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Founded by vps2012 on March 2, 2012
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By JennyB0125 Blank
I did a fresh transfer in May 2012 and thankfully got pregnant with outr wonderful son!! We are going to do a FET in ...
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kricharNov 03, 2012
By gilkesy Blank
I had a terrible fight with DH on day 10 past transfer. will this ruin my chances?
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Tee1175Jul 18, 2012
By Cduv Blank
I have had 6 failed rounds of Clomid, 3 Failed Natural IUI's and 2 Failed IUI's with Stims. We have "Unexplained" in...
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By Tee1175 Blank
I had the final part done of IVF and tommorrow starts day one of waiting for my results. The procedure was not to bad...
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rballestraApr 18, 2012
Helen72Apr 17, 2012
rballestraApr 17, 2012
TAGLASMar 21, 2012
Helen72Mar 21, 2012
By rballestra Blank
Hello ladies, I had my extraction today and had 14 eggs. I will be back after 3 days for implantation. I don't know w...
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rballestraApr 16, 2012
Babytime1Apr 13, 2012
Babytime1Apr 13, 2012
Helen72Mar 31, 2012
Ginger077Mar 31, 2012
By vps2012 Blank
Hello...anyone going in for an IVF trial in April 2012? I am. Would like to share experiences.
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By Helen72 Blank
How is everyone doing? What's the news on your cycle? I had my pre-Lupron u/s and I have a cyst :( Did the bloo...
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