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I have a history of panic and anxiety. Recently i have started having skipped heart beats that have increased my anxiety. The 5 months ...
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I'm sick and tired of feeling like crap and never seeming to really enjoy life because I'm too worried about why my heart is so irratic. ...
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Hope everyone is well :) A quick question: Why is it whenever i become careless with my diet and get indigestion/acid etc my pvcs com...
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I am a 35yo female that has suffered from heart palpitations for the last several years. I have had every test that you can think of. Th...
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Hi, just wanted to say another issue I'm getting is feeling hungry and weak, eating, feeling a bit better, but not fully and then wonderi...
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I would like to know if there are people who have ICDs and get shocked frequently, because of rapid or prolonged ventricular arrhythmias....
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I had a Stress Test done because of chest pain and shortness of breath and the report stated that I have a right axis deviation and early...
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Im posting this in hopes that somebody out there is going through the same thing as me and has found a "cure"! I get heart palpitation...
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hello my heart rate laying down is about 60 to 70, when really relaxed can be below 60. when I am upright or stiing my rate is faster li...
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Hi, I'm not quite sure where to post this. Ever since last June (2010), I will every so often feel like I can't breathe for a second,...
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Hi everyone, So...like many of you, have suffered from PVCs/PACs for years. I am a 35 year old female, and started experiencing them a...
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Hi Another question re ectopics but a quick one. Normally I can feel the ectopic, as a type of pause in my pulse before the next be...
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Hi I am new on here, had A heart Ablation Procedure 4 days ago and since then I have had a burning sensation at the top of my thigh, not ...
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Ok so first I'll give some background info on myself. I am currently 30 years old male who is 6 feet 2 inches tall and weigh 170 lbs. I h...
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I started taking Warfarin 3 weeks ago after my PVI ablation. Since my first dose, I've been experiencing headaches almost every day. I ra...
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What's your current heart rate? Mines 98bpm and i am a trained athlete? My normal heart rate is below 55bpm
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Can anyone give me any information or feeling the same symptoms, I have a resting heart rate of 90bmp but it can very from 90 or drop to ...
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Hi everyone I've had ectopic heartbeats on and off over the years, but in the last 7 years it seemed that they'd calmed down. I still...
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Hi I have been Suffering with Pains in my Left Chest Area for 6 Weeks,I have been been to The Doctor Numerous times and Hospital to have ...
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I am wondering if anyone has ever felt the following: Almost every night I fall asleep normally only to suddenly wake up 20-30 minutes l...
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