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Hi Can you please interpret this for me. I had to delete basic metabolic Panel & remove all parenthesis's Jan 09 2140 Hepatic Function Panel serum 7958839 Prot g/dl 6.8 ...
ige | Last answer
Hi, I'd like to solicit some opinion/comment on my HepDoc's decision to stop treatment. I'm a white male, 51, genotype 1a, infected over 30 years, probable early cirrhosis (last biopsy was 3/3, about 3yr ago). This is my third g...
neptune235 | Last answer
My husband has had hep c since 2004, he had been drinking heavily but has stopped. He's 26 years old, in good health. We've been to a GI doctor who has done a battery of tests. The results were...Genotype 1a, viral load 850,000, low enzy...
Alecat25 | Last answer
about six yeras ago HCV antibody Test= border Line Cutoff =1.0 But PCR of HCV = Negative Now HCV antibody =+ve Cutoff = 4.19 But PCR of HCV = Negative Is it HCV to me or not and treatment can be done or not??
iqbal11 | Last answer
I'm 32 and very fit but just found out I have hep c, genotype 3. I've done a ton of research and am scheduled to start treatment around November 19th. I know about the side effects and I read genotype 3 has 90% success rate. My questio...
granitekonig | Last answer
Hi, Recently i got blood tested and on intial screening it comes that Antibody HCV is positive. Subsequetly I got PCR test whihc comes negative. Now wht will be the further steps for me. Is there any medication by which Antibody becom...
KK74 | Last answer
Please help..What are the real symptoms of active Hep-C? I have lost 43 pounds over near 4 years and skeletal looking. I am very confused as my specialist isnt much help at explaining anything and he says that he is too busy. I h...
lostfaith | Last answer
Hi, I have a girlfriend who discovered that she has hepatitis C, the infection occurred probably very long ago due to blood transfusion. Viral load is very low (less than 100,000), no liver symptoms at all for her and currently she wa...
MedHelpInfo | Last answer
My question is under these circumstances how is this possible? First husband has Hep C. Left him in 1998, I Tested Neg then. Retested in 2002, again Neg Retested in 2004, again Neg Only my current relationship/soon to be X, from ...
Barbie822 | Last answer
Will a flu shot affect my liver badly or is it safe for me to get a flu shot? thanks
splore | Last answer
Dear Dr. Dieterich, First I would like to thank you for taking the time to advise us so well on this forum. It is always a joy to read your replies. You were so kind to answer my questions about treatment for geno 3 a few months ago a...
Marcia2202 | Last answer
Dr. Dietrich, I saw a surgeon last week and I told him I had completed the 48 weeks of tx and was SVR and he said "there is no cure for HCV and I would be putting everyone at risk in the OR". I felt so embarrassed and dirty. Just have t...
proud48 | Last answer
Hi, I'm new, a person dear to my heart has just tested positive for HCV. Her liver enzymes have been elevated for at least a year. She was waiting to get insurance. In the last six month, I've seen a big change in her, extreme swellin...
nearanddear | Last answer
Hi DR, Is a HCV RNA Quantitative real time PCR test, that goes to a sensitivity of <50 good enough to prove RVR ? On a RNA Quantitative real time PCR test that goes to sensitivity of < 50 ... and the results are <50 does this mea...
apache1 | Last answer
got a manicure was nicked by a cuticle cutter how risky is it to catch hepatitis from a manicure
DAWNP531 | Last answer
I contracted Hep C from my mother at birth, but was not diagnosed until age 16. I am now 25 years old and have been married for 1 year. My husband and I have been together for 5 years now and we want to start a family, but I am very he...
firewife3280 | Last answer
is it possible to have orange stools with active hep c?..
wildflower562003 | Last answer
55 y/o male with hep c dx from 1998 (probable exposure in 1970) . Three biopsies indicate consistent decline (now at grade 3). I have continued to work full time, despite episodes of fatigue and neuropathy in my feet. In the past year th...
thegump | Last answer
I am having trouble working full time w/ treatment. I had to stop the ribavirin for 2 weeks because I couldn't work and am restarting today but am worried I won't be able to work (mortgage,kids,car etc) thanks
Helenannj | Last answer
My mom is on her 11th week of the interferon/ribovaren treatment. Her virus load was 170,000 and is at 700. Her doctor has said that she has low platelets and she has been taking extra shots three days a week for a month or so. She is...
lpb93 | Last answer
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