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Dear Dr. Kantor, Welcome to the MedHelp MS Community. I am one of the Community Leaders and was a pediatrician before being disabled with MS. For each of the questions I am presuming that the history and physical are very suggestive of...
Quixotic1 | Last answer
I have been followed for suspected "benign" MS for 2 years now. The original symptom seems to have been a tingling in my left arm some 9 years ago. Cervical radiculopathy was the dx after CT and EMG. Fast forward to 3 years ago. New ons...
rendean | Last answer
Why has nobody addressed this topic yet that I can see?? Every MS patient I have met at MS Society meetings have varying degrees of migraine, but are not taken seriously. My SPMS patient has daily frontal migraines that no med seems to b...
JennyO63 | Last answer
I know that the finding of lesions on a MRI scan of the brain may or may not result in any clinical outcomes. So hypothetically speaking, could lesions in the medulla cause pain in the neck area?
jakimbo | Last answer
Dr. Kantor, On my first MRI 12 years ago, I had five brain lesions and one spinal lesion which all enhanced after injection of gadolinium dye. My next MRI's over the course of 5 years, showed no additional lesions, no enhancement, de...
Heather3418 | Last answer
I'm a mother of a 5 month old boy. I have been having symptoms of a relapse (although I was hoping that it was just a pinched nerve or something) for a couple of months now. I went for an appointment with my neuro (who is not an MS "spec...
ChunkyMonkeysMommy | Last answer
Hello, I am a 23 year old male and for the past year and a half I have been experiencing several troubling symptoms involving my balance, vision, and lately my speech. My blood work looks good and i am negative for lyme and all STDs. I h...
Expert Advice is awesome | Last answer
Are ventral medullary lesions common in MS? Or if not common, not considered to be unusual? What might be some of the complications of such lesions? What are the most typical issues associalted with such lesions, if there is such a t...
jakimbo | Last answer
Good Afternoon Dr. Kantor, What is the significance of Virchow-Robins spaces seen on brain MRIs when looking at a patient with possible MS? Can they disappear on later MRIs especially when done after a Solumed treatment? I posted a ...
Sarahsmom46 | Last answer
Hello, I was diagnosed with RRMS last February after two bouts of ON, abnormal MRI, leg that seemed like it was not there, extreme fatigue, bathroom issues, and tests that were normal. I have had a lot of sensory symptoms that include ...
LATW | Last answer
Hello Dr Kantor, I have been diagnosed with MS for a year and a half, for the past couple of months I have been smelling phantom smoke/fire for a few days at a time that goes away for a few weeks then returns again. I have had a EEG t...
Marizzy | Last answer
Female, 40. Hx = autoimmune thyroid, thyroidectomy in April ’07. EBV, Aug ’05, sick 2.5 months. Paternal g-mother w/PPMS. Onset, Oct 07, paresthesias/numbness, rt foot (has cont'd since, increasing in intensity; waken stiff and unable...
biowham | Last answer
Dear Dr. Kantor, Something that has me perplexed since my diagnosis in Sept. 08 is the role of my neurologist in the my ongoing care. It seems that every doctor is only schooled in a particular area and the referrals are numerous. B...
Lulu54 | Last answer
Almost 8 yrs ago i was diagnosed with RT eye optic neuritis Now as of April 2007 i was treated for lyme A LP showed 3 oligoclonal banding MRI showed nothing except for a very sm lesion on my lower spine which Dr's say is not related?...
clab | Last answer
I have been to many neurologist specialists. My general neurologist referred me to all of them. The last one was an M.S. specialist (today). She said a had a number of problems that don't add up to anything specific. I have a balance...
terrics | Last answer
33 yr. old F, unable to sit for 3 yrs due to bilateral pelvic neuropathy. As a result of a 6 mnth. repetitive strain injury, dev. muscle spasms, tenderness over entire spine, pain in cervical spine, burning in hands and arms w/ radiation...
OMIT00 | Last answer
Without going to the doctor how would i know if i have ms.
dwanna | Last answer
I have a diagnosis of Pseudotumor Cerebri but CSF testing is abnormal.CSF test results are: elevated CSF IgG index(1.49)CSF IgG synthesis rate(39.8)total proteins (54) and 2 oligoclonal bands in the far gamma region,Albumin Index is norm...
sunflwrgrdn | Last answer
Hi, I have had leg and arm weakness that used to seem erratic and intermittent but lately seems to be worsening, more especially in the legs. Today at Target a bottle of fabric softener and a gallon of milk (lifted seperately) felt hea...
Jaelyn | Last answer
Dear Dr. For the last 15 months i have had symptoms, ( will outline below ) I am very pro-active and have had 3 brain mri's all with and without contrast,1 cervical,1 thorasic both with and without baer,visual evoked potentials,emg's...
renee80 | Last answer
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