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This forum is for questions and support regarding heart issues such as: Angina, Angioplasty, Arrhythmia, Bypass Surgery, Cardiomyopathy, Coronary Artery Disease, Defibrillator, Heart Attack, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Mitral Valve Prolapse, Pacemaker, PAD, Stenosis, Stress Tests.

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Magasg16 minutes
unclejamesMay 11, 2004
BarbarellaApr 20, 2004
TomsZO6Apr 06, 2004
cutestuff2Apr 02, 2004
By cutestuff2 Blank
You may ask, why the Heart Forum for this question? Well, my heart rate and pulse increase dramatically when I visit...
Avatar m tn
deberdoJun 28
dizmoDec 16, 2010
dizmoDec 16, 2010
CCFCardio MD2 Dec 16, 2010
By dizmo Blank
Quick question, so if i do get the underlying condition under control will my diastolic dysfunction not get any worse...
Avatar m tn
mylove4Jun 24
CCFHeartMD20Sep 05, 2012
By Senorgabo Blank
I had a stress test last week and today they told me these are the results: EF 69%, Test was abnormal - moderate siz...
Avatar n tn
littleamyMay 07, 2012
NoMorePalpsJul 10, 2001
BeBeMay 22, 2001
39erMay 11, 2001
By car Blank
Can you please tell me something. I have palpiations every day. They feel like a big thump and then my heart seems ...
Avatar m tn
NikkiG75May 17
addzeeyFeb 04, 2013
CCF HeartMD6 Feb 04, 2013
By addzeey Blank
Hello , late last year I was diagnosed with a very sudden onset of costochondritus. I Had all the tests done at the...
5518618 tn?1369141696
ramyasredharanDec 19, 2015
CCFHeart MD23 Jun 01, 2013
By ashwin06 Blank
Below are my Dad's 2 -D echo report results..Can any one please tell me how good are the results or there is pain a...
Avatar n tn
ReneAugSep 10, 2015
mostofaApr 27, 2011
sai14Sep 25, 2009
Cleveland Clinic Sep 24, 2009
By sai14 Blank
my age is 23m? i have blood cpk value is 1000? what about this? any medicine about this?how to control? life rate?
Avatar n tn
CantonaccMar 20
Tray7198Feb 23, 2008
joananddavidAug 19, 2001
CCF-M.D.-CRCJun 11, 2001
By JenF22 Blank
Hello, I am a 26 year old non-smoking, non-drinking female. I was diagnosed with Scimitar Syndrome at age 6 when ...
Avatar f tn
serozhahFeb 14
CCFHeartMD 26 Sep 12, 2013
By dd115 Blank
Today I received the results back of a Comp Metabolic Panel, Lipid Panel, CBC w/diff, etc. All results for everythin...
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TEMMYTOOct 17, 2010
TL57Jan 16, 2010
DrCainNov 09, 2006
BarbarellaNov 03, 2006
By mmeee Blank
I am a 27 year old female & I started having BP problems about a year ago (at least that's when I first found out). I...
Avatar n tn
sjatJan 13
lyndahmrNov 10, 2011
JIM SITHERSJul 25, 2001
Cleveland Clinic, MD Dec 28, 1999
By Harvey Gainer Blank
My Father-in-law is a 70 year old white non-smoker. With a history of diabetes, no history of high blood pressure. ...
Avatar n tn
LisacacciatoreDec 14, 2015
Jess515Dec 27, 2013
amelianailerJan 19, 2010
TStarrAug 28, 2002
VALERIAJul 25, 2002
By dcmom Blank
I have been having PAC's since 12/01. They began while I was taking Allegra-D, but did not stop when the medication ...
Avatar n tn
kevintomsOct 31, 2015
LaurieJul 30, 2000
Cleveland Clinic, MD Jul 30, 2000
By Laurie Blank
I have been diagnosed with Andersens syndrome a rare form of periodic paralysis that includes a long QT charactoristi...
Avatar n tn
johnnyL53Oct 29, 2015
octavia880Jan 22, 2012
paintsflowersJan 14, 2012
motherfrogerJan 10, 2012
Lionsbee111Sep 19, 2011
By phyl Blank
I have had three episodes now during the middle of the night that are terrifying. (One was just while laying around) ...
Avatar n tn
anujyAug 24, 2015
By Larry K. Blank
I am a 48-year old male, and I am beginning to experience a rapid heartrate when I am not active. I have no symptoms...
Avatar n tn
MarkusDurantAug 21, 2015
afghaniNov 21, 2012
Godsent55Sep 04, 2011
Godsent55Sep 04, 2011
Mike1251Jan 19, 2010
By Elaine-Strain Blank
Posted by Elaine Strain on May 12, 1999 at 13:51:39 Dear Doctors: Thank you so much for allowing me the opportuni...
Avatar f tn
ill13632Aug 02, 2015
palp4lifeFeb 13, 2004
dave sFeb 03, 2004
JaniceHJan 22, 2004
Rob2000Jan 21, 2004
By lak Blank
I have posted before in this forum and also want to thank the doctors and other people who are so informative and sup...
Avatar f tn
CCFHeartMD27 May 03, 2014
By Shellfoster Blank
I have recently been diagnosed with myxomatous mitral valve but I'm waiting to see my cardiologists to discuss. But i...
Avatar n tn
Rashu06Jul 16, 2015
charlie74225Jul 26, 2008
paulhJul 25, 2008
pnew122Jun 22, 2001
CCF-M.D.-CRCApr 17, 2001
By Bad Heart Blank
I am 69yr old male,heart disease,2-open heart surgeries,now have 2-100%blocked arteries,can't open them,surgery is to...
Avatar n tn
MeivahJul 13, 2015
delcocatFeb 21, 2009
ecstacyJun 08, 2008
lil450Dec 30, 2007
MJ123Dec 29, 2007
By Robert NYC Blank
My doctor does not believe that I can get arrythmia from stomach gas. It has happened many, many times when my stoma...
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