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I need some advice for a pregnant friend. She never knew that she had a half brother (same father, different mothers). She met him when she was going through a very difficult period in her life - and she made some ill decisions. Now s...
Need2RemainAnon | Last answer
How many times have you been pregnant and how many times is too many?? I have yet to talk to my husband about trying again however we have 5 children and I have been pregnant 8 xs. I have a 16,13,10 and 1 and we just lost our little bo...
7preg3b | Last answer
As most of you know, we are patiently waiting to adopt a child... My question, have any of you, or do you know of any one, who has breastfed an adopted baby... Just wondering how is all "works"... I have read online that simply using a p...
ZevasMom | Last answer
I have had 4 c sections and had my tubes tide 16 months ago, since that I have noticed my periods are so heavy and it seems like I am getting large clots. I am also getting my periods a few times a month but just spotting not too heavy....
ria335 | Posted
I took 11 weeks of pregnancy leave including FMLA. Am I still entitle to take 4 weeks off before the baby arrives and 6 weeks after the baby arrives plus 6 more weeks of bonding time?
Mari5 | Last answer
Ok, hope someone can share I am kind of freaking here. I just bathed my baby girl Michaela and was giving her a massage (she is about 14 weeks old now). Then I was cleaning around her vagina and I saw that there is no opening. Now ...
Super_sally888 | Last answer
Hi, I'm starting to investigate infant care options. I have to go back to work at 12 weeks (might be sooner as in 10 or 11 weeks) and it's killing me researching infant care options. 1. nannies scare me as far as 1 person alone in my h...
maybebaby29 | Last answer
Hey Moms of multiples...We have a new forum on here so be sure to check it out!!!!!!
kindergal | Last answer
MedHelp is pleased to announce the new Pediatric Heart forum in partnership with the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, the #1 children's hospital in the U.S. Dr. Jeffrey Boris is currently answering questions in the new forum on all p...
Med Help | Posted
HI everyone, once in awhile I'll post a question and usually get what im looking for. This is something that maybe you girls can help me with. Quick history: had tubal reversal in Dec 05, went on the have 3 mc's the last one being a tuba...
m4stillwantingmore | Last answer
Hi, my history is that I'm 42 y/o and have had 4 mc. The last one hit me especially hard because we had seen the heartbeat but it was gone by the next ultrasound. I had multiple fibroids removed 3 months ago. My lmp was March 30th. ...
sharon7222 | Last answer
Is it true Californians get paid for Maternity leave. I don't get it...it looks like practically most countries get paid for maternity leave except US. California has all the good laws! Honestly! I think someone from Canada said th...
YvetteY | Last answer
My sister is 24 1/2 weeks pregnant and in the hopsital with preeclampsia and high blood pressure and high uric acid and proteins in the urine to the point where she may have to deliver any day if her kidneys go to renal failure. She is 4...
guinness413 | Last answer
Hi ladies, I have been posting in this thread eversince we started trying. I know that I should post this question in fertility thread, but no one replies to my posts there. I went to my RE yesterday with my FSH and AMH test resukt...
Lilyb | Last answer
Hi, I am new to this site and have just starting to use the trackers in an attempt to keep sane whist TTC. I am looking to make friends with women in similar circumstances and hopefully a cycle buddy! Thanks - Debs xx
tinkerbell101 | Last answer
Hello, I went for my first prenatal visit yesterday at 6w3days. The doctor could not find a sac with the transvaginal ultrasound but did find one transabdominally.....yes, that is correct....she couldn't find one vaginally but did by t...
tootles35 | Last answer
Hello Ladies! My little one is confounding me with his eating issues and I wanted some advice. From birth, he had some tummy troubles and had to go on Nutramigen, and though he seemed like he wanted more than 3 oz at a time when he g...
Sheri1972 | Last answer
Ladies, I REALLY need some advice. My baby will be 6 weeks old tomorrow. I am breastfeeding exclusively. I am having shooting pains in and aching, burning breasts. My nipples are also sore and red. I Saw Obe today (not my...
Super_sally888 | Last answer
This is something I've never seen a post about..What happened when you had baby #1 (or even #2)?You managed-like me-to hold in your arms a much desired little baby and then.. what?Was your whole life upside down?Wasn't it like a thunders...
nylena | Last answer
I have 3 beautiful children however I made the huge mistake of having a tuba ligation in 2004. I had a leap done in 2002 and was told that I had signs of ovarian cysts and dysplasia at the time of my tuba ligation. Is it serious that i w...
daddysgirlalo | Posted
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