31
RedbossDec 29, 2015
Gabbs67Sep 28, 2015
barbar44Aug 16, 2015
TylerpApr 15, 2015
By Miisterjones Blank
Hi guys, Please help, here is my report of what happened Thank you Day 1: (2/28/12 - 2am - more or less) We ha...
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tina091Mar 16
tina091Mar 16
tina091Mar 16
Eric P Wilkinson, MD Mar 22, 2008
By xtine Blank
About 7 months ago in the course of a week my right ear began to feel clogged, full, i was dizzy, had some vergito sp...
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By lilz800
Ok so i was slap boxing my friend and i hit the right side of my head on the wall. Well my hearing on my right side g...
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By emilyR123
Hello, I hope someone can give me some advice because I am starting to panic and I really need it. My boyfriend go...
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By orocked
32 days ago I jumped off a catamaran (small boat). The drop was 6 feet and awkward. Upon impact I felt excruciating ...
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By bluebook
Could diminished hearing and balance problems be related? Could this be an issue with the eighth cranial nerve?
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By z2k
A few weeks ago, I felt what was like fluid in my right ear. It happens every once in a while especially when I come ...
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andreas37Feb 17
dassman74Feb 01, 2010
sPillerillJan 29, 2010
By sPillerill Blank
I ate a strong space cake last weekend (but please let us not discuss the merits of such consumption; I regretted it ...
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SquiddocJan 26
tamathameltonAug 01, 2015
avfcJul 14, 2015
jltcrJun 03, 2015
D93May 07, 2015
By Nebulus1986 Blank
Hello all. 3 days ago I was struck, open palm, directly on my ear, very hard. I immediately had a seeming loss of h...
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NajjafJan 24
Msg786Oct 26, 2015
shahzadentSep 11, 2012
dastaqJan 16, 2012
DalubabaDec 22, 2008
By Afzaal Blank
I m 47 years old and chronic patient of left ear tinnitus (constant) caused by Otosclerosis. Right ear dB level is ab...
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starr1492Jan 24
By Dipa123
Hi Last night my hubby slapped on my right ear so hardly . After that I can't hear anything on this right ear. If I ...
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deezeliumJan 23
By deezelium
in 2011 I got what was called Labyrinthitis, it has now gone into year 5 and I get dizzy spells, balance issues every...
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