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i have had soooo mant mri's and 2 spinal taps. my doctor called me on march 28th. she has never called me before about my brain mris.she wants me to have another spinal tap UGHHHHH! i have been seeing this neurologist for just over 2 yea...
hairdesigner1966 | Last answer
I am 45. I've had RRMS for 20 yrs. Ihave had SPMS for 5 yrs(?). I am EDSS 8 or more. I'm on LDN, baclofen, (alertec) midafinil, 4 aminopyridine. I'm off betaseron now for about a year because I can't get funding because apparently I...
shni | Last answer
In 1999 I lost vision in the lower half of only one of my eyes. No doctor could seem to find the cause, and I was given some eye drops and sent home. The vision came back about a week later. Now, 10 years later, I have started to have...
samcrudd | Last answer
I started with O.N. in 8/07. Then had 2 definite episodes of right sided weakness, parasthesia, drop foot etc that required steroid therapy. That helped alot and I was pretty much back to normal after a month. I've had 3 MRI's of the bra...
cz1970 | Last answer
Dr. Kantor, I don’t have a definitive diagnosis at the moment, the Dr. goes between TM and CIS. The MRI shows 2 (possibly 3) cervical lesions. The symptoms started in June and the LP was done in January; which was normal except for el...
sak74 | Last answer
My Neurologist is 95% certain at this point I have MS. I have scattered foci on my brain and fit all the other criteria although my spinal tap was OK. I have lyme and that has complicated diagnosis. Mycoplasma levels are hard to contro...
ukinvb | Last answer
Dear Dr Kantor, I have been on the member forum for while now nut would like ot ask your opinion of what has happened to me today with my GP. Firstly my timeline is: 1989 - 34 years old: Optic Neuritis, IBS Severe Depression...
Eyesnlegs | Last answer
Dear Dr. Kantor, What criteria do you generally use when deciding whether to put a patient who is not "classic MS" on a DMD? This is probably an individual decision depending on the doctor and on the particulars of the patient, but i...
Sarahsmom46 | Last answer
i am sorry if i am doing this wrong,i have already asked the question on the forum.My symtoms staiwarted with bells palsy on both side of my face about five years ago,i then lost the feeling and had weakness down the right side of my bod...
geo1888 | Last answer
I am a 45 year old female that has been experiencing left calf tightness/numbness upon waking for several months. No weakness. Usually resolves during the day although can be felt at times when exercising. Recently, after carrying a h...
cnelson5266 | Last answer
I'm 24 years, female in good health. About a month ago I began getting some weird symptoms. First, felt very weak, lightheaded, shaky, was seeing white flashing lights. Went to the ER and was sent home, was told I had anxiety. I took...
jsan | Last answer
I'm a 36 year old male who exercises and is in good shape. I awoke two weeks ago with pins and needles in my left foot mainly but slightly in my right as well. This stressed me and worried me a bit but I ignored it and figured maybe it...
TJM24 | Last answer
Can you please clarify the following regarding diagnosis of ms. One band was seen in CSF that was not in the serum. MRI rersult: There is slight irregularity of the upper aspect of the right head of caudate at its junction with the bod...
san58 | Last answer
I am currently being treated by a general neurologist, I have had 2 MRIs of brain and brain stem both with and without contrast. I have a friend who sees an MS Specialist who has only done them without contrast... Can you help us underst...
Daisy22 | Last answer
Hi there, could you tell me why my MS specialist is sending me for a MRS to look at the brain lesions? She said it was to look at them further...I'm not yet Dx with anything, and been searching for a few years. Also, when a Radiologist...
Wobbly | Last answer
I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in Dec. 2007 and have pain in all the trigger points. Started Lyrica and all was fine until 6/28/08. Driving to work my right arm and leg felt very heavy and right side of face went numb, had a very ba...
Kcates65 | Last answer
My child is 3 and a half years old, weight; 20 kgs. She often complains the feeling of vertigo that lasts only for 1/2 seconds. It happnes 1/2 times a week at random time. I have been observing the symptom since she was two. I saw a neur...
Asaduzzaman | Last answer
Hi, I hope someone can provide some direction on what specialty this would fall under, so that I can seek medical assistance. Also, any idea what this is??? About 7 years ago, I developed occasional (maybe once or twice a month) "...
avoirduculot | Last answer
Dr. Kantor: I am 51 and have for months been experiencing what the doctor calls "chorea," treated now with clonazepam. Other symptoms that are wrosening are immense fatigue and feelings of weakness in my left arm and both legs below...
magnolia23 | Last answer
I was diagnosed with MS October 2005. My diagnosis was proven through a lumbar puncture, visual evoked potential eye exam and other types of testing. I am positive, and my Neurologist concurs, that I've suffered with this disease for o...
Vicki050505 | Last answer
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