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So, this website has had daily visits by me for a few years now. Everyone knows it bears little to no resemblance to the community I foun...
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  johnniebear,    rendean ,    Lulu54 ,    torikat32,    torikat32
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Hi all. It's been a while since I checked in. Disease progression, and my husband's illness keep us exhausted. We recently moved fr...
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  maxthecat43,    Corriel,    supermum_ms
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When you view the MRI of the brain on the computer screen, is the image reversed? My largest lesion appears in the upper left, so I assu...
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One of my doctor's (Pain Management, not Neurologist), told be about taking Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, a tablespoon per day, to aide in MS...
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  sandraeb,    sandraeb,    HVAC,    Suaste
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Hello- i am awaiting lab work with my primary doc and possible a referral to a neurologist. I am 38 yr-old female experiencing extreme bo...
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  sandraeb,    supermum_ms ,    Slandia,    HVAC,    Slandia
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For those who do not know me I have had MS for 51 years. I got MS before MRIS or the drugs. All they knew was I had brain stem damage....
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  HVAC,    rendean ,    HVAC,    karryon55,    mikeysmom1995
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Does anyone know about chronic low exposure to C02 (over 8 years)? Is it possible to get brain damage that looks similar to MS? Mostly ...
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Just found this thread again as I'm cuddled up in bed with my right foot feeling like it is in the deep freeze and my head feeling like I...
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  HVAC,    maxthecat43
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So, yesterday I found myself visiting a neurologist with MRIs in hand. On said MRIs, they found several small lesions and one larger lesi...
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  HVAC,    maxthecat43,    supermum_ms ,    UnsureMS,    aspen2
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No matter how many socks I put on them, or if I put on shoes. I can't get them warm, and if I put them in warm water, well them we have t...
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  HVAC,    fighter60
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I have been taking 40mg of copaxone for two weeks. I have noticed that one the days I take it about 6 hours later I feel achy like I hav...
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  maxthecat43,    aspen2,    aspen2
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My husband has been diagnosed with transverse myelitis and he continues to have nerve pain in his hands. I am looking for some alternativ...
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  sandraeb,    sandraeb
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Went to my neuro yesterday and he let me know that he doesnt believe I have MS at this point in time. However he will be getting another ...
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  sandraeb,    supermum_ms
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This may be completely wrong but since MS is thought to be caused by a malfunction with the immune system, could perhaps taking immune bo...
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  LadyJayhawk,    supermum_ms ,    georgegeo,    kalderton
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At present all my organs and organ systems are operating within normal parameters. Are there any MS drugs that don't destroy either my he...
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After 10 yrs of just dealing with sxs such as tingling in the legs and arms, Concentration and memory issues, and constant feeling like I...
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  UnsureMS,    UnsureMS,    supermum_ms
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Hi, i was wondering how the tingling from multiple sclerosis feels for you. -If you wouldn't mind, could you please explain: *How ...
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  tlw59,    tlw59,    Tej37
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I'm currently experiencing a MS relapse in addition to a reoccurring Epstien Barr Virus infection. This is the 4-5th time since the age ...
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Does anyone deal with almost constant dizziness and vertigo? I wake up and it's there and it does not help with my balance issue. It seem...
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Are bruises on your legs common when you have MS? My legs are covered in bruises!
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  serali778,    Reneja
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