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Hi everyone. Going back last December of 2011, my month old baby had to undergo an urgent operation. He has a Hirschsprung disease though. The doctors said he will have his next operation 8 months after. time passes by so fast. Since...
leichard | Posted
Hi, My older sister is 39 Yrs old and has a 3 yr old daughter. She is a single parent and starting dating someone who lives 6 hours away. I fear my sister is disconnecting from her daughter and wants to date and live freely without the ...
sabby1178 | Last answer
Hi my name Aimee Elizabeth Stratton-Allen II and I 35 weeks pregnant and I could us all the help I can get?
Pregoamers27 | Posted
Does anyone know or remember this song...My mother used to sing it to me and my brothers but I don't know if I got all the lyrics or if I got it right at all...Is this a song or was it just something made up? Please help...I'm going nuts...
fsantiago | Last answer
hi well it is my DH and me ttc for the third month, my periods for the last 6 months are around 28, 29 days. which allow me to try about two weeks past my period to get pregnant. What are everyones thoughts on the chances of getting preg...
2007mommy | Posted
Get weekly updates of your baby's growth, track your symptoms and compare them to other moms to see how common they are, share info with your doctor, add doctor appointments, get answers to your questions and more! I’m Expecting is the m...
MH Community Mgr | Posted
I got pregnant almost 2 months a go but jus find out it is a molar pregnancy where the embryo doesn't grow, it is a very sad experience since my husband and I really want a baby and have being looking for it for 8 years. I am rea...
chubidubi | Last answer
well,it's all in my title,anybody feeling this way?My dd is my first child and now at 10,5months is soooo cute!Ok,I know she would enjoy having a sibling but at 42 I'm hesitating..
nylena | Last answer
I am 38 years and have experienced 2 early miscarriages within 2 years. Both times the HCG levels were below 7. I am scheduling an appt w/ a specialist. Has anyone had a similar experience?
andlesa | Last answer
I just had my baby girl a week ago and I'm truely terrified of going to sleep at the same time my baby does. Her bassinet is beside my side of the bed. I fear when I awake that she won't be breathing. They say that 'BACK to sleep' (back ...
m3lanie | Last answer
I got a partial hysterectomy a few weeks ago. A fallopian tube in one of the uterus cornua was removed. Both ovaries remained. My question is if I should expect a mestrual period anytime soon and if so, should I expect to have normal M....
zentner | Last answer
Normal vs. Abnormal Child and Adolescent Behavior? Thursday Apr 02, 2009, 03:00PM - 04:00PM (EST) Register for upcoming health chats: http://www.medhelp.org/health_chats/list_upcoming Do you have children or teenagers that are act...
Med Help | Last answer
I just went to my doctors appointment and my baby's head is not engaged yet and i'm 39 wks, if I don't give birth until 21st then doctor will use cervidil that night and he will induce me the next day. Is there anybody experience this? I...
Alieros | Last answer
Hello, My son is now over 5 months old and he's starting to teeth. Sunday and monday were nights of hell with him crying in pain - he fed only few mins on bb's then pushed them away. Also refused to take the bottle. He cried and stay...
sue68 | Last answer
Please join James Beckerman, MD, cardiologist and author of "The Flex Diet", for a FREE live one-hour chat on Wednesday Jan 19, 2011, 08:00PM - 09:00PM (EST) Register now and submit your question ahead of time! We'll send you ...
MH Community Mgr | Posted
Hi, FREE Moody Me - Mood Diary and Tracker iPhone App Have more happy days! Track your mood with the Moody Me mood tracker app to find out what makes you feel good. Log your mood, note what affects it and record any treatments you’...
MH Community Mgr | Posted
. I have a four month old daughter and I noticed a week and a half ago I had ewcm, we had dtd not worrying because I was always told I could not get pregnant while breastfeeding especially if my af had not returned which is hasnt. I have...
wombwarrior | Last answer
What options have I not thought of? I have had 3 caesareans and have 2 beautiful kids (age 3 & 1). And I am done. I had Merina (IUD) inserted a year ago but want it out as the yeast infections are just ridiculous! I have been trying t...
Jules_za | Last answer
Hi Ladies. The Healthy Cooking Community is conducting a very quick poll asking what people are looking for in terms of Holiday Cooking. Losing or maintaining weight? I know for our pregnant ladies, losing weight isn't what your aft...
adgal | Posted
I'm just wondering if any of you have any ideas on the likelyhood of ovulation while breastfeeding. I've had my period back since our baby was 4 months old although it was a little irregular (45 days apart) but now I'm more regular at 2...
Scotland2009 | Last answer
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