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i seemed to have poor memory and concentration,and difficulties retaining knowledge.I have difficulties building up knowledge and forgets easily.I am a 36 year old male and not diagnosed with ADHD or ADD.I would like to ask whether stim...
lincoln7596 | Last answer
My little sister was diagnosed with ADHD when she was around 14. She is now 18 and she takes Concerta 72 mg. daily. Because of her ADHD, she has become a compulsive eater and is now very obese. Now that she is 18, she wants to try weight...
CurleyGirl7 | Last answer
Hello, My 4 and 1/2 year old daughter who has a severe speech delay -2 year old level, as well some sensory issues and fine motor skill delay. Refuses to use the potty. She knows all the about the potty. We have tryed books, videos, p...
arlene117 | Last answer
As an adult that has been lining with ADHD through my youth, and now have varying symtoms in my late 20's, and a very low paying service job with a high IQ and skills in drafting and CAD applications - my life still seems to be on hold -...
wwjdldm | Last answer
since i was a child i have had learning difficulties i went to special schools . now im a adult i still find it hard to understand certain things and i have got very bad concentration levels if smeone is explaining to me about something ...
lisanmaria | Last answer
hi.. I am 21 years old(MARRIED)and I am struggling from my past.It is all about with my brother who died last year, I felt so bad that until now I thought I didn't help him,he was at a very complicated situation and even though I tried ...
vhan | Last answer
This was intended to be asked to the Neurology ASK A DOC forum, but that is nearly impossible to post a question, as it seems to reach its limit for questions early in the morning, but I would like your opinion. I strongly believe I may ...
Jazzyteach | Last answer
My step-daughter is out of control when she comes to our house. She spends the first day or so bad mouthing her bio-mom and step-dad and telling elaborate stories of what they make her do ie: clean her room etc. Then the next day or so s...
JCARROLL521 | Last answer
I have lots of concerns on my 4 years old daughter learning process and/or comportment/behavior Could you please go read the post below please? Tried to put it here but it's too long.... http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/585919?...
Mistigri | Last answer
Skye was still in the hospital when they told me she had low muscle tone. An MRI was done as well at our stay and it read hypoplasia of the corpus callosum. Now that she is 16 mos old doctors feel she is ready to undergo another MRI in...
PrincessJasamine | Last answer
I would to ask what do I need to do for my 11 year old gaughter who has an IQ of 80. She was tested at age 2 services from Easter Seals for OT & Speech age 4 placed in ESE pre-k doe Devolepmental Delay and by 1st grade Intersensory Inter...
mysmithnotes | Last answer
I have a 7yr old daughter. She has anger issues. Started throwing tantrums at 2yr, we suspected it was normal to her age. They continued. It's hard to say what will set them off, but being tired or over stimulated usually does. The major...
Cara88 | Last answer
What do you to with an ADHD, Type 1 diabetic 9 year old child that lies about everything to parents and teachers? He lies about homework, eating his required food, hiding it, peeing and poohing in his pants. This child has a lot of issu...
goodboy56shoe | Last answer
My three year old is completely different from my older son. He is constantly talking and repeating the same simple statements like "it's dark outside". He talks repeatively and it seems like he never stops talking. He even talk to hi...
CeCe26 | Last answer
My daycare informed me yesterday that my 2 1/2 year old is having trouble listening and following directions. As you can imagine I am extremely concerned. She is very active and usually will not sit long enough for me to tell her a story...
jsha | Last answer
my 4 years old son is not doing well in the child care, he has been there for more than one year and sometimes he cries when I left hem specialy mondays ... the providerskeep telling me that he does not folow orders and he has social...
gaby1000500 | Last answer
I am a mother of a 3 year old little girl who loves to rock (side to side) & needs everything to be structured and I have had her into see a team of early intervention doctors. The query was autism but they didn't feel she met enough cri...
TKJK | Last answer
We have recently been given our 21/2 y/o grandson by Div of Family Serv. after they removed him from the home due to finding meth within his reach. I'm not sure what drugs or how much the mother did while pregnant but am told meth, zana...
cyclesister | Last answer
My son is almost 2 now and he is not talking, has behavioral issues, scared of new things, and is a very picky eater. He qualified for an early intervention program and I hope that helps. I thought the reason that h wasn't talking beca...
nichole232 | Last answer
My son is 4.6 and is a lovely, well behaved, warm child. He was IUGR in the womb and was taken out at 37 weeks and 4 days, but he grew well once out. He had mind/body crossover and is behind in his language skills. He's doing ok with...
Mommyathome33 | Last answer
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