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We are all in a tough time in America so it seems a good idea to share tips, ideas, for economical living, how do we afford new 'stuff' and where can we get good 'used stuff '..be interested in any ideas to cope .what may be a long haul.When the going gets tough the tough get going '
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Economical problems may let us to realize that we have been going in wrong direction ( number one in consumption) so let's eat less and m...
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Here are the things I use to clean around my house Oxiclean - The cheap brand White Vinegar Baking Soda Lemon Juice Rubbing Alcoho...
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Well, buying Organic Treats for your dog can be costly, so for those that want to give their dog organic treats, but without the expense,...
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I like this! I'm always looking for the best deal in town and on the internet. I'll have to take a look at some of my links and get back ...
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Probably one of our biggest wastes of money is buying things we don't truly need, especially if we have to use credit cards to purchase t...
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Okay so another member brought it up, kind of..... but as women of a youngish but sexy age what do you think of a 'younger' BF ..okay may...
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Regarding to this issue I am forwarding an attachment.
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Does anyone on here know how to can? I took an introductory class on it, just to get the basics and am very intrigued. It does seem like ...
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