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Have autoimmune diseases such as Lupus, Antiphoshpolipid Antibody Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Reynauds, and others seemed to have stopped your life in its tracks? Do you just need an outlet? Would you like to share your story or draw on the experiences of others? This is the place for you. No negativity will be tolerated. Only support, respect, and healing found here.

Founded by rooroo41 on February 27, 2011
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By tonia71 Blank
I was told I have discoid lupus by a dermatologist after just a visual exam. He prescribed me typical steroids and a...
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By elia81 Blank
Hello All, I'm sorry to put this post here because I don't know actually in which category it belongs. I've been havi...
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PMWolfMay 07, 2014
PMWolfMay 07, 2014
By 21tulips Blank
Does anyone else have more than one generation in family of fibro, lupus, or other rheumatological problems? I was...
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By PMWolf Blank
Back in 2007 I was diagnosed with Lupus of the skin. I had lost tremendous amounts of hair, my ANA and skin biopsy ca...
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By Minnow57 Blank
Does anyone here have palindrome rheumatism? I was just formally diagnosed this past week. I was told in the past tha...
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By donna1414 Blank
Hello all, glad I found this site, seems really informative and has such a diverse group. I am hoping to get to know...
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By melissa_aikers Blank
I have antibodies for lupus and my brother has Multiple Sclerosis. Are the two related other than both being autoimmu...
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melissa_aikersAug 01, 2013
NicgreenMay 14, 2012
drmom5Sep 06, 2011
jeffmoz50Jul 28, 2011
violet60Jul 28, 2011
By mutsu2150 Blank
Hi everyone! Today I received the news I've been dreading for the past few months: my Rheumatologist confirmed tha...
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By tree729 Blank
Hello There. I am a 47 year old woman and was recently had an episode of Optic Neuritis. My opthamologist immediate...
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By Kimberli1111 Blank
Well this is my first post so here it goes; I am a Registered Nurse and for YEARS I believed that Fibromyalgia was a ...
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trixieplayerApr 28, 2013
rooroo41Mar 17, 2011
mimi1230Mar 16, 2011
By rooroo41 Blank
hello and welcome!! I am so glad that you decided to join our group! Are there any specific things you would like to ...
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trixieplayerApr 16, 2013
By EarthwormRN Blank
I know I have shingles. I started to have a burning, itchy sensation to the top of my thigh, which progressed to my l...
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cynthiannaMar 29, 2013
drmom5Sep 06, 2011
spik301Jun 19, 2011
pommygMar 25, 2011
By nan1953 Blank
I want to know if anyone else has read or heard their doctor state that you fibromyalgia is caused by something traum...
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By ChicagoLady1986 Blank
I was diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome back in 2010, but I did not truly follow up on the matter until 2012 when I s...
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By EarthwormRN Blank
24 year old fit female, with asthma as my only medical history aside from bacterial meningitis as an infant. Otherwis...
4198743 tn?1354253885
By veryillgeek Blank
Just beginning my path of discovering what is going on with my body. I have a wonderful life, two children, a dog, a ...
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By dika170 Blank
foi diagnosticada com lupus aos 14 anos,depois de uma serie de injeções dolorosas de benzetasil,o especialista introd...
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By Michellery Blank
I was diagnosed with Lupus and my brother died at 39 of ALS. Is there any relation? Any info would be helpful
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everaJul 30, 2012
By evera Blank
I am a 28 yr old female dagnoised with fms and cfs I have a small lesion on my right foot originaly thought to be a...
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NicgreenMay 14, 2012
By missy101008 Blank
im 26yrs old and starting in august of 09 i was sick with wut i thought was a summer cold towards the end of the mont...
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