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Avatar n tn
By singalinda
How do I get the Mood Tracker App on my iPhone? It doesn't come up when I search the app store.
1753470 tn?1379785421
By genguru
when i go in to put in how many sleeping pills I take it comes up with the error: Error: value: must be string
370181 tn?1428180348
By RubyWitch
I strongly dislike the new format that is showing up on MH at random times. I find it confusing and very user UN-frie...
Avatar m tn
By csc5502
Every time I try to change my weight or calorie budget it says the change was rejected. Does anyone else have this p...
134578 tn?1463413330
By AnnieBrooke
I have a bookmark I click to get to the MedHelp sign-in page, and just today it is taking me to a sign-in page for so...
428506 tn?1296560999
By wonko
Dear MH, Some time ago the formatting changed such that uses no longer have a list of their joined communities re...
1097373 tn?1257389972
Adri888May 20
Mary_MHModeratorNov 05, 2009
By Xtian12 Blank
How do I start a topic and forum?
17568 tn?1424977159
By Cindy
It would be great if MedHelp could reinstate question/post titles, rather than to whom the post is replying. It make...
Avatar n tn
By sunnieyes
HOw do I delete a post, or change a post.
Avatar m tn
By xcocacola4u Blank
Can I edit a post if I need to add more information to it? Or do I need to delete the post and start over?
Avatar f tn
Dee1956Apr 23
Dee1956Apr 23
Barb135Apr 21
Barb135Apr 21
By vicki595
Today I noticed a new feature. When a question is opened there are many other questions that appear as you scroll dow...
Avatar f tn
By prettylittlekitten Blank
how do i post a question in a forum? i dont see a way to post a question, just archived questions from other people.
1949068 tn?1449632119
Amber_MHModeratorAug 07, 2014
MSM35Aug 07, 2014
MrsDunbarDec 30, 2011
Claire_MHModeratorDec 30, 2011
By MrsDunbar Blank
It would be a great idea to edit post. Just in case you have made an error(s) and you would be able to change/edit it...
7301641 tn?1391020554
By kiwi6511
Does anyone know how to find or add a community? I am a surrogate so obviously this ok ne won't quite work for me, bu...
Avatar n tn
By Kittin_1989
I just got the app an I noticed yesterday that there's a steps counter. I thought it was kool but I wen on a walk yes...
Avatar f tn
Ger57Jan 21
Emily_MHModeratorNov 09, 2015
bluebutterfly2222Nov 08, 2015
By skydnsr Blank
And no, I will not click a different button to say this again and in different ways. That in itself is a very user-u...
Avatar m tn
By alderick84
Hello, I've posted answers for these two questions:
Avatar f tn
mhondrasFeb 29
mhondrasFeb 08
lilma412Apr 25, 2010
Claire_MHModeratorApr 25, 2010
By lilma412 Blank
Im having a problem with the food tracker. For instance it doesnt accept 1/2 but it will take 1.2 So for example I wo...
880012 tn?1240412842
Emily_MHModeratorOct 06, 2015
Lira_MHModeratorOct 05, 2015
By Chritre Blank
I see questions from several years ago asking about exporting tracker data to a .csv file or similar. One response w...
370181 tn?1428180348
By RubyWitch
Does anybody know what's going on with all the hash tags and numbers in the posts? Makes things rather difficult to r...
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