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While in Thailand I successfully treated a 6 month old puppy with distemper. It took him a couple of months to get over the disease but after having a seizure, he has been left with neurological problems. He is now a happy, if somewhat s...
chiko930 | Posted
I have a 3 week old Kitten named Sunday who was born with Anopthalmia (Without Eyes). He is also a couple ounces underweight, considering he's the runt of an 8 kitten litter and has difficulty feeding. After consulting a vet i put him on...
fuzzbagz | Posted
Our puggle is having neck trouble he freezes up looking down can't turn to the side yelping shivering we went to three vets got meds x rays no clear solution but seems like a disc in the neck
jeffandrenee | Posted
Wilbur is our 8 year old newf. He is the best. We take him every where with us. Within the past few months he has taken to barking every hour just to go out. He doesn't need to potty. He just wants to go out and lay in the yard. We have ...
Pattitref | Last answer
My little girl gets big bumps on her head and her feet has red bumps all over them she does not scratch but licks alot! She has been on alt of different meds nothing seems to help....
shooky | Posted
My four yr old Chia/Pug mix dog has a wart looking growing on the back of one of his hind legs. The surgery to remove it will be expensive therefore it will be June before I can do it. It does not look unhealthy so I feel okay to wait un...
breezytoo | Posted
We picked up a stray cat 9 months ago. She has had regular worming from the vet since and though has had severe constipation, was given a clean bill of health from the vet. The vet suggested pumpkin which we gave her and ithelped the c...
MontanaGirl7 | Posted
My vet suggested that my cat may have chronic kidney decease stage 2. I found this rehmannia 8 tablet, and gave 1/2 tablet everyday for 2 weeks now. Do I need to give more than this?..and how long? BUN 24 (reference 16-36) cre 2.4...
H_J_Chris | Last answer
Hi. We have a 2-3 year old female Poodle or Poodle/Bichon mix, who is about 13.5 pounds. We've had her for two years. Back when we adopted her, we were told that she had had kennel cough and was treated successfully. After we got her...
sgtanthony | Posted
My cat has been monitored for hyperthyroidism for several months, and continues to have results that are only borderline high. But treating with methimazole would be difficult, because it would be hard to get a dose low enough since it's...
beenser | Posted
Hi, I have a cat who has been sick off and on for 2 years, extensive testing, but we stopped at the big Specialty Hospitals as I have many other pets and this was too expensive. He has been having many sinus problems for the past 2 mo...
Dawnmh | Posted
my doberman has stage 4/5 lymphoma, has degraded recently. we've done the holistic approach with diet and supplements. now its basically whatever he may feel like nibbling on, nutrical, sq fluids as needed and his pred. pred has little e...
amak92010 | Posted
We have a boxer who is 1 year 9 months old. About six months ago she had an episode that scared me where she just collapsed after running around with the puppy. She got up about 3 minutes later and was fine after that but was not acting ...
daisynchewy | Last answer
My vet, who we have taken 23 years worth of animals to, will not let us make payments to help our dog who has a yeast infection in his ears and which seems to be spreading to the other creatures who allow us to live here. My dog is a res...
RubyWitch | Last answer
On Monday, I took my German Shepherd to the vet because I had noticed a growth on his leg. He'd been limping for awhile, and I'd taken him to a different vet about a month ago, where they took x-rays and said it was probably Panoseitis....
sc_equine | Posted
our precious Pom has had high bun and creatinine levels for the passed week. First identified a week ago, vet put her on IV and dropped a little. Let her come home after 3 days and levels went higher! Back on IV but vet is stumped! our...
Csherwood | Last answer
my female toy poodle has been vomiting the food she eats seems to sleep more and gaining weight not fast but is and since the vomiting started she wont eat i offer her food or treats and wont take it and somewhat she will take it but won...
casandra207 | Last answer
My dog Badger, a 5 1/2 year old intact male Aussie, was just diagnosed with bladder stones via ultrasound. The only symptom I noticed was occasional blood in his urine. A urine sample was sent out for analysis and it showed no infectio...
betsycam | Last answer
my poor dog has been suffering with skin problems although i have had her to the vet nothing is helping she has scratched and bitten her self to the point that her hais is gone on her chest legs and forhead plz help
brejab | Last answer
Our 25lb dog has back problems. The vet prescribed steroids and muscle relaxers to give her as needed for pain. We ran out of the muscle relaxer and are not able to get into the vet for a few days to get a refill. Would it be ok to give ...
Dennyh11 | Last answer
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