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I have a 29 yr old QH mare i've had her since i was 7yrs and i'm 20 now, so i've had her a good while me and my husband had a friend boarding her for us while out of town working. She was not under weight at this time when we got back yo...
texasangel2710 | Last answer
Hi, Members! It seems that the common thread here is day-to-day care of our horses and what their needs are. I am suggesting a good book that takes us back to the basics. It is written by Michael Ball, DVM and covers handling, grooming...
lindasp62 | Posted
My husband & I bought a stud horse in Feb. from a man that was unable to take care of him anymore, when we got him his hooves had never been trimmed & were curved upwards. We’ve trimmed his hooves & let him bred a couple of our mares, bu...
fwood74 | Last answer
My active 15 year old Dapple Gray TB mare has rainscald across her back and shoulders. Recently she has developed 2 small, solid, red nodules/lumps in close proximity to one another on the skin surface above her hip . They do not appear ...
Bellenore | Last answer
my horse she is 26 and she cannot gain weight what can i do to help her
cruchny | Posted
I have a horse we bought 2 years ago along with her 2 year old mare. We don't know how old the "Mama" horse is, but she again became pregnant about a year ago. She was fed hay and 16% feed while pregnant and still began to lose her own ...
Rachael1978 | Last answer
My family and I had just gotten a pair of two pygmy goats a few days ago from a nearby auction house. We got a younger goat (about 2-3 months old) and a younger adult goat (about 8 months). They are just getting used to people now and i ...
saustin11095 | Last answer
Hello, I was visiting my friend who has 2 great horses. When I visit I like to bring them a little treat other than the grass or hay they always graze on. Last time I brought some apples today I brought some carrots. What happened was w...
cloudburst99 | Last answer
My donkey has what the Vet thinks is laminitis. We brought the donkey, Shrek, home from the Vet's and are supposed to give him powdered Bute mixed with his feed. He hates the taste. Does anybody know what Bute is or how we can get our...
LindaTX | Last answer
For those who don't know me, I'm Savas, CL of the Cat forum. We've got the pet slide show going up in two days, and I realized that insufficient pet photo submissions is causing me to lose sleep. So...if you don't want a Savas pos...
Savas | Last answer
Ww live in drought-ridden central Tx and that is causing snakes to be more active. We think our donkey has possibly been bitten by one. The ridge that runs under his mane is swollen, especially on the left side. It feels like it is f...
LindaTX | Last answer
My problem now is how to deal with sick pets. Sometimes their attitudes do change and just like human they became uncomfortable. Is there any way which I could use as first aid before I would bring them on a veterinary? [url=http://ww...
VeronicaClinger | Last answer
My gelding aged 17 has fallen, once while someone else was riding him, 3 times with me riding and once in a field. He goes onto his knees with no warning and falls onto his side. He gets up immediately and seems fine. I haven't ridden...
Sue558 | Posted
Hi, When I was feeding my goats In noticed one of them has a rash on his stomach. I have been to the local vets to get cream for this treatment. Is this spreadable to the other goats?
Solero | Posted
We have my daughters horse who is 25yrs old and she is a hard keeper during the winter time. And since we have had such a hard winter and it's still snowing at times. She is dropping weight and her ribs are starting to stick out. Anyone ...
HoneyBox | Last answer
Okay, so I have a horse who I have had since he was born. He is about 5 years old now. I've always treated him like my baby and he follows me around like a dog and when he lays down I can sit with him and he'll lay his head on my lap and...
imurmelodie | Last answer
we have agelding with an extremely swollen sheath and am tying to find out the reason
wally2309 | Last answer
My horse is eating ok and looks good but just below his jaw bones on his neck are two large lumps on both sides, we had rubbed them and put on hot and cold packs to try and get them down, we have no real vet here in this part of Alaska s...
Akcowboy | Last answer
my horse grey dog has recently had his sheath swollen up in the last month and I took him to the vet and had him beaned and his sheath cleaned. I also have noticed that he has a swelling on the bottom of his belly. It started out small...
greydog909 | Last answer
I live in bluefield west virginia not far from the mercer county animal shelter and one of your supervisors of the shelter has been taking horses around this area which i do agree with if they are not feed or have shelter but she takes t...
matt1010 | Last answer
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