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How do you post a question on the expert forums? I've tried this twice and it leads me always to the community forums. Thanks Jorge
viseu | Last answer
There is a new addition to Med help. Whenever I click on a post I get a large black advertisement that is extremely annoying that lasts for ten seconds. How about losing this feature?.
caregiver222 | Last answer
I've been keeping blood sugar data in a paper log. How can I manually add them to my tracker?
Jimb73 | Last answer
Can you reset your whole settings including charts? I know I can reset my weight goal etc but would like to start afresh on the charts so I can see how many carbs etc that I'm eating. I don't want to sign in under a new user name as then...
Chantalfr40 | Last answer
guys cn u plis explain to me hw ths works.what do the colours mean and the space without colours
elz10091 | Last answer
Positive Living, Spiritual Health, Emotional Support, etc. would be good additions, eh?
Jakeys1mom | Last answer
This is 2015, are there anymore current comments about the above subject. I only see 2010 and older. Thank you
JoAnn_W | Last answer
Hi. Why are there so few doctor forums for common problems? The breast cancer issue does not have a doctor forum! Yet there are plenty of doctor forums for pets!!!!! I love animals but really, this is not good. Communities are wond...
Imajerk | Last answer
We had a few changes with the last update and one of them was to eliminate message notifications. Yes, I would like all of the features back that were deleted such as the ability to enter our joined communities through the drop-down menu...
IBKleen | Last answer
Is there anything on the forum page that tells you when a message or note is waiting for you? I do not see it if there is. Also, how do you check someone's post as the best answer?
SurfsideGal | Last answer
I'm noticing that when comments are being made they appear right when they're posted, then they may disappear so it looks like they were never made, then they reappear later... I've had this happen twice in the Thyroid Disorder forum on ...
Barb135 | Last answer
this doesnt work
CauseAndEffect | Last answer
I installed the January 16th 2014 upgrade and ever since then the app crashes every single time I open it and it's totally UN-useable. Please fix it as soon as you can, I consult this for natural family planning methods! Thank you!
Catcity | Last answer
Which "Medhelp" on Facebook actually belongs to MedHelp? There are several and it's confusing. I don't want to get on the wrong one!
stacys_aunt | Last answer
Hi MedHelp, I would definitely be interested in paying a monthly or yearly premium to be able to view this site "ad free." Currently I have two annual subscriptions to online magazines -- for subscription holders the site has no...
pKinCA | Last answer
I think it would be nice to get notifications kinda like FB so we dont have to go searching through every post and get on so often just to check whether someone comments or replied back on our posts and on others, i think we can keep up ...
MrsLozano_13 | Last answer
By over sight I deleted Sexual health community from my community list. It was just a mistake. I would like to re join the sexual health.Please inform me what should do?
Dalubaba | Last answer
I recently had to have my computers Cdrive wiped due to viruses. I lost EVERYTHING, and it was upsetting for me - then, I found ALL of my pics here, still here, and downloaded every one back into my pc. THANK YOU for not erasing them! ...
BluCrystal | Last answer
I have 2 questions about setting up my account: 1. Can I view multiple trackers at one time? For example my Mood and my Gastro may be linked to some extent. Can I view them on the same chart? 2. Can I add my own treatment for a tr...
kmccann757 | Last answer
I'm finding it much more difficult to get to my groups and forums now that you've done away with the drop down menu under My Medhelp. Please bring it back !!!
orphanedhawk | Last answer
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