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This patient support community is for discussions relating to breast feeding, childhood disease, colic, child discipline, immunization, lactation, newborn care, post partum depression, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), and special needs children.

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champ98765May 15, 2010
caller 5Jul 21, 2003
caller 5Jul 21, 2003
nlsnowJun 02, 2003
By heyyu617 Blank
My girlfriend and I had un-protected sex last weekend, but I did not ejaculate inside. Now she is late, and I'm very...
414083 tn?1202685395
LaazloMay 15
yaritza35May 15
MrsWIlson_143Mar 21, 2013
adinarstDec 05, 2012
habeebajgFeb 10, 2008
By habeebajg Blank
Hi. I am 27, but when I was 19 I found out that I was in kidney failure because my ureter tube never developed wh...
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Or18May 15
By Abbasi95
Hi. My first day of period was Apr27th. And my boyfriend released his sperm near my vegina but not in it. But I th...
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RockRoseMay 14
By queserasera1
Jan of 2015 I was in the ER for abdominal/ovary pain. I was on my period and bleeding very very heavy with clotting. ...
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By RobWillsMom Blank
Have any you experienced pain after c-section - I'm talking about TWO YEARS later. My child will be 2 later this mon...
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ramonsitaApr 05, 2013
brybryna1982Jun 13, 2012
mz_jvMar 16, 2012
Joely02Feb 12, 2012
By tissacseko Blank
Hi! I really need to know if this had happen to anyone! This is my 1st pregnancy and I am 7 weeks 3 d pregnant and m...
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mulandelaMay 14
I did a BTL 2 years ago now I want to know if I want to have a child how it will take or can a doctor perfom any proc...
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Hwood3699May 13
Steph3699Jan 25, 2010
west555Jan 24, 2010
penswriterJan 23, 2010
west5555Jan 23, 2010
By west55555 Blank
Please help! I'm currently 36 w 3 d pregnant with my first but am having anxiety about the paternity. I had sex ...
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By Praveenabharath
Hi.i had scanning on 29.04.16 no yolk sac and foetal pole seen gestational sac corresponding 5 w.6days....Again scann...
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By Nguenti1
my 10 month old is struggling when he sneezes he sometime had a lot of mucus and what looks like formula coming from ...
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maria1990Mar 22, 2012
Anxious8787Mar 20, 2012
val13Mar 20, 2012
AshelenMar 18, 2012
By maria1990 Blank
My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over a year now and nothing :( I'm really starting to loose hope b...
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By moonkeeper24
I really need advice from other moms.My daughter just turned three and wont listen to hardly anything I tell her. Ive...
213426 tn?1206937938
lovefamilyNov 20, 2007
houseofgirlsNov 20, 2007
rubyoliviaNov 20, 2007
AndiJ78Nov 20, 2007
kathy2008Nov 20, 2007
By ambermichelle101387 Blank
My baby is 6 weeks old and the last couple of weeks my baby has needed a bottle after each feeding. I think my milk s...
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SssadMay 09
MrahmaniFeb 27
nyxxsdollApr 12, 2014
CenshaApr 11, 2014
meg6244Dec 17, 2012
By Cris_S Blank
Hello: My baby boy is 6 month old and sometimes when he moves his legs I hear a little crack sound, just like a lit...
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By ashliebash
I delivered my baby vaginally 2 weeks ago and it went perfect. They gave me the tdap vaccine since I didn't get it wh...
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AnnieBrookeJun 17, 2007
By pugmonk Blank
I am an egg donor and I should have already started the HCG shot 4 days ago, but when I went to the doctor, he said I...
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missd105May 03
Naz1972Mar 23
Robynb3Mar 15
LornadooJul 06, 2015
LornadooJul 03, 2015
By kittymommy Blank
I am hoping someone can offer some clarification. I received bad news today at my 1st u/s. I am 7 weeks 2 days sinc...
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TinaDiyarMar 09, 2015
ScaredAndAlone88Nov 27, 2013
deesab23Jul 18, 2013
VeryscaredmommaNov 02, 2012
By brenner Blank
I had an ultrasound yesterday, I'm 5w3d pregnant, my hcg levels are rising normally, but they didn't see anything on ...
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By gabbypretty2019
im in labour with my first kid at 5 months pregnant what do i do
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Brooky123Apr 30
Brooky123Apr 30
Cycl3ChickMay 29, 2010
2bmeMay 29, 2010
red31209Mar 27, 2010
By morethan1luv Blank
Is it safe to take amoxicillin during pregnancy. I am 24 weeks. My dentist prescribed it, but it seemed like he had t...
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