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This is an un-mediated community for discussions relating to health issues of soldiers who served or are serving in the military. Topics include, but are not limited to Amputation, Anxiety, Back and Spinal Injuries, Benefits, Burns, Biological and Chemical Exposure, Bone Injuries, Depression, Disabled Vets, Gastrointestinal Injuries, Head Injuries, Health Insurance, Infections, Infectious Diseases, Mental Health Issues, Post Traumatic Shock Disorder (PTSD), Resources for Vets, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD), Vaccines, Wounds-Other

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baby666 | Last answer
I served in the military from 1793 to 1993, in Feb 2004 I was told that I have CML Leukemia. I believe that there is a service connection to the CML. Is it possible over time being exposed to benzene and other chemicals, with exposure to...
Macky163 | Last answer
I'm hoping someone may know the answer to this question. Does anyone know which herpes test they use in the Air Force? I was told it was IgG specific, though I was wondering which one. Thanks Heaps.
Creative80 | Last answer
How can the VA justify denying my DIC application because they deemed his death not service connected? He denied in 1976, 7 years after leaving the army as a Green Beret medic in Viet Nam. He died of metastic hemangioendothelioma of the ...
arlene1948 | Last answer
hi, my husband has ptsd and i am trying as a wife to understand what i can do to help . Heres my question , he has just gotten back from iraq , as we speak he is in a hosptial and i cant call him but he can call me . i feel like hes push...
kprocho | Last answer
will the va pay compensation to a vietnam vet with an autoimmune disease on a direct basis, with nexus letter ?
stillblonde | Last answer
As a disabled Vietnam vet, the military may pay compensation for my agent orange related ankylosing spondylitis. I also suffer from chrons (secondary a.s.), as well as osteoprosis. I need a nexus letter from a doctor, which states a c...
stillblonde | Posted
Ive been dating a active air forcer for the last 8 months. I have struggle with depression and anxiety myself during this time frame. He has been 100% supportive, nurturing, encouraging, and a great great man. He has done everything in i...
cfstorey | Last answer
I was wondering if the USAF is going to give an std test before I am stationed overseas for my first duty station? And after? Just curious. Thanks
simplegirl0000 | Last answer
i am having strange dreams of being in the service again, of being back in combat kinda of like the same dream over and over again it's been since 95 that i served and i was diagnosed with PTSD in 94. i posted this a while ago in the PTS...
drifter0213 | Last answer
One of the more upsetting decisions of the Department of Defense has made recently is to plan to assign females to nuclear submarines. This issue is not "equal opportunity", or the "ability to do the job. This "politically correct" decis...
caregiver222 | Last answer
So although he isnt over seas, just on the opposite side of the country, Im missing him a whole lot. Hes only been gone for a month but has at least 2 more to go before I see him. He does call pretty much daily, but I hate not really kno...
Lucey12 | Last answer
I am a 21 yr old who has undergone schooling in a military school and i have a repeated child homosexual abuse history(2001-2002). I have been away from home into military training and atmsphere since I was 12. I never opened up about it...
prashas | Last answer
if you have a family member in the begining of boot camp and that person is experiencing what could be seen as a mental issue going on what may take place do they have someone to help that before depression or nervous break down may occur.
ppa | Last answer
If anyone does this forum I wanted your take on the outrage of the young soldier being shot dead and the Mainstream media barely covering it, the perpetrator/murderer said it was Jhaid for the Muslims killed in Iraq, this murderer killed...
margypops | Last answer
Hi all. I have started a military family support group. Send your families the link for them to check out at this difficult time. Check it out yourself too. Thanks, Lucey http://www.medhelp.org/forums/Military-Spouses-and-Family-Suppo...
Lucey12 | Last answer
Hello, I was thinking about joining the military and following the footsteps of my uncle and of my friend (who both fought in Bosnia). I'm thinking of finishing this bit of tech school I'm doing now and signing up to go fight in Afghanis...
rBoulet | Last answer
Just wanted to thank all of you for giving so much for our country!
AireScottie | Last answer
Hi has anyone had chemical or kerosene exposure my bloods have raised metals,mangernese. I suffer neurology problems digestive issues, raynauds, chronic fatigue. The lab said my bloods are simular to Gulf war veterons. Thanks tarter.....
tarter | Posted
While in the military I had a few incidents that caused me to have a anxiety attack, I got out on a honorable and began to work. I was fine, never had a anxiety attack until my brother died. I was so sad, I felt so helpless. He died o...
nessa88 | Last answer
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