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Is there a health chat right now?
yademomo | Last answer
A minor issue, but it is a bit confusing. The date listed on my chart isn't correct for my time zone. It's Sunday, but the chart says Saturday. I'm guessing the software is listing the date according to the time zone for the company's...
dleespon | Last answer
How does one change their username?
TipFowler | Last answer
When I copy a meal from a previous date to the present date, some of the "copied" foods show only 0 for all stats. Can you please tell me how to fix this? Thank you!
roconner | Last answer
I would like to suggest adding a fourth privacy option for Journals. This journal entry will be visible to Currently the choices are Everyone Only my friends Only me When we post in Communities it is public and indexed by sear...
JimmyMose | Last answer
I can't respond to messages in my inbox. I type the response in the response window and hit send but nothing happens. Does anyone know why this happens? Thanks for any advice.
vhc09 | Last answer
Hi, I would like to print out a summary of my data from my MyCycles app (I recall seeing something saying that I could from the MedHelp site, back when I got the app), but now that I'm here, I can't figure out how. Help, please?
LKagain | Last answer
Is there a particular protocol which one needs to follow to provide help on the website ?? I am entering residency next year in USA itself and I came to the website siting an answer myself ! I'd be happy to help if you guys are still a...
scaredlikecrazy11 | Last answer
I have managed to end up with clones of myself in my trackers and what to delete them; and I also want to delte family member who I used to track for and no longer so. How do I delete theextra identities without getting rid of the trac...
bdilley | Last answer
OK I cannot figure out how to post a question or reply in a forum. I have NEVER used one of these types of websites and found it because I NEED support and to find people in similiar situations. That said can you please tell me how to ...
mommyx3almost4 | Last answer
Hi there, I have a quick suggestion for Groups. When trying to join a group, it can be challenging to do so from the group page. It is hard to find the 'join' icon. So, when an invite is sent out to someone to join a group, they go to...
specialmom | Last answer
their user name. I am looking for a past member. thanks,
drummerman2655 | Last answer
How do I track my weight for today. I didn't understand the ticker concept.
Sceeterdog | Last answer
I would like to suggest the addition of two broad categories: 1.RECOVERY & REHABILITAION Potential parameters or subcategories might be: a. PT (physical therapy) b. OT (occupational therapy) c. SLP (speech/language pathology) d. ...
AuntJane1725 | Last answer
I have come here yet again to ask MH if they can get some expert help for the Family Medicine Forum ,if you go there ,no one is answering any questions , please would you acknowledge ,,Thank you
margypops | Last answer
I really love the idea of being able to hold all my medical data in one place. The fact that you can log even data such as autoimmune conditions, TSH results and all that is brilliant. You also pull in a brood range of info from several ...
alfredamorrissey | Last answer
With several Community Forums that I follow, the Top Answerers list on the page doesn't seem to change. Is this another area of MedHelp that is not being kept up to date?
YardBull | Last answer
Finish the sentence! I wish this app would allow you to click on other forums like 'breastfeeding' and 'newborns to 1year'
zareenawifey | Last answer
Started using the app on my iPhone along with my Jawbone up and I was very excited to start making progress! However, after 3 days of use... the app will not stay open. After a couple seconds the app crashes every time. I have tried r...
Matt615 | Last answer
I was just looking at the journal options and I don't see a way to make them private... can you tell me how to do that, please? I see how to keep people from sending PM's seeing notes, photos, etc on the privacy page, but nothing about ...
Barb135 | Last answer
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