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Hello all, I'm in what I think is called "limbo land?" August 3rd I got an MRI with/without contrast done which was ordered by my ...
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I have had major pain in my feet since May 2016 and it has just gotten worse. Started out on the bottom of my feet and is now on the bot...
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What has happened to this website? I can't find anything anymore. Where have the health pages gone? oh well here goes nothing. Anyway ...
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I know thats a weird question but this happens daily with me & its getting worse. I can be laying down watching tv or whatever & usually ...
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Some people on this forum seem really well-informed! I wonder if any of you can read this situation better than I can. Thanks, in any eve...
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While I was at the back specialist yesterday we discussed pain medicine. I have been hesitant to ask for anything, but my leg/hip pain ...
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There's no bears, just l'hermittes and spastic bladder. So... a bit of background here. Around May of this year I started experiencing r...
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Hi everyone, I've been taking Copaxone since 2010. With my weight loss I have very little subq fat to inject into and I keep getting bad...
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One of my very worst symptoms is itching. When it strikes, I want to tear my skin off. It sorta feels like explosions in my skin. Ice ...
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I was told a week ago that they think I have MS. Today I was supposed to get an MRI ,but I keep having dizzy spells and I felt unsafe dri...
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I know this question has been asked before but I dont see it anywhere. Anyway I have had constipation for years. My dr feels its related ...
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WARNING graphic detail of things we really don't want to talk about. I'm having a problem passing stools.I believe this may be called ...
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Hi. I'm new to MedHelp. My MS neurologist suspects I have MS but has not yet made a diagnosis. I just picked up my thoracic spine MRI rep...
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Starting at 18,out of the blue I lost my voice;it just up and went as was about to talk. It came back eventually, but it continued to occ...
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When I was 5, I began having migraines. Normal migraines, if you will. Never any physical effects other than throwing up and a bit of nec...
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I recently learned that I might have MS. My neurologist specializing in MS put me on 3 days of Solu-medrol infusions followed by a Predni...
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I have a new symptom that I just noticed in the past few weeks. When I exhale after sighing or taking a deep breath both my hands tingle...
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I had my 4 ingrown toenails removed in February. That would be the sides of my big toes, and the complete removal of the nail on both sec...
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My neurologist says many people with MS have this very typical pain. Since she could not help me I went to an RA specialist who gave me ...
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4 or 5 weeks ago on a Sunday morning, I got up around 7am and started doig chores and engaged in an entire pot of coffee all the while. ...
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