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This forum is for questions and support regarding What Causes Lyme Disease, Diagnosing Lyme Disease, and Joint Pain. Topics for discussion also include Living with Lyme Disease, Babesia, Bartonella, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Anaplasmosis, other Tick Borne Diseases, Nervous System issues, Prevention, Risk Factors, Skin Disorders, Symptoms and Treatments

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8411000 tn?1464560311
By CR97
I have finally found a LLMD close to my home in Wyoming and they use the Cowden Protocol. Has anyone tried this proto...
535822 tn?1443980380
By margypops
Is this a symptom of Lyme disease..
Avatar f tn
By harrypotter333
First Western Blot IgG Positive with Bands p93, p66, p58, p41, p30, p18. Doc sent in another not knowing lab would a...
Avatar f tn
By LightInMe
I'm looking to find a good Dr. If you know of one personally pls send me a PM. Thanks
5248641 tn?1367590847
kat4786May 15
kat4786May 15
cave76May 11, 2013
JackieCaliforniaMay 10, 2013
By Cynkevtay Blank
I started babesia treatment. seems to make muscles ache more. Probably a herx reaction. Does anyone know if it takes ...
Avatar m tn
By seanscott256
So I had the ELISA test done several times all with negative results about 6 months ago. I also had a western blot te...
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AnnieMay2May 12
JackieCaliforniaMay 01, 2015
MietmeMay 01, 2015
JackieCaliforniaJul 26, 2014
GerbunnyJul 25, 2014
By adey124 Blank
Hi all, I’ve been reading this forum for the last few years and It’s been a fantastic source of info as well as su...
Avatar f tn
By Lummysgirl
I was diagnosed year ago lyme had 2 months rocephin iv antibiotics 2 months ago I was still very sick ...
Avatar m tn
By Adam2011
So, I've had various symptoms over the past few years. These symptoms include things like balance issues, stiff and ...
Avatar m tn
By 2Determined4u
I really despise the Lyme bandwagon that's sweeping the country, however my conditions are serious enough for me to a...
Avatar f tn
babseslMar 19, 2008
jaksmom03Mar 09, 2008
By Needhelp0024 Blank
September of last year I started experiencing joint pain in my thumbs and knees then I developed severe pain in my ba...
Avatar f tn
By JackieCalifornia
There is a continuing split in the medical community about how serious Lyme disease is or is not. The more senio...
Avatar f tn
kathlojJun 04, 2014
RicobordJun 04, 2014
JackieCaliforniaJun 04, 2014
kathlojJun 04, 2014
By kathlojo Blank
I received my Igenex results from my #188 and #189 test. At the top of the band list it reads: Igenex-IGG-result: NE...
Avatar m tn
By dolphins4life
Hi, My name is Paul and I live in South Florida. For the past 2.5 years I have been suffering from mild muscle atr...
Avatar f tn
By mathgirl24
I've been dealing with several different symptoms now for a few years. I have not been diagnosed with anything yet. ...
Avatar m tn
By WellinCT
Hi All. I have been in treatment for Lyme for about 9 months now. Likely had it for 2-3 years before Igenex tests hel...
255722 tn?1452550141
JayyTMay 03
mojogalMar 29, 2012
JackieCaliforniaMar 29, 2012
dolfnlvrMar 29, 2012
By dolfnlvr Blank
I will be tactful, but this is surely not just a "me" thing, and I could use some advice. I have always had prob...
Avatar m tn
By ac707
My mother has displayed Lymes Disease symptoms for many years. I too have started to devolop some. We are both theref...
Avatar f tn
By LightInMe
I saw a new integrative Doctor who thinks I have lymes and wants to start treatment even though my labs are normal. ...
Avatar m tn
By idiocracy
I have been tested for everything and all blood test are normal. I had the Ingenix test for Lymes and I only showed ...
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