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This patient support community is for discussions relating to menopause, depression, hormone replacement therapy, hot flashes, mood swing, skin changes, and problems with joints/muscle, memory, sex, sleeping, vagina, and weight.

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198fiveJul 09
treasa1984Apr 16, 2010
bhakti7Mar 27, 2010
rccola03Nov 14, 2009
moonrivernycOct 29, 2009
By radpanda Blank
Hi-- I was recently called with the lab results of a recent blood test to check out my hormone levels after months...
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By lystrab
I Started missing my periods two years ago at 47 years. My head will start feeling funny like a little spin like e...
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By shortstuff1966
last month I did not get a period and now for the last week and a half I have had a very light period (at least I thi...
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By tess1ma0
im 14 and im a virgin and haven't done anything but I haven't had my period for almost 3 months now. the last time I ...
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By lisajinky
I am 50 and still having regular periods. Recently I had an episode of heavy bleeding so bad the gyno sent me for d ...
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By Harbeephat
I am 25 years, I started menstruating at the age of 15 and since then, I see my period 5 to 7 times in a year. And th...
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By pamzart Blank
I am 50 and have been in menopause for about 14 months. Since April of last year, I have experienced periods of IN...
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peapsJan 25, 2014
judypruittJan 24, 2014
peapsNov 15, 2013
JAL3Nov 14, 2013
By kd409 Blank
In researching articles on menopause, I found one that explains that "extreme stress, grief, or emotional upheaval" m...
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By Txngal
I had a spare total hysterectomy and bilateral silpango oophorectomy two years ago no hrt in the past yr my body has ...
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spark3Jun 12
rozybeepsJun 15, 2013
maria336Oct 29, 2011
maria336Oct 29, 2011
sherrieberryJul 19, 2011
By sassy333 Blank
Does anyone have these strange feelings that they can't explain to anyone. I'm 53 menopausal and these feelings somet...
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jacrjacrJun 02
vino14Sep 07, 2015
Dee4680Sep 02, 2015
old_before_my_timeAug 29, 2015
AnnieBrookeAug 29, 2015
By Gattrell Blank
I am several years post menopause, on bioidentical hormone patches and progesterone. Basically I feel horrible. I hav...
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By crossing68sarah
i want to knw how to slow the bleeding down
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By ftabasum
sir, my mother is 53 years old and menopause started before 1 year. recently a well defined hypodense (+12HU) non-enh...
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By mrslovett1
Hi, I haven't fel right ever since i had a hysterectomy last year. I kept one ovary. I just had a hormone panel done....
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By bowleggedange
I am in my 40s and have started having super irregular menstruation in terms of when it is coming (just when I least ...
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By kfarrands
I am 47 years old. Last August I stopped having my period, so my doctor ordered a blood test to find out if I'm in m...
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By tara1414
Hi, Im 50yrs old have been in perimenopause for five years. The last two yrs my periods have been further apart and l...
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cabod99May 27
denise1963Nov 09, 2013
BetskaMay 29, 2012
janisblessedMay 18, 2012
tap58Feb 01, 2011
By tap58 Blank
I am 52 years old, in menopause for about a year. Just recently I have had severe constipation that I can't relieve. ...
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TJ731Mar 26, 2010
VondaSPMar 23, 2010
TJ731Mar 19, 2010
By VondaSP Blank
Can anyone tell me how long it takes for HRT to start working? I have been taking estradiol and norethindrone acetate...
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kfarrandsMay 17
Boo3730Apr 09
luv2danceApr 23, 2008
lookspregApr 23, 2008
By luv2dance Blank
I'm 45, will be 46 in August. I have Hashimoto's disease (hypothyroidism) and Type 2 diabetes &take medication for bo...
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