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Hello! So I get pretty bad headaches when I wake up in the mornings. It's not all the time, but when it does happen it's really bad. The light hurts and my brain feels like it's about to explode. The pain is concentrated on the lower bac...
Rosa_333 | Last answer
Hi, I’m posting here in the hope that someone will have experienced my condition and have some helpful advice. I was diagnosed with chronic migraine 2 years ago, having already battled it for 2 years. I have continuous light sensitivi...
Bridmacg | Last answer
Hello Everyone!! I have been over on the MS site for over a year now getting advice from them periodically. Mainly because I felt all of my symptoms seemed to fit more with MS. Yes I know there are many mimics. I have also been tested...
tanyamt | Last answer
I had a CT SCAN December 2012 and MRI March 2013 both came back normal. My neurologist diagnosed it as chronic tension headaches and were prescribe Topamax that I stopped taking about a year ago. I am very scared something is wrong becau...
Tristan7 | Last answer
Hello, I'm 17 and a male. Is there anyway to treat this better? Alleviate maybe? Sometime in early Febuary of 2015, I got a headache. As a few days went by it never went away and began to get worse, ears ringings, blurred/darkened vis...
randy826 | Last answer
For the past few of weeks, I have had a headache everyday! It comes on in the afternoon and is gone when I wake up. A few days ago it turned into a severe migraine, light and sound sensitive with nausea and dizziness. After tylonal, advi...
Lilred4 | Last answer
Hi guys , I suffer from migraines and do have them a lot ect, but the last 5 weeks I have suffered with them everyday from as soon as I wake up , they can just be a dull ache with blurred vision but then can be very painful were I can't ...
Jooo123 | Last answer
I have been having headaches for about a year now. They started when i was pregnant. When my daughter was born i had a c-section and had spinal headaches and then had the spinal patch done 5 days after she was born. My headaches have bee...
chadwick77 | Last answer
Hi my name is Lizmarie. I have alot of problems with my health and the doctors I have seen never give me a diagnosis that I feel comfortable with. First problem I want to ask help with is my migranes. I suffer from extremely painful chro...
malvalle3 | Last answer
I am a 51 year old male who has had daily headaches for the past 5 years. The headaches are in the back of my head, and seem to be caused by laying down. I awake each morning with a headache. Most mornings they are mild to moderate, and ...
kennyh | Last answer
For around three or four years now, I have been suffering from headaches some two hours or more after the consumption of any amount of alcohol - although typically as few as two drinks upwards of any kind of alcohol. The headaches co...
Mark46 | Last answer
Hi, I had been working for more than 16 hrs a day on my laptop for few weeks, Which gave me a bad headache every single day. So i consulted a eye specialist regarding the headache. she said that my optic nerve has slightly swollen and a...
naruto0791 | Last answer
Hello, I'm a 54 years old woman, and in a brain TC it was written that I've a non-specific calcification next to the fourth ventricle. I don't have headackes, but since last month I've some vertigo when I spin in the bed and when i...
Pity15 | Last answer
I suffered an electric shock 4 months ago. A week after the injury I had my first (and only) migraine like headache which lasted for 2 days. Ever since, a couple of times a week, Im suffering from headaches that are concentrated in the s...
pavgreen | Last answer
I am 24 and have been having Migraines for 2 years now. It started with the worst migraine I have ever had, non stop vomiting and delirium followed by a trip to the ER with CAT scan, MRI of my brain, and blood tests. All came back normal...
kolet22 | Last answer
This little lump behind my right ear is now going down my shoulder and getting worse. I've been to the DR. and had numerous tests, such as the MRI,Ex Ray,ultra sound and they say its nothing. I also have trouble sleeping on my side. Any ...
Richc6 | Last answer
I have been getting frequent headaches for going on about 3 years. They start in my neck and often times makes it hard to turn my head. Some have been so bad that it hurts to open my eyes. I have been on a number of medications, but most...
ashleyyy524 | Last answer
Hello everyone, Here is a brief history about my current concern.... A few years ago while at work I got a sensation in my left eye that caused me to lose vision in it for about 10-15 minutes. It was almost as if someone flashed a ...
jo_e914 | Last answer
I get a serious migraine every October and March that has to be handled with 1 to 2 rounds of steroids each time (the sumatriptan and daily preventive medicine are not enough) and alternative therapies like acupuncture and applied kinesi...
LieslO | Last answer
Hi - Im hoping you can help me, I suffer from severe migraines, partially due to genetics, but also pain as I have very severe osteoporosis, so I often break bones, especially digits. I however do not go to the hospital for this anymore,...
doctora | Last answer
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