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17173809 tn?1454308196
By oldonions
i have been smoking cigarettes for 13 years, i recently quit at 24, and now i am 26. I quit because of paranoia, i ...
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YuanRanJan 28
Dr. Kokil Mathur Oct 22, 2011
By jik441 Blank
i already done my apecolordotic view and the result confirms i have opacities in my right upper lobe.....what does it...
17130631 tn?1453954822
By kumargj
My aunt is suffering from Lung carsinoma from November 2015 onwards and she is under treatment in Apollo hospitals ta...
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gofliesJan 21
annondd1944Jun 16, 2015
mayaoranaDec 05, 2012
jebuzOct 16, 2012
sincereme12Oct 15, 2012
By ddm967 Blank
Hello forum members: I'm concerned because I have noticed that I tend to cough more these days. When I take in a de...
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By jennrunns
Diagnosed with pneumonia then further diagnosis form Chest Xray shows cavitary lung lesion. Can someone explain to me...
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By mariaalloulou
what are the possible meanings of mild prominent vascular markings in both lungs in the chest x ray.... Urgent
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By ZSaifi
Hi, i have a lower back pain in left side when i take deep breath since 2 years. yesterday i went to a chest speciali...
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By Rosas929
My father gets low oxygen saturation randomly almost like attacks, I was wondering if anyone else has these types of...
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2jugheadsJan 08
seadogsteveMar 23, 2014
bob281567Dec 12, 2013
cancerfighter11Jun 29, 2012
Nan955Jan 26, 2012
By DeanDoyle Blank
I am wondering if anyone can give me a rough estimate, I know everyone is different, had surgery in early January, no...
16870999 tn?1452042776
By Bill_Bailey
I had flu, got chest x-ray at urgent care to rule-out pneumonia and they noticed a single nodule, about 6mm. What...
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Joel_dixJan 05
JumongDec 14, 2015
By Joel_dix
Hi doctor, My close friend of mine died due to shorten breath which lead to heart attack , she was only 25 . She ...
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By wolfj
I've been having so much pain in my upper back area. I was told to make a doctor apt..soon to go over my CT report. w...
Avatar f tn
By playful11
I was just had a ct with contrast done and they found a 6mm pulmonary nodule indistinct in the upper lobe of my right...
Avatar m tn
By krandy721
i am a 50 year old male. they found a 2cm X 1.7 cm lower left lobe nodule. I smoked for 17 years, although quit 19 ye...
Avatar m tn
By roelb
hi, I am student. can you help me with my problem. i have a chronic cough its been a months now, i can feel also a sh...
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By LSD2015
In October I went for a physical a heart murmur was heard. Was sent to Cardiologist where I had a Stress Test and Ech...
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CT8Dec 07, 2015
Dr. Kokil Mathur Oct 23, 2011
By kenneth711 Blank
Hi I would like to ask how much "significant" exposure to crystalline silica dust does it take normally for chronic ...
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By Coachab2
I am 41. Had a CT scan after having intermittent respiratory infections for 6-8 months. Antibiotics cleared it up ...
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jay_rogersNov 29, 2015
Dr Sharma Oct 22, 2011
juliebenSep 04, 2011
By nafisa44 Blank
My mother was diagnozed with nscl cancer stage 4 with 1 lung collapsed and cancer was found in back bone also, docter...
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By KyFooFoo Blank
My (relatively healthy) 71 year old mother had left her house to to go to the beauty shop when she all the sudden los...
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