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I was diagnosed two weeks ago with autoimmune hepatitis. My doc started me on 40 mg prednisone and 50 mg Imuran. My enzyme levels dropped drastically the first week, but are holding steady the second week. Should I be concerned that d...
biginagua | Last answer
My wife was diagnosed with Autoimmune Pancreatitis last Sept after an initial wrong diagnosis of pancreatic cancer back in May 2009. She started Steroid treatment in Sept after long bouts of emergency admissions, 2 ERCP for stents, 3 EUS...
connelly73 | Posted
I have a dx of Probable Autoimmune Hepatitis, however it has never been bad enough to warrant any treatment to date. I havent had a Period since October 30th and there is no way I could be PG as I had a tubal done 16 years ago. I read on...
gjet68 | Last answer
This past Tuesday I went to see my Rheumatologist and brought him the results of some blood work that was ran at the beginning of the month. Well after treating me for the last 3 years for Rheumatoid Arthritis, he has now dx'd me with Au...
swatts831 | Last answer
I've been slowly coming off of prednisoe for the past couple months and my joint pain has returned. I get blood drawn tomorrow but I was wondering how common if it is common to get joint pain when coming off of the prednisone? I'm not ...
Martix | Last answer
is osteoporosis related ,caused by autoimune hepetitis,or is it also a autoimune disease
almost47 | Last answer
I got new test reults back today and I am a bit worried about them I don't know where to turn. I am on Armour 3 grains and 15mg hydrocortizone could that have affected my results? And I also take bioidentical progesterone. TSH 0.01 ...
foreverlostmom | Posted
Please could anyone help me, ive had a burning liver, since december23rd, i feel very tired, the burning pain is horrendous, and ive lost my appetite, but im very itchy like im allergis to something. I have had graves disease for 12 yea...
thyroidian | Last answer
I am 50 years old, and was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis about 5 months ago. I do have some cirrhosis and ascites. I am currently on 40mg of prednisone, as well as an antibiotic for the ascites and spironolactone for fluid retent...
Michelle5060 | Last answer
I have not been diagnosed with MS, and hope I won't be. I just had the MRI of the brain and C-spine a couple days ago, so it will be a few days before I hear anything from the doctor. I HAVE BEEN diagnosed with Lupus, Sjogren's, Rheuma...
zmombomb | Posted
what is its causes and its mode of transmission and its etiology?
ghlez04 | Posted
My blood work results are 58 and 222 dont know exactly which one is which but does that mean i have Hepatitis??? Please advise me as im here freaking out.. Thank you
mikey61 | Last answer
Im a 27 year old male. My mom diagnosed with colon cancer last year (54).. I had a severe constipation 8 month ago with a lower left abdomen pain. The doctor diagnosed me with ulcer after reviewing my x-ray. And mentioned my liver looks ...
mikey61 | Last answer
What dose cronic Hep.C OR How can it effect my Kidnese
sunshine5438 | Posted
Im a 27 year old male. I had a severe constipation 8 month ago with a lower left abdomen pain. The doctor diagnosed me with ulcer after reviewing my x-ray. And mentioned my liver is a little swollen. But nothing to worry about. After cou...
mikey61 | Posted
Hi everybody, I have posted some questions here in the past. I tx for Hep C and I'm officially cured or in other words in remission after a year I treated. I still experience some post tx side effects that don't go away totally. These ...
Pearl06 | Last answer
I was correctly diagnoised in 2007 with AIH I'm 52yrs old. In my mid-20's I was wrongly diagnoised w/ Hepatitis C or a bad case of Mono. tests did not show C but they told me I probably had it so after a week in the hospital of bed res...
Ella104 | Last answer
Hello, I am a 39 years old female. I was diagnosed 5 months ago with Type 1 Diabetes and Hashimoto's Disease. I was also checked positive for SLE and Sjogrens and I have Linchen Sclerosis. For the past 12 months my liver enzimes are ...
Debbie22 | Last answer
I've had high ANA and ASMA/Actin Antibody titers, and + rheumatoid factor since 2005, when I developed an itchy post-partum rash over 60% of my body. It looked like goosebumps on sunburn and nothing provided relief. It disappeared after ...
Zizle | Last answer
how do I find out what type of hepatitis I had as a child . I was hospitalized and every member in my family got shots
gaylea | Last answer
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