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The more I read the more I get confused. My primary care physician for years had a heart attack & is no longer practicing. I actually had to be the one with his replacement to push the envelope. My old doctor kept telling me for the last...
lovemygrands | Posted
29 year old male  5'11  147 lbs  My symptoms started in December. I had swollen neck lymph nodes, night sweats and chills. Doctor wasn't concerned about cancer but did a neck CT scan which came back good. WBC was a little elevated, ...
Wlkrdude | Posted
i have blood in urine, frequent urination. burning and a kidney stone in the left kidney. can this be a source of blood in urine? thanks
me_just34 | Posted
He has had two heart surgeries this year, a stent and a valve replacement. When the valve failed, he was severely dehydrated. He has recovered nicely except that he has some lab values that are slightly out of range. I have tried to get ...
Janisu | Posted
Hi...four weeks ago I went to the ER with really bad pain in my side. It had been hurting off and on for two weeks but was getting a lot worse. Dr did a CT scan and said I have a 13 mm kidney stone and swelling in my left kidney. He also...
SackvilleGal | Posted
Hello, I had kidney inflammation caused by dehydration about 3 weeks ago. It was first time in my life, simply because I had diarrea that morning and went out to run without realizing I had lost most of water in my body. I went to emer...
HongYe | Posted
I am a 31 yr old female with duplex kidneys. I have vast knowledge of this rare physicality, but I am curious as to why neither one of my parents, siblings or immediate family have this condition. But here is the kicker....neither do any...
Kalon1984 | Last answer
Hi, My son is 3 months old and diagnosed with Hydronephrosis, they have done renal scan a week back and found that his left kidney is only functioning 18% and right one with 80%. Doctor put him on observation as he is too young, Please s...
ssiliveri | Last answer
Hi My father is 55years old he had his kidney transplant 2 years ago , but from last few months he is having a problem with his creatinine levels which increase up to 3.2 mg. which is very high ,he is a diabetes also ,i want you to tel...
ramandeep | Last answer
my June 2014 blood test showed 1.6 Cr and 2/2015 is now 1.76 Cr. Can a rise like that happen quickly, say one month? due to whatever cause? or does it usually rise slower, so at 8 months later we see it when tested. Possible Reas...
Muddyhands | Last answer
4 years ago I was rushed to the ER with severe abdominal pain in my left side. An ultrasound and an MRI were performed. The cause for the pain was never found, but the MRI did pick up that my left kidney is severely atrophic and barely f...
Shannona | Last answer
i was diagnosed three year before that my right kidney is not working and replace by shell due to obsrtuction. i am currently taking concor5 mg and my blood pressure is under control normaly 125/85 . my question is as my kidney is not ...
adnan701 | Posted
Hi! What are the best places for dialysis in Washington DC within a reasonable cost? My mom is moving to DC within a few months. She is 54 and she needs dialysis three times a week. She is going through this treatment for the last one ye...
Pierre007 | Posted
Of course, I was having tests done for GI issues when a kudney lesion was detected. A follow up ultrasound actually showed lesions on both kidneys. I think one was about 4 mm and one was 9 mm. Saw my Urologist who didn't seem too conc...
Margot49 | Last answer
I been having this constant pain rating a 5/10 but in some occasions it bumps up to a 10 when I get chills I been like this for 2 weeks I feel like it's been getting worse ever since discard is a kidney stone no blood in my urine , went ...
David_dave | Posted
On performing urine dipstick tests three components are abnormal, urobilogen (4). Bilirubin ++ and leukocyte a large. I have what feels like a burning , blistering in my esophagus and stomach and I seem to have difficulty getting enough...
Catrina66 | Posted
I have had bubbles in my urine for some months now. Two doctors said the urine tests don't show any problem so what could it be? I am beginning to feel like a hypochondriac
katiekakes123 | Posted
hi doctors and experienced experts, this afternoon during a paintball war game (paintball CS) with my colleagues, my right back waist was hit by a paintball within just about five meters. I felt a lot of pain at that time and the a few m...
chill95 | Posted
I am 36 and am scheduled to have surgery on nov. 12 th . I have a tumor on my right kidney the size of a grapefruit. Doc says 50/50 chance of cancer. I guess they have to remove my lowest rib and a flank incision. I am doing a lot of fut...
Beccabeccalynn | Last answer
2 years back I did blood work to check on my kidney and liver function. The result shows eGFR 93 and the rest are within the healthy range. SP Gravity at 1.020 and no protein traces found in urine. Last year blood check up for kidney ...
worried2704 | Last answer
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