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Hi all, I'm a 21 year old female with a long list of health problems and no answers. First of all, my grandmother was diagnosed with MS, ...
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It is with a very, very heavy heart that I have to tell you all that our beloved Alex passed away in the early morning of Friday, January...
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  Ldobson2008,    supermum_ms ,    dominosarah,    ConfirmedRachel,    tingletingle
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hi, i know this may sound like a weird question, but does anyone actually feel their spinal cord lesions? i have inflammation on my...
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  supermum_ms ,    Camihija87
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I was just wondering if others also experience sensitivity to sunlight. From about 2 years my eyes have been extremely sensitive to brigh...
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  supermum_ms ,    JaneK1975
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I haven't been diagnosed yet, but every symptom seems to point to MS. I have had symptoms since June 2015. They mostly include numbness, ...
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  aspen2,    supermum_ms ,    Courtstar21
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Back in September, I hurt my back emptying a large bin, and I wasn't able to straighten my spine. (I looked liked the Hunchback of Norte ...
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I am 18 almost 19 and am having hand tremorsin weeks not months. I did have ADEM when I was 10 years old. I am seeing neuro next week and...
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I am about to turn 31 and about two months ago I began feeling dizzy, fatigued and had numbness on the right side of my body. I went to t...
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Can lyrica cause muscle fatigue?
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  Tinaaao,    Tinaaao,    Tinaaao
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Last night I had a really weird moment... I was on the sofa playing with the laptop and my husband had just come in from outside after...
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Hi all, In the past 2 days I have experiences the most painful and uncomfortable cramps in the bottom of my foot, my toes are curling...
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Hi Everyone I need some opinions on making a decision to stop my avonex shots. Basically, I am tired of taking the shots and still fe...
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I have been on Tecfidera for over a year. It is one thousand times better than Copaxone for many reasons. BUT... I have severe flushi...
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  ConfirmedRachel,    Corriel,    JaneK1975,    Corriel,    aspen2
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Hey Guys, I have been reading posts on here for 18 months now. I am getting closer to a DX of PPMS. It has been a long road and thes...
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i never thought i would be happy to have a hole in my heart but, today i am. i haven't been to the forum in a couple of months due to a ...
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Can you please let me know if this should be of a concern: Stable pattern of multifocal punctate FLAIR signal hyperintensity scattered ...
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I have severe muscle fatigue and drop things sometimes out of my right hand. This Sunday my right side of my body hurt from the top of m...
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  frustrated97,    aspen2
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I know thats a weird question but this happens daily with me & its getting worse. I can be laying down watching tv or whatever & usually ...
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I have had a plethora of neurological symptoms for years now, with a detailed, quite lengthy timeline. My earliest symptom was vision los...
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There are a few members who are scheduled to go to the Mayo Clinic in the near future & I thought that posting my recent experience there...
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  RiddleEnigma,    Lahahn
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