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it is hard to navigate, you can't see who posted the thread unless they have a pic, you can't see who were the most recent posters, the whole new setup is a joke, if it is not broke then don't fix it, why not leave well enough alone, if ...
hrsepwrguy | Last answer
hi, i have posted something on the undiagnosed symptoms forum and i would like to have it deleted, since i've written some things i didn't mean to. it's my first and currently only post. thanks in advance.
fiorella52 | Last answer
How come comments aren't posting when we hit the Post Comment button? I've had this happen and I've had others ask me about it, as well... When we make a comment on a thread, you click the Post Comment button and the comment doesn't pos...
Barb135 | Last answer
I have to say that I have been visiting Medhelp a lot less since the new design. The new format emphasises adverts at the expense of community atmosphere. Removing the identity of the original poster from the main topic listing page, and...
OdinLovesLife | Last answer
Trying to get on my profile page to access 'my groups' all I find is a page saying FILE NOT FOUND
opus88 | Last answer
Is there a way to enter "low carb" or "Atkins" in the "set up" your own diet goals online or via the Android app? What types of diets -- with the specific words'--may we use on the set up page?
BJDKDS | Last answer
Just a thought but after reading through some of the site problems people have identified, i noticed a common theme to the medhelp's responses. Which was basically telling a lot of the posters experiencing site issues, to let medhelp kno...
supermum_ms | Last answer
How to be a member of a group in MedHelp?
christianbaste | Last answer
Just a comment, not liking this new format much. I can't remember who've I've commented on or not, plus I like to follow certain brilliant peeps on this community and now you can't see who has raised what! Boo!
ConfirmedRachel | Last answer
I am somewhat alarmed by the appearance and disappearance of a new format in the MS community. It seems to be happenening at random and without the users knowledge. There has been no information shared before or during this change, not t...
kwarendorf | Last answer
I am having difficulty navigating to see the questions I want to follow or respond to and I can't tell who has posted unless I open the comment. And what do the those little symbols mean? The star I can figure out - best answer? but the ...
hepcandme | Last answer
MedHelp: In the original format, which I am still using, threads used to be bumped to the top whenever someone added a new post. Suddenly that's not happening... I added a reply to someone's thread in the Breast Cancer forum ...
bluebutterfly2222 | Last answer
I click on the date and try to add, for example, 0.6 mg of dilaudid at 8:45am. Then I want to add this amount every 4hour but when I 'add' at 12:45pm, the 8:45am data is replaced. Also, I try to input 'symptoms' but my only choices are...
ASBWANTSFREE | Last answer
There are some good features to the new interface, such as times of reply. However, by omitting the ID of the author of the post, it removes a significant piece of information as some members like to following comments by particular author.
StephenCastlecrag | Last answer
This has been an issue for some time. For some reason, never adequately explained, our link to Health Pages in our community, a profoundly helpful resource built by and for our community, was axed from our community homepage some time ag...
immisceo | Last answer
Can anybody tell me howw to post a question in 'Ask a Doctor' forum? Thank you Muhammad Aamir
aamir_pk | Last answer
is there a way to upload pictures from facebook to medhelp? thanks
atthebeach | Last answer
O have synced my Garmin to this app but i don't see it used anywhere. Also, how do i enter my steps manually if they won't automatically carry over from my Garmin device? TIA
vivokatie | Last answer
I see questions from several years ago asking about exporting tracker data to a .csv file or similar. One response was that the feature was temporarily unavailable but my be added back in. Is this feature available at this time? If no...
Chritre | Last answer
One important issue in our health care is paying for care. We need a category of payment in general or insurance in particular. How many other people here have questions or answers about those topics? Many, I'm guessing.
nonnet | Last answer
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