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I have chronic Hep C...they think over 30 years..it just showed symptoms at the end of 2007...found out in Feb.2008, have cirrhosis, stage A before tx, COPD, hypertension, GERD...severe itching, rashes, fluid retention, memory problems, ...
katzilla | Last answer
i took this chic home last night and we had unprotected sex and i tore the bit of skin between my knob and my ****!!! it bled a bit, im scared as ****... wat should i do?????
should_i_worry | Last answer
Since my doctor says I have 'minor liver damage', could the treatments possibly help me live longer than my friend who (as I understand) was immediately put on a 'transplant list', and started on medicines geared to (I guess) support her...
Peach803 | Last answer
i was told by a spealist i was cured that i am no longer affected by hep c. but then i had a test done at my regular doc and they said it was positive. is it always gonna show up positive? i was told by another person living with this t...
seekandushallfind | Last answer
My mom was diagnosed with Hep C in 1996. She has been told she can not be treated with Interferon treatment because she also has kidney disease. The last we heard she has about 50% kidney function. My understanding is that interferon wou...
thunderdolphin | Last answer
My sister has cellulitis in her leg,she also is very sick with hep-c(I understand from her live in love she is showing signs of all the last symptoms before you die)Is this going to speed the progression?I need to know I want to be there...
asil6111 | Last answer
How can a hospital give you a blood transfusion and you get hepitis c and b.I thought they screen the blood now i am at level 2 stage 4 of liver failure. Should the hospital be liable for my life?
Hopefullangel | Last answer
Hi Dr, After a year of negative testing, i was cleared of hep c over 3 years ago after contracting hep B. Now, clear of both. My biopsy showed stage 2 scarring though. Just wondering why i still have vertical ridges in my nails? Would m...
Zeet79 | Last answer
My brother has been diagnosed with end stage liver disease. He has had the acitis on his abdomen, swollen feet and is not able to function without the assistance of someone to help with walking, sometimes eating and severe confusion. He ...
brucethemoose | Last answer
Hi, is it possible to catch hepatitis in the following situations? I've been wondering and worrying about it for some time and keep reading conflicting information about it: If your clothes were to wipe against a dried blood stain i....
worried475 | Last answer
My fiance has hep c he also has 5 deteriorating discs, really bad knees and one night he went to bed with normal toes and woke up with what looks like hammer toes but isn't. (hammer toes don't come overnight do they?) Anyway, now he has ...
fairydust123 | Last answer
please advise of what possible consequenses of a 37yr old female who has been diagnosed with HepC Genotype 3 more than 12 years ago; she has recieved NO treatment she bruises easliy she has pale skin she drinks 2-3-4 glasses of wine...
willy71 | Last answer
My husband has lived with hep c for more than 10 years and we recognize the symptoms of an elevated ammonia.At his latest appointment his ammonia was 364-he has not had any of his typical symptoms .Can this be a false reading-he smokes (...
kilgort | Last answer
Please inform the need for Alcoliv & Aztor tablets
g_sankarg | Posted
Does anyone know how likely I am to develop some kind of mental disorder while taking pegintron and rebetol for 48 weeks? Also, will I reinfect myself by using the same toothbrush everyday? Am supposed to start treatment 10/24.
fridaynightlights | Last answer
Please help me!! I'm 35 years old I found out Septmeber 4,2008 that I have HEP C. My mom also has HEP C and had it befor I was born. So they think I have had this my whole life. My liver biopsy came back grade 3 stage 4. I don't unders...
cassy91 | Last answer
Dear Dr. Dietrich, what is your advice about vaccinations? To immunize against hepatitis A and B is important for patients with hep C, isn’t it? What about vaccination against influenza A? It is recommended for people with chronical...
drofi | Last answer
I really appreciate you taking the time to answer concerns. I really want to know what blood to blood contact means.. For example if I opened a door with hepatitis c positive blood on it then touched a cut with the same finger that touc...
tony134 | Last answer
I am an insulin dependant diabetic with chronic HCV. I was on treatment twice. In 2005 on pegasys and ribavirin and late 2006-2007 pegasys and protease inhibitor in a study. 56 weeks in 2005 but never got to undetectable. My best viral...
magathamay | Last answer
I read that UV rays kill hepatitis c.. Is this true and how much UV rays does it take to kill Hepatitis c. Would a tanning booth or laying out in the sun kill the virus if it was on me?
tony134 | Posted
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