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Okay so I've had my philtrum pierced 3 times. The 1st time I took it out after 6 months because Of a job.. I tried to put it back in and I couldn't.. I then got it repirced and the piercer knicked an artery. I then had to get stitches in...
JasminemAriann | Posted
Hi guys, 6 months ago my ex girlfriend wedgied me, when she did I dint think much of it until the next day when the bleeding started and the pain, I couldn't sit down properly, all of that went after 2 months for about a month of which n...
Traboo | Posted
I am a 57yr.old woman w:hepC,hypothyroiditis,a few almost herniated discs in my lower back. Also PTSD,Irritable Bowel Syndrome/constipation(treated wonderfully w psyllium. Last night, relaxed, watching TV- out of nowhere came an...
Jackieman | Posted
Hi, I got tested and got a positive for chlyamidia and was treated with doxycycline and ofloxacin in tablets and also in iv form with ofloxacin. I got curred, but my partner didn't have the IV peace of it and didn't get cured. I'm a fem...
Yevgeniya22 | Posted
I would like to know how to go about helping someone to see that they have delusional disorder. My boyfriend swears he sees me doing things right in front of him that I am not doing, and thinks I am only doing it to upset him or mess wit...
MNM420 | Last answer
Hello everyone My Name is Rakesh Kumar, i just join this Forum.
Irakeshkumar | Last answer
by which method I write to doctors form for my post ?
siddu230 | Posted
Hello I have This Kind of Skin Disease And I Like To Know What is This And What is The Best Way To Cure This.It White Like A Balloon Its have Reddish Around The Balloon Pls Help Me. Thank You
Tongits | Posted
You have a new system that puts up a meaningless advertising ad after every view of a post. It must be viewed. This is annoying. It is a sure way to drive people off this site.
caregiver222 | Posted
I've been travelling for 4 months now in South America and have been on doxycycline 100mg everyday as I've been in high risk areas of malaria. I have just found out I am in the early stage of pregnancy possibly 3-4 weeks. So I stopped t...
lsab0211 | Posted
Hi there. Just found out im 5 weeks along. Im currently taking cipralex for my ocd/depression, been a life long sufferer. Is it safe for the baby..?
KarleyGilbert | Posted
the day before yesterday i woke up with what i thought was a mosquito bite on my eye closer to my eyebrow but as the day went on it got bigger and red and hurts and has like a knot around it. my mom says a spider bit, this morning i woke...
lorriec | Last answer
Some red bumps are located where my upper and lower lips meet, they hurted for a couple days but not they just hurt when I stretch my mouth. It looks like it's healing now but I'm not sure what it is anyone know?
alexo3o | Posted
Someone has cellulitis in my family an got iv anti biotics can you catch it from someone by sharing bar of soap?? Cuz i have accnie and i dont need it i only use the soap once witch was today so can you catch it from soap an other things...
nightstarrs | Posted
Hi i was on depo for awhile got off of it not long ago and had my period twice but i got done having my period like maybe 5 days ago and i havent had sex in like a year or a little over but i did have sex use a condom but the next mornin...
nightstarrs | Last answer
Anyone taking Solvadi or Ribafarin break out in rashes? And does any of these medications contain Sulphur? What happens if they do? Are there other meds out there? Ive been reading alot of people breaking out in a rash with these 2 meds....
dbmarie | Posted
This is cross posted.. please visit my profile for pictures and visit my journal for the full story on my dad.. I'm trying my best to help him find a cure, or even a diagnosis! I'm asking this for my dad. He's been battling this unknown ...
geo2bad | Posted
Hi,ever since i was 12(25 now) I have had irregular periods sever cramps in my back and ovaries ,I seen doctors over and over all they would do is give me birth control and say that my estrogen was high like my cycle was stuck and that t...
Lucky1432 | Last answer
I have been cutting down from this med after many years of 20mg Lexapro. Reason is; The med's side effects became very bad with anger. This was coupled with a irresitable craving to drink alcohol, with a three times drunkeness effect, mi...
Dustybones | Last answer
Under the Medhelp User Groups FAQs it says: Are Groups moderated? Groups are moderated by the Founder of the Group. The Founder may also appoint other members of the Group as Moderators, who will help the Founder administer the Gr...
guy7hsim | Posted
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