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This patient support community is for discussions relating to breast feeding, childhood disease, colic, child discipline, immunization, lactation, newborn care, post partum depression, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), and special needs children.

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By Shi_fry
Hi my name is shilohand im 23 and currently 5weeks and 1 day pregnant and I initially had my first appt with the obgy...
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Fame16Apr 19
jessmareeJul 10, 2009
Meg6446Jul 09, 2009
niki_bethJul 09, 2009
By jessmaree Blank
I went and had a ultasound about 2 weeks ago and they could not see anything so i went to have bloods taken to see ho...
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vaehneliApr 19
jmg1450Apr 19, 2010
By juveria_zaman Blank
Hello Ladies, Has anyone of you got negative hpt results and period like bleeding but was still pregnant. If yes, ...
140844 tn?1204945253
gj143mcNov 25, 2008
Linzola1Nov 25, 2008
cantwait4babyNov 25, 2008
By gj143mc Blank
Hello everyone, I just came back from taking my baby to the doctor. It was a long day, it took over 6 hours. I took h...
15347008 tn?1446272059
By alyssasmommy2004
I had my first c section on the 7th. I was told to take care if myself and check it and make sure ut doesn't get infe...
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elizbeckAug 03, 2015
queenannaMay 14, 2015
clark1957May 03, 2015
By marje Blank
I'm looking for the name of the drug that was prescribed for anti-nausea in pregnancy in the 70's and 80's that was s...
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By Teddysmom5
Hi, my 4 month old son has such sensitive skin, he has ezcema and other allergies. My fiances dog came back from his ...
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Tanisha01Apr 16
By Tanisha01
Avatar n tn
lalamcFeb 29
leap68grlJan 30, 2015
anaendoJun 05, 2014
ChiqueezeMay 05, 2014
By RobWillsMom Blank
Have any you experienced pain after c-section - I'm talking about TWO YEARS later. My child will be 2 later this mon...
Avatar n tn
BreeLee77Apr 14
jord16Feb 21, 2012
momma2428Dec 05, 2011
StacieLadyOct 12, 2010
By talele Blank
My daughter is 3 years old. once a couple of months, she wakes up screaming in pain. she says her foot hurts ! . last...
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By mommy_to_an_angel21716
I recently had a miscarriage at 23weeks on February 17th 2016 when can I start trying again ? I've had my period sinc...
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sbirApr 13
RockRoseMar 06, 2011
hammaadMar 05, 2011
RockRoseMar 04, 2011
hammaadMar 03, 2011
By hammaad Blank
Dear All, I have twin sons. Now they are 3 years old. one of them have problem from start that he can't open his e...
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concerned722Jun 23, 2013
Chai29Sep 18, 2012
Chai29Sep 12, 2012
sarina23May 11, 2012
By cherielynn Blank
Ok, my doctor put me on vicodin to pass a kidney stone, it took almost TWO WEEKS, I tried to only take it when I real...
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By K811
Avatar f tn By K811 | 10 minutes 0 Comments Report First things first - I have screwed up, I know it, no excuses a...
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star675Nov 11, 2009
SmallTownGirl89Jun 02, 2009
waitingwithhopeJun 01, 2009
kellymMay 31, 2009
By SmallTownGirl89 Blank
OK, so my last menstrual was May 2nd. Lasted about 2-3 days which is normal for me. It was a normal period. usually 2...
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RockRoseApr 11
My son is two years old, he can speak in short sentences. But he didn't cooperate with photography, also often don't ...
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mrsatkyApr 11
louella13Apr 10
mrsatkyApr 10
louella13Apr 10
By mrsatky
I had my baby on Thursday last week and I have just had my first poop. I have been really worried about it as I norma...
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angyjayApr 08
kdwindDec 29, 2015
sara0101Aug 04, 2015
KC11971Jun 21, 2015
elizabethkellyeDec 30, 2013
By PPPAgent Blank
BEWARE: I had a D&C on 8-4-06. I had a couple of light spots over the last couple of weeks, but on Friday (7 weeks ...
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Princesita_0917Jan 25, 2014
becci1987Dec 28, 2012
peerwaqarzaidiJan 25, 2012
milly33Oct 25, 2010
By tacha560 Blank
hi i just went for my 14 half weeks ultrasound my first and well i asked her if she could tell me if its a girl or bo...
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chicklet9802Dec 29, 2012
ginger9410Jun 11, 2009
ace24May 06, 2007
CrritterMay 04, 2007
By sheddybear Blank
My baby was dx with ISD when she was 3 weeks old. The doctor said it should go away at the most by 6 months. She's n...
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