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I notice that when I have a series of panic attacks it is always followed by a period of severe depression and then it can take me 2-6 months for my brain to bounce back cognitively. I feel like my brain takes a big hit when it happens. ...
Blueghost | Posted
I am writing to try to get some information on what might be happening to my partner who experiences significant mood swings/behavioral changes at times. He refuses to go to the doctor so I am wondering if someone here can help me. F...
scott_y | Last answer
Hi my daughter shes a teen im worried sick she takes Anti-Psychotics she never sees her doctors shes like how she was a few years back she is not talking much she is half mute every day she is off and on meds her behaviour is becoming ex...
WereOnTheSamePage | Last answer
I experienced a home invasion about 6 weeks ago. I have been experiencing random episodes of a knot in my stomach with the inability to get a deep breath. I also have difficulty getting to sleep at night. I jump at every house noise. ...
skiknee66 | Last answer
I have experienced moderate to severe anxiety for as long as I can remember. At about age 12 I began experiencing terrible depressions lasting anywhere from a day to several weeks. So bad that I have to some degree suicidal thoughts almo...
DevinC123 | Last answer
I have tried every atypical antipsychotic. I am currently on Geodone because that was the one with the most tolerable side effects. I get bad agitation, shake to the point I had one person assume I had Parkinson's disease, and have lost ...
lindahand | Last answer
My 6 year old daughter has been expressing abnormal anger, crying terribly aloud and even attacking, though mildly, after every week or so, when things of her choice are not purchased there & then she has been showing this behavior since...
Natiey | Last answer
My son is 26 years old , and within past year I noticed he posts very disturbing picture of himself in face book, and when I ask him what is it with these pictures, he tells me nothing it is funny, I am really worried about him. He is ...
mahtash | Last answer
I have written to you earlier on my Borderline Personality disorder and you wrote back but am not following you on what you said : One formulation of borderline personality disorder is that it involves a deficit in the "self soothing" f...
connie753 | Last answer
So I spent the majority of my day in the emergency room yesterday for back and chest pain to be told they couldn’t find anything wrong, which is the story of my life. I didn’t want to go in the first place, but my sister pressured me in...
amandaelmo | Last answer
Dear Reader, I posted on a different forum and i was told this one could help more with a diagnosis on my little cousin anywaayyyy... I have a 16 year old cousin she is very close to me, I am extremely worried about her, her beha...
DifferentDifference2572 | Last answer
I'm always tired,distracted,can't be bothered doing things and I can't control my temper I'm 14 and have nothing wrong with me but am starting to wonder if there is because I'm always snappy like if someone says something I will snap at ...
Charrlovesyou_ | Last answer
I have a prescription for fluvoxamine.It says take 4 pills @50mg at bedtime. Is that a little too much and why should I take them at bedtime instead of during the day/
joybee30 | Last answer
My name is lostchild I am always sad. I see myself as a ugly beast. I been sexually abuse by my mom boyfriend when i was young she never took my side she chose him over me. I been in and out of relationships, it seen when a man get to cl...
lostchild3 | Last answer
I really need help for my Cousin's son. He is 10 years old and a very intelligent kid but at times he behaves very different ways. Usually he behaves normally but at times he grew violent and forcefully tried to fulfill his wishes. He j...
Vinnie11 | Last answer
my son was dig bioplar mixed areas, adhd, and ied. he is on depco 1000mg, risperdal 3 mg, clondine 3 mg, celexa 20 mg.and it seems not to help his out bust are gettin worse he has been hosp four times in two months. and I am tried of put...
gtrisha1023 | Posted
Dr., I've suffered from anxiety most of my life. My mother withdrew me from preschool when I was 4 because of anxiety. It wasn't until I was in college in the 90's, when anxiety started to become understood in the general medical co...
typ0 | Last answer
Hello. I currently live out-of-state from my family, and after having a disturbing conversation with my grandmother, I found that my family shares my concerns. My grandmother is 77 years old, and a retired Geriatric Nurse. She spent ...
Saren | Last answer
I'm 22 years old and have always had problems with controlling my emotions. When I was much younger, about the age one would be in elementary school, I was known for crying too much. As I got older, I became really self-conscious and pai...
intoodeep154 | Last answer
Im a 57 y/o man bipolar 2 have experienced all drugs lithium lamictal depakote and ............ I was adicted to opiom also. now am on 15 mg methadone plus zoloft. do these help me ?? thanks
manoo472 | Last answer
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