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I have a bump on my left leg. Its on the outside of the leg about 4 inches above the ankle. The bump doesn't hurt at all. I only really appears when I apply pressure to the leg. If I get on my knees and sit on my feet, that's when it rea...
chey84ff | Last answer
My transmitter for my Dexcom seven plus has give up and I can't afford to buy the new G4 system, I pay for all CGMS supplies of pocket and as I have no hypo awareness I would really love if some good person would sell me the transmitter ...
Wjccruiser | Posted
why does the app show I have already used my calories everyday?
janda13 | Posted
Hi I need help since the website will not allow me to delete a thread I started. After getting into a debate with someone on the addiction recovery forum I realized I started intertwining my opinions with what I felt AA stood for and by ...
JephWyte | Last answer
I can't reply to my private messages.. What do I do to fix this?
MLM59 | Last answer
How is it that some profile icons are purple and have no gender. I would like to change to that status.
Heyyyyyy I'm new here and have a pregnant girlfriend and could really use a friend to be there /:
jonjonoh93 | Posted
Hello, what are your thoughts on a social diary? For me, a social diary would help keep track of the number of times I socialize, who I tend to socialize with, method of communication, comfort levels etc. It's pretty useful. I am a 1...
mjay_gal | Posted
I would like to track waist size and pants waist size, however I don't see these trackers on the weight tracker. Am I missing something or are they located somewhere else? I see dress size and hip size but not much for male "specs"
jaxnd | Posted
Can i edit my foods? I have some errors in them, wrong category, too much cal value. Can i edit them somehow?
Adorboyhun | Posted
Why is there not a forum for muscular dystrophy? Just curious, as I know of several people who have this disease...just doesn't seem right...can't think of another forum where it would fit in. Where would a person post questions relate...
tschock | Last answer
I just added a 3 photo "kitty" album and it didn't show up on my profile page. Is it because there are only 3 photos in it or is it because I already have several albums on my profile page?
LindaTX | Posted
New here!!
LoveMe211 | Last answer
So I have a post with 16 comments and it will only let me see 9. I hit the get more results button and it doesn't work. Any suggestions?
Simba8nala | Posted
looking for a friend to help with all this stuff
codybing | Last answer
What medical coverage do you guys think is better? Kaiser permanente of blue shield/blue cross? I would like to know about this and why you think is better?? Thanx everybody!!!!
99saleen87 | Last answer
Who do I PM to change my name?
Climb_Strait | Last answer
How do I change my profile name? Thanx
Cantkickopioids | Last answer
Would you consider changing the pain rating scale from 1-5 to 1-10 in the pain tracker? It would help with precision.
itsthebman | Last answer
How do I "leave" or "unjoin" a forum? There used to be an option when you went to the main forum page to Leave if you had previously joined, however, I cannot find that any longer since the new format. Can someone help me, please?
geminigirl1963 | Last answer
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