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Hi, friends and others [grin] in the Medhelp hep C forum! I haven't been posting to the forum for a long time due to health issues [joke]. All kidding aside, I felt obliged to report to the forum some negative info about Nutrasal's pr...
    ParrotSlave,     ParrotSlave
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Hello, I'm new to these forums and I have a question as I'm concerned about something which is bothering me and would like a detailed answer and advice. I would like to know what are the chances of contracting either Hep B or Hep...
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Hello Community: I am looking for any potential information about how to treat a patient who has Hepatitis C and has Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC). It is very rare to find a patient with HCC being non cirrhotic so if anyone out there ev...
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http://ilc-congress.eu/high-rate-cancer-recurrence-hepatitis-c-patients-despite-successful-virus-eradication-direct-acting-antiviral-therapy/ "Data from a new study show that patients with Hepatitis C virus (HCV) taking direct-acting ...
    desrt,     desrt,     Dee1956
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I have been granted a hearing with a judge that is not associated with my insurance company. I have no idea what to say or how to convince him it's medically necessary. Anyone been here please give me an idea of what to expect and what t...
    Dee1956,     fretboard,     flyinlynn
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I was just discovered I have HEP C and have not spoken to anyone!! Hubby wants to have SEX and Im scared!!! I dont want to tell to use a condom he is going to question that!! OMG!! Im soooooooooooooo lost right now!! NEW TO ALL THIS!!
    peterparker123,     scottie24,     Dee1956,     flyinlynn,     flyinlynn
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Hi, My mother-in-law has declined rapidly with stage four cirrhosis and end-stage liver failure. She was gardening just six weeks ago. Now she is sleeping almost all the time. Doctors turned her over to Hospice and they are very nice. S...
    derekwsparks,     derekwsparks
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My brother had blood work done to check his liver, he has hep c. Al the blood work came back abnormal. His necroinflammat score is a 95 & necroinflammat act grade is a3. He has medicad for health insurance and liver dr. Does not except t...
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I am 12 weeks E.O.T . I just recieved an emale . Not detected < 15 (1.2 log) . Is that SVR12 ?
    FreedomMK,     Dee1956,     Dim37,     flyinlynn,     can-do-man
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Test report SEROLOGY Hepatitis C Antibodies 0.24 S/CO NEGATIVE : /= 1.0 is it risk ?
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Hi All - Received my 6 month end of Harvoni treatment. Achieved SVR/Cured So happy!!! Harvoni is such a wonderful drug. I thank God for it. It was amazing, I never felt so good while I was on it. It made me feel great. I d...
    flyinlynn,     pitter,     48weeks
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Is itching a symptom of hepatitis
    GP7852,     bbj2856,     Ecofreak2016,     flyinlynn,     hrsepwrguy
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Hello, can any one else expound on your experiences with the side effects of the most recent tx.? Thinking about doing it, I am very nervous. I can't tolerate much for meds., even coffee makes me ill. thank you God bless
    GP7852,     pitter,     pitter,     pitter,     GP7852
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My Ammonia levels are at high (61), yet after a birrage of tests and an MRI, my liver is fine, and the doctors are unsure as to what is causing the raised Blood Ammonia Levels. Question...There are some unusual circumstances in whic...
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Hi. I am new here and have always been a reader of the forums. Everyone always has great information to offer. I have my first appointment on the 14th of April to see a doctor about my Hep C. My only insurance is medicaid and I'm con...
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I have been taking this drug for two weeks. I dont know if it's the side effects, panic attack. A combination of both. Or God forbid the myasthenia Gravis is being affected by it. I was approved to take it by my MG specialist, a liver sp...
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Is there anyone out there with Mystemia Gravis and taking Harvoni?
    buggeroff,     buggeroff
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So we can just fly to India to purchase harvoni? Seriously ? I mean is it that simple? What city and what company do you purchase it from? How do I get my hands on the meds once I get to India??
    fretboard,     fretboard,     linda803,     Lovemylilones_03,     fretboard
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I have genotype 3, and was excited about treatment with sovaldi + RBV for 24 weeks. Sadly, I relapsed right after treatment ended, with a viral count of 7 million. What are my options now? Looks like there might be a chance if I repeat t...
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I am pregnant with my second baby, I just discovered that I have HCV which was not in my blood during the first pregnancy, my first baby is just 20 months old. I want to know my chances of passing the virus to my unborn baby. Please hel...
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