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This support community is for discussions and support relating to miscarriages.

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By xxtamxx
Hi guys , my period is not regular i have polystic ovarys and i been on pills but nothing happened back in 2014 octob...
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By bumzy16
My last pregnancy was miscarried due to blighted ovum. I'm about 9 weeks on now but feel movements in my stomach simi...
Avatar f tn
By LatinaGirlll
So in September I found out I had a cyst on my left ovary. The doctor gave me these pills called pirmella. And in Oct...
Avatar f tn
mhvFeb 05
By PriyaHK
Hello I had and U/S on 25th of January and i was 8 week pregnant at that time according to my last period date but ...
Avatar n tn
anji8Jan 31
emz4guzMar 10, 2015
sodabahOct 29, 2013
yankeeslovrJan 12, 2013
By ginjenny Blank
Hi there- 14 mths ago I had an eptopic pregnancy and had to have my tube removed as the tube had burst, it was an eme...
Avatar n tn
Toya0123Jun 26, 2015
slnycJun 05, 2008
Bee119Jun 04, 2008
LeighlyleeMar 31, 2008
By GymGirl13 Blank
This is my first time posting on this website. I have visited over the past few months for support but this time I ha...
1407098 tn?1287115366
happyhealingDec 02, 2015
ummaliOct 22, 2015
RaeAnn311Mar 24, 2015
karma_starzNov 13, 2013
By Lugh00 Blank
I'm waiting on a missed miscarriage. This is my 2nd missed miscarriage and I had a miscarriage before that as well. ...
17049300 tn?1457716777
By gloryrose
I have lost the last two pregnancies. My first two pregnancies, actually. It is very disconcerting, and it makes me w...
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maw4389Jan 26
Sweet2k16Jan 26
By A26
I had a missed miscarriage but haven't miscarried the tissue yet. I started spotting/bleeding some on Fri. and am won...
1076716 tn?1256921219
HB_MomJan 18
shannicOct 17, 2009
By Gabbster1 Blank
This past summer I was spotting at 6 weeks and when I went in for an ultra sound the baby's heart was beating and eve...
Avatar f tn
By Heartcries
Hi, I'm 27.i had a D and C early last month and till now I still get the pregnancy symptoms. Two weeks ago I started...
Avatar m tn
By Veera34
lately there is this incident happened 10 months ago (march 2015) hit me.. I was sitting on the tram on my way...
Avatar m tn
Kashton1Jan 13
LspoonFeb 07, 2015
mhvNov 03, 2010
ZehriyaNov 03, 2010
mhvNov 02, 2010
By Zehriya Blank
I was diagnosed with a missed abortion earlier this year. At first the clinic thought it was an ectopic pregnancy, s...
323547 tn?1339688661
dc178pJan 13
Kiwee1127Jan 08
lilla29Aug 13, 2015
cagrlasuNov 27, 2014
shilolyn12Jan 16, 2013
By cagrlasu Blank
I found out yesterday I am having my 6th miscarriage and they are going to do a D&C sometime next week but we aren’t ...
Avatar n tn
By JulesY89
I am 98% positive I am pregnant! I just know and I have been tracking my symptoms and fertilization! I am taking a te...
Avatar f tn
enaksJan 08
By bangpeace
Am 7 weeks pregnant....today I accidentally hit my stomach and since then am worried about whether the foetus heat be...
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nikkolleDec 10, 2015
nikkolleDec 10, 2015
donworybhapyDec 11, 2013
mscarrying722Oct 31, 2013
By Shailealove Blank
I started bleeding real lightly 4 weeks ago. I thought it was a period. I have always been really irregular, having m...
Avatar n tn
By Elizabeth726
Ok so I recently had a miscarriage. I found out I was pregnant on December 1st and found out I lost the baby on Dece...
Avatar n tn
By annababay
Here my story. I turned 35 in November. I was 33 almost 34 when I had my first and only baby this far. I had a miscar...
1560171 tn?1330125777
By mandyloo87
Please help me...had some brown tinged mucus in very small amounts a few times toda and ive never had this with any o...
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