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10947 tn?1281407852
By Med Help
This community is not accepting new questions as of July 31, 2016. Please submit suggestions to Contact Us, which app...
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Steve_MHModeratorMay 08, 2010
By Mele20 Blank
I just posted my first time here. It was a long post (a reply to a journal article) that I worked on for over an hour...
874521 tn?1424120397
By opus88 Blank
hi Medhelp....many people including myself have questions that should at times be answered by a doctor's
5875562 tn?1410902486
By yari1980
my period days jumping i dont like this app sorry
Avatar n tn
By singalinda
How do I get the Mood Tracker App on my iPhone? It doesn't come up when I search the app store.
1753470 tn?1379785421
By genguru
when i go in to put in how many sleeping pills I take it comes up with the error: Error: value: must be string
370181 tn?1428180348
By RubyWitch Blank
I strongly dislike the new format that is showing up on MH at random times. I find it confusing and very user UN-frie...
Avatar m tn
By csc5502
Every time I try to change my weight or calorie budget it says the change was rejected. Does anyone else have this p...
134578 tn?1463413330
By AnnieBrooke
I have a bookmark I click to get to the MedHelp sign-in page, and just today it is taking me to a sign-in page for so...
428506 tn?1296560999
By wonko
Dear MH, Some time ago the formatting changed such that uses no longer have a list of their joined communities re...
1097373 tn?1257389972
Adri888May 20
Mary_MHModeratorNov 05, 2009
By Xtian12 Blank
How do I start a topic and forum?
17568 tn?1424977159
By Cindy
It would be great if MedHelp could reinstate question/post titles, rather than to whom the post is replying. It make...
Avatar n tn
By sunnieyes
HOw do I delete a post, or change a post.
Avatar m tn
By xcocacola4u Blank
Can I edit a post if I need to add more information to it? Or do I need to delete the post and start over?
Avatar f tn
Dee1956Apr 23
Dee1956Apr 23
Barb135Apr 21
Barb135Apr 21
By vicki595
Today I noticed a new feature. When a question is opened there are many other questions that appear as you scroll dow...
Avatar f tn
By prettylittlekitten Blank
how do i post a question in a forum? i dont see a way to post a question, just archived questions from other people.
1949068 tn?1449632119
Amber_MHModeratorAug 07, 2014
MSM35Aug 07, 2014
MrsDunbarDec 30, 2011
Claire_MHModeratorDec 30, 2011
By MrsDunbar Blank
It would be a great idea to edit post. Just in case you have made an error(s) and you would be able to change/edit it...
7301641 tn?1391020554
By kiwi6511
Does anyone know how to find or add a community? I am a surrogate so obviously this ok ne won't quite work for me, bu...
Avatar n tn
By Kittin_1989
I just got the app an I noticed yesterday that there's a steps counter. I thought it was kool but I wen on a walk yes...
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Ger57Jan 21
Emily_MHModeratorNov 09, 2015
bluebutterfly2222Nov 08, 2015
By skydnsr Blank
And no, I will not click a different button to say this again and in different ways. That in itself is a very user-u...
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