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My NP says my Ferritin issetting around doin nothing ? She put me on Procrit (10,000 x 2 =20,000 Weekly I am also taking Peg-Interfuron-Alpha 2a and Ribavirin (1000 mgs per day) My viral load is below 50 non-detectable !! And I, am...
spider123 | Last answer
My name is Jerry I'AM 33 YRS. male and had genotype 2 hep. c . I was taking Pegasus and rebrivern for 24 weeks and it was very difficult for me.. I responded very early in my treatment and my liver and blood test come back normal!!!! Aft...
jerry6768 | Last answer
Have you participated in a trial. I would love to hear what trial you did and how long you have been undetectable for. I am thinking about participating in the trial. I read one article where it suggested that the virus could become immu...
blonde333 | Posted
I am on week 34/48 pegasys/riba. I am having episodes where I feel I am barely hanging on to my sanity, I feel like a P.O.W. in solitary trying to hang on to reality. It doesn't last long maybe 1/2 hr at the most, but afterwords I'm terr...
sunshine585 | Last answer
I was diagnosed with Chronic Hep C genotype 1 in 2005. In Aug 2008 wanted to start treatment and had changed doc since 2005. I had liver biopsy done, and no scarring and no fibrosis was the results. According to my 2005 biopsy there w...
mrsbee1167 | Posted
Hi, Dr. Dieterich. I have HepC (Metavir A2,F1) and also a serious gastrointestinal problem: pains in lower abdomen, gas, diarrhea. I have been seeing both a hepatologist and a gastroenterologist. They say the two problems are unrelated. ...
mike716 | Last answer
Hi Doc, I was diagnosed with an abdominal hemangioma. I have hepc geno1a (26 yrs), I also have some varicose veins in my right leg and a Factor 5 heterozygous mutation. Could HepC caused this hemangioma or was I more likely to develop ...
helpnikki | Last answer
I was possibly exposed to Hep C thru vaginal secretions 6 months ago. At 10.5 I tested negative on the newest rna Taqman test that seems to be the most sensitive available. I tested negative at 9.5 and 23.5 weeks for antibodies? Can I mo...
skier2413 | Last answer
Is it true that they are within 2 years of a cure " -" as they are not wanting to use that term for say, but the government says that they are tired of the rising cost to which they are having to pay as I never knew that gov. paid for...
cottoncandy99 | Last answer
I was diagnosed with Hep C over 15 years ago and up until now have had no problems. I had lab work done to rule out RA, Lupus, etc.The RA Latex Turbid. is at 404.2 IU/ml. Antinuclear Antibodies Direct is 228 UA/ml. Could the Hep. C be re...
2fast4u | Posted
What is the approximate incubation period for Hepatitis? I was in Thailand and frequently went out and drank the water at several, PROBABLY not so clean little road side establishments. I have been back for 3 weeks and about 5 days ago...
seb89 | Last answer
Hi Dr. D, Should HCV sufferers be concerned about being infected with H. pylori? Apparently, it speeds up fibrosis and may hamper response to treatment. I am being tested for it... haven't heard yet if test is positive. I am about to ...
chiara104 | Last answer
Hello all. I am terribly scared I may have exposed myself to Hep C, or it may be my anxiety. Ok, I am a nurse (dialysis). I was taken care of a patient and the glove ripped (we have horrible gloves at this hospital). Anyhow. I washed my ...
manthalatrice | Last answer
My husband has been on Pegasys/Riba treatment for 17 weeks the first 12 weeks being double shots. He reached UND at 12 weeks and his last 2 blood tests showed platelets of 53 ,000 and 52, 000 The last test being done on July 30 His docto...
nannyleenie | Last answer
I was diagnosed with Hep C , I have an enlarged speen that hurts often and an enlarged liver ( per CT scan) My WBC is 2.1, RBC 3.79, HGB 11.1, HCT 33.1, RDW 15.5, Platelet count 40., AST 46. I know these are abnormal counts.. I do n...
basichealth | Last answer
yes doctor thank u verymuch for you but i have already checked my blood that show me positive . and one question is is that dangerous for my health ,it distrub my life. i want to marry but i don,t. plz give some solution to me. i am in p...
manishgiri | Last answer
i have found many links on aupressure in hepatitis c on net. how successful the acupressure on hepatitis c virus? can anyone try this treatment? what are the results in this treatment?
ravipanchal | Last answer
i was just wonder`n can ur boy fight hep c wit out drugs,and can u get it trough sex
loony166 | Last answer
Hi I am 38 diagnosed with hcv in February 2008 after routine blood test showed elevated alt and ast I did fibro test and came out f3 a3 so I started taking treatment pegintron + rebetol I am on medications for 16 week now and found U...
demonfighter | Last answer
I have recently been dating a guy that has been diagnosed with Hep C for 5 1/2 years. He has told me that we must use latex condoms during sexual intercourse and the only way of him transmitting the disease is through blood contact. W...
Shorty69 | Last answer
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