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WELCOME TO THE MEDHELP MEMBERS COMMUNITY: This Member-to-Member Community is a place for new and experienced members to ask questions or discuss how to use or find information and support on MedHelp’s website. Some examples are: “How To:” Ask a doctor a question, ask a member a question, Communicate with other members, find and use health tools & applications, find information, find the right forum or community for you, participate in a Doctor-to-Patient Health Chat. Also, “How to Create, Edit and Maintain”: Personal Messages (PM), Personal Health Records (PHR), Photos, Privacy, Profile Page, Settings, Trackers and Watch List.

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anoama1Dec 07, 2014
By Lucky1432 Blank
Hi,ever since i was 12(25 now) I have had irregular periods sever cramps in my back and ovaries ,I seen doctors over ...
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BG52Oct 03, 2014
By Dustybones Blank
I have been cutting down from this med after many years of 20mg Lexapro. Reason is; The med's side effects became ver...
10161776 tn?1408505269
By guy7hsim Blank
Under the Medhelp User Groups FAQs it says: Are Groups moderated? Groups are moderated by the Founder of the G...
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babyberry000Jun 26, 2014
By ashleyhopecici Blank
I don't know what this is but here is my problems it started today. vagina discharge yellowish greenish no burning at...
Avatar m tn
JD1963Apr 13, 2014
By chey84ff Blank
I have a bump on my left leg. Its on the outside of the leg about 4 inches above the ankle. The bump doesn't hurt at ...
Avatar f tn
By Wjccruiser Blank
My transmitter for my Dexcom seven plus has give up and I can't afford to buy the new G4 system, I pay for all CGMS s...
Avatar f tn
By janda13 Blank
why does the app show I have already used my calories everyday?
1645684 tn?1356653200
evewisewomanAug 20, 2013
By JephWyte Blank
Hi I need help since the website will not allow me to delete a thread I started. After getting into a debate with som...
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Amber_MHModeratorAug 15, 2013
By MLM59 Blank
I can't reply to my private messages.. What do I do to fix this?
2059648 tn?1439770265
By dontworry_behappy1 Blank
How is it that some profile icons are purple and have no gender. I would like to change to that status.
Avatar n tn
By jonjonoh93 Blank
Heyyyyyy I'm new here and have a pregnant girlfriend and could really use a friend to be there /:
4520583 tn?1358497340
By mjay_gal Blank
Hello, what are your thoughts on a social diary? For me, a social diary would help keep track of the number of times ...
Avatar m tn
By jaxnd Blank
I would like to track waist size and pants waist size, however I don't see these trackers on the weight tracker. Am ...
4326330 tn?1352841800
By Adorboyhun Blank
Can i edit my foods? I have some errors in them, wrong category, too much cal value. Can i edit them somehow?
209987 tn?1451939065
PhilMauraSep 18, 2012
rumpledJun 27, 2011
By tschock Blank
Why is there not a forum for muscular dystrophy? Just curious, as I know of several people who have this disease...j...
996946 tn?1449411700
By LindaTX Blank
I just added a 3 photo "kitty" album and it didn't show up on my profile page. Is it because there are only 3 photos...
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4Maddie44Aug 09, 2012
shopurmeds11Jul 30, 2012
margypopsJan 16, 2012
By LoveMe211 Blank
New here!!
Avatar f tn
By Simba8nala Blank
So I have a post with 16 comments and it will only let me see 9. I hit the get more results button and it doesn't wor...
3061760 tn?1340641362
margypopsJul 06, 2012
By codybing Blank
looking for a friend to help with all this stuff
1852798 tn?1319684095
caregiver222Apr 01, 2012
ILADVOCATEDec 17, 2011
caregiver222Dec 17, 2011
By 99saleen87 Blank
What medical coverage do you guys think is better? Kaiser permanente of blue shield/blue cross? I would like to know...
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