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This forum is for questions and support regarding migraine and headache issues such as: abdominal migraines, headaches caused by allergies, cluster headaches, headaches, headaches in children, migraine headaches, sinus headaches, tension headaches, visual disturbances.

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OncewasnormalMar 09, 2015
ViklevakleJun 23, 2012
mardawFeb 03, 2012
Dr Santos May 03, 2010
By mhsdrum Blank
Hello, I am trying to get to the bottom of an ongoing issue I am encountering each morning. When I first wake up ...
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hbazApr 10
hbazApr 10
hbazApr 10
wermJul 30, 2010
lmc2132May 19, 2009
By lmc2132 Blank
For two years I have suffered from recurring headaches on the right side of my head near my temple and sometimes exte...
765048 tn?1234589050
kofiomariDec 06, 2015
gorbybelleOct 23, 2015
TUlsh86Jul 25, 2015
skepticalcitizenJul 11, 2015
By ConZinger Blank
I just started working fulltime in an office two weeks ago and am having increasing problems with my vision and heada...
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74AngeieJan 19
DenKDec 19, 2015
Moni_Q_68Dec 09, 2015
By kolet22 Blank
I am 24 and have been having Migraines for 2 years now. It started with the worst migraine I have ever had, non stop ...
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AKC_75BlankApr 08
By buddihini
My son is 15+ years. He use to complain a head ache some times in the morning and some times in the evening for 3 yea...
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AKC_75BlankApr 08
By CB54443
Hi there basically I get really bad headaches and migranes behind my eyes and a long lasting sharp pain on the top of...
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NatashakhMar 29
Mido_HeroOct 18, 2015
sonal012Sep 29, 2015
By DooDaDoo Blank
Well Ive had these veins in the sides of my head for about 4 years, I used to get alot of headaches and i was stresse...
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By ohbother82 Blank
For the last 2 years, I have been sensitive to smells. I can smell mould, when no one else can and it usually makes m...
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penn1023Apr 02
penn1023Aug 17, 2014
penn1023Aug 17, 2014
goawaypanicJan 27, 2012
penn1023Jan 15, 2011
By NoMoreMigrainesPlz Blank
I have had migraines for at least the past 10 years, as often as every other day. I was put on 100 mg of Topamax dai...
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FRC23Apr 01
selmaSMay 26, 2010
gmakpMay 26, 2010
Dr Santos May 25, 2010
By nannygoat72 Blank
I have had Bells Palsy over the course of 15 years a total of 5 times (once on my right side and 4 times on my left s...
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AKC_75BlankMar 31
By Arch_Angel
I am having these left sided headache where my eye, ear and head pains at the same time. Just the left side. It's not...
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AKC_75BlankMar 31
By helpmeplease2626
Hello I have been having the same type of headache for the past 5 years. When I have it, it lasts for over a week eve...
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selmaSMar 30
By beautifulbella
hello I am a 26 year old female and at the age of 8 I was in a golf cart accident I know it sounds funny but its not....
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AKC_75BlankMar 28
By Rodriguez316
For over 2 years I have suffered from terrible headaches. There was no particular trigger that I can think of that be...
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RonInabNov 01, 2015
mleannemccoyAug 06, 2015
Tanmay428Jan 31, 2014
CitrusMomNov 12, 2012
By searcherrr Blank
I've had this issue for the past 4-5 years. I'm overweight 256lbs, 34, 5'7". I don't have problems going to the bathr...
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racheyh92Mar 27
NeimrehAug 09, 2014
coco58Nov 07, 2012
JaneHarJul 14, 2012
olivia4nierJul 11, 2012
By Kris189 Blank
Hello, i have suffered from visual snow for 11 years now and all the doctors i have seen have told me i have depressi...
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petral33Mar 26
MrShaneDec 07, 2015
speepsterJul 31, 2015
speepsterJul 31, 2015
By lauren9748 Blank
For two years now, I have had this light headed, non-spinning, VERY fuzzy. The way I describe it is that I feel like ...
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AKC_75BlankMar 23
By tatata124
Male, 37yo. Never had migraines. For the past 2 months, I've experienced re-occurring facial numbing and mild head...
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d10is13Mar 21
cdc123Mar 01
adhayDec 16, 2015
victor213Sep 08, 2015
Ball123Jun 28, 2015
By Ronnie_ca Blank
I have this half body numbness, vision problems and migraines since I was only 12 years old. It never happened more t...
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By MH Community Mgr
If you would like to become a Community Leader, please send a message to me at MH Community Mgr. Here's a link fo...
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