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WELCOME TO THE MEDHELP MEMBERS COMMUNITY: This Member-to-Member Community is a place for new and experienced members to ask questions or discuss how to use or find information and support on MedHelp’s website. Some examples are: “How To:” Ask a doctor a question, ask a member a question, Communicate with other members, find and use health tools & applications, find information, find the right forum or community for you, participate in a Doctor-to-Patient Health Chat. Also, “How to Create, Edit and Maintain”: Personal Messages (PM), Personal Health Records (PHR), Photos, Privacy, Profile Page, Settings, Trackers and Watch List.

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What is the protocol for inserting an image within a post?
caregiver222 | Last answer
When medhelp comes up a pop-up asks if you want to complete a questionairee about medhelp. Then another message indicates you have to download a file in order to answer this questionairee. My computer anti-virus software identifies...
caregiver222 | Last answer
I am supposed to have 2 trackers, one for the progress of my pregnancy, which is correct, and another as a countdown to my other baby's birthday. Well, her birthday was Aug 24th and it is now Aug 30th and it is still saying "Happy Birth...
jade_and_janessas_mommy | Last answer
Are the popups there forever or will they be short lived.....lol when I am typing my journals they pop up non stop blocking me from typing it is very annoying any ideas or will it run its course ...thank you
margypops | Last answer
How to I delete "My Friends' Activities" postings? My home page is very crowded.
allmymarbles | Last answer
Does MedHelp send a notification to someone if you remove them from your friends list or click "ignore" on a friendship invitation?
AnnieBrooke | Last answer
I noticed I had two stars by my name for the Neurology forum, now I only have one. I really don't understand this system very well. Will someone explain this to me?
Londres70 | Last answer
How do I relfect a mixed episode on the mood tracker? For my own purposes I make half the day depressed and half manic but that isn't really what is happening at all, and it could be confusing if I really were depressed then switched to ...
PenelopeAnn | Last answer
How do I get a certain forum off of my "shortcuts" menu...or stop being a member of a community?
LosingMyMindInGA | Last answer
I have been using the food tracker for a few weeks now and my wife wants to start using one. 1. Is there a way that we can share "my foods" since I have put in the nutritional data for some of our created meals? 2. Is there a way ...
jaxnd | Last answer
A little about my self. I am a male 33 years old. I have broad knowledge in sexual health and dermatology issues. I helping others is what I do best.
Healthadvisory | Posted
I would appreciate it if you could inform me how this system works, how it was implemented and who assigns the amount of stars next to a response. I am confused. Thanks.
ILADVOCATE | Last answer
Hi I'm using the pain tracker because I have lower back pain. The pain is not there every day, but I can't figure out how to show the 'no-pain' days on the tracker. Please could someone advise me? I've tried leaving a day blank...
LifeisGood342 | Posted
can we delete our journals.if so how?
68suezq | Last answer
how do i get the computer to stop automaticly logging me in.it has saved my pass word. i would like to log in each time
68suezq | Last answer
I notice that on the profile page, in the tabs after "My Home" and "Profile" there is a "+" and when I hover it, it mentions "Personal Health Record" but everytime I try to move my cursor over to select it, it disappears. Is it function...
compnet | Last answer
Trying to learn this site and I'm most likely making a fool of myself! Is it possible to ask a physician or an expert a medical question on this site? If so, how do I do it?
hollowfarm | Last answer
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