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Hi. I was wondering if anyone could help me. I was diagnosed a long time ago with depression, anxiety and a mild case of OCD. However I was wondering if I had anything else due to the numerous moods I go through in a day, amongst other t...
Melgart21 | Last answer
I have recently discovered that I have OCPD. I also have TMJ - is there a possibility that the two are interconnected? My TMJ symptoms seem to come and go, but when I have them, they're debilitating. Additional Info: I also have a...
greenearthgirl32 | Last answer
i have the implant in my arm this is my 2nd implant, Ive had one short period and i get these days where ill be in a mood and never sure why. its like im on my monthly's but not. do i need to see a doctor or the rod out.
shelley710 | Last answer
So, I've been having terrible mood swings lately, from being so depressed I feel like I haven't slept in a week and 99% of the time I want to kill myself and have constant suicidal thoughts and self harming, to being the most productive,...
moodymania0023 | Last answer
Hello, I have been fighting anxiety, panic attacks and OCD for years. I am currently on 0.5 mg of klonopin a day and started CBT. However, lately, my hypochondriac obsession are unbearable. Panic attacks leave me with dread, tiredness, l...
ioklokolk98 | Last answer
Diagnosed by a psychiatrist with Social Anxiety Disorder, as well as General Anxiety Disorder. My first psychiatrist (he moved elsewhere) seemed to be very conservative with medication. Even though I was having a lot of trouble at the ...
WorriedOne84 | Last answer
My husband is one of a kind. He has many faces. He claims to be so good but in practicality he abuses drug, alcohol, probably has attachment with other women too. And his behavior is just like ****. Before marriage i didn't know this. We...
dpm198 | Last answer
I'm pretty sure I have OCD, but its getting out of control..... I;m 30 years old and have 3 kids, I clean from the time my feet hit the floor till I go to bed. I will clean the same thing over and over and it never seems to be clean e...
Tanya1981 | Last answer
My 82 year old mother recently switched pharmacies and they gave her paxil instead of prozac. Is this okay?
brayni | Last answer
hi, I find I am just so exhausted a lot of the time to a point where I have to make a conscious sfort to drop my shoulders. I feel so tense all the time...I have always fought sleep but when I do sleep I have quality sleep. My mind is al...
outinsympathy | Last answer
I stopped Remeron 5 days ago, initially taking 30 mg and then my physician brought it down to 15 mg for a week. Last Saturday I stopped it completely, but now I'm going through hell with withdrawals. I weigh 105 lbs, and would like to st...
moogly22 | Last answer
my son is taking resperidol from last few years i want him to stop .is it possible.medicine is donin negitive roll.he is depressed,agrasive and rud now.dont want to listen other just talk himself.abusing,speak always angerly,i am dipress...
asmanaz | Last answer
In spring of 2008 I was diagnosed with PTSD. The event that caused the PTSD occured in the fall of 2004. I was rushed to the emergency room because of massive bleeding from my femeral artery. The artery had been nicked in a surgery a ...
albuquerque | Last answer
My son is 10 years old,diagnosed with a mood disorder,anxiety,ocd ,depression ,will lexapro help??I think most of his moods come from having the ocd and anxiety?They want to try lexapro not sure what mg yet??
cheryl259 | Last answer
My son is now 24 years old. He was suffering from depression three years back. He did not go to college for two months continiously. He was just sitting in a corner and not going out any where. He was started with depression medicine. Do...
crusador1987 | Last answer
I've a medical diagnosis of chronic [since at least late teens - am now 41, though wasn't in the 'system' until mid 30s] major depression, and am psychotherapeutically recognised as also living with complex trauma & 'Borderline' symptoms...
Eleison | Last answer
I am trying to ween off of this drug, I tried quiting in March and had terrible withdrawal symptoms, so when I went back on I started back at half the dosage, 50mg. In April I started taking 25mg/day for 4 weeks, then 12.5mg/day for 4 w...
marcus40 | Last answer
I'm a 30yr old male. I was on Sertraline approx 10 years ago for depression and it seemed to work until a crash. For one reason or another over the years, my treatment has changed several times. It is 2011 and i have found my way back to...
angrydook | Last answer
Can anyone relate to feeling like there on speed I'm a 20 yr old male with this diagnosis it started when I was 17 just want somebody to relate to thanks...
jayston | Last answer
I recently found this website http://www.jobclub.sg/page.aspx?id=131. They help recovering mental patients get and train for jobs. Does anyone know of similar problems in the US?
007melissa | Last answer
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