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After many years on Med Help I have to say good bye. I am in liver failure from my cancer. I am now getting bed ridden and no longer want...
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Hello all, I have had a history of strange, inexplicable symptoms. I have searched for years wondering what it could be, have been whi...
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  Bean1355,    supermum_ms
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hi, can anyone explain what these results from my MRI mean please. left optic neuritis. ? demyelinating disease. the following sequ...
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  aspen2,    supermum_ms
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A weird question for you all. I've had this dent in my upper thigh on my left leg and didn't pay it much mind until recently I noticed it...
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I was wondering if anyone has tried Lemtrada yet? They keep sending me info. I know it is fairly new but I am curious to hear from anyone...
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Hi everyone, I hope everyone is good. I been having a new symptom and I was wondering if anyone could relate or have any ideas on what...
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Hi all, I stumbled onto this website in a search for information and thought I’d post, if that’s okay. Any suggestions or thoughts are w...
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I've been having some odd parasthesia symptoms the past few months and have read where it may be MS or definitely not MS but figure this ...
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  aspen2,    cayenne88,    tj3762,    cayenne88,    supermum_ms
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started having symptoms of numbness and tingling first in my right foot and then in my right hand, and now I'm having it exclusively in m...
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  aspen2,    supermum_ms ,    jessica9280,    supermum_ms ,    Aramas206
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After 10 months on Plegridy, I had my most severe reaction yet last night. It's disappointing as the med seems to be working and I've bee...
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  supermum_ms ,    Aramas206,    cjtmn,    aspen2,    cjtmn
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I have been dealing with many health issues for the last several years. I suspect it may be MS. A doctor told me that if I were not caref...
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  ADK2020,    supermum_ms ,    Aramas206
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I seem to have thoroughly confused everyone when I talk about patterns of symptoms that are not typical of MS. I probably sound like tho...
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  Altrdcomesun,    Altrdcomesun,    Altrdcomesun,    slabp9,    immisceo
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Hello everyone, I want to start off that I'm a 21 year old female, and I've been having issues. I had muscle spasms in my calves along...
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Hello, so I have not been diagnosed with MS but it seems this is the most appropriate community for my questions. I have been suffering s...
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  Aramas206,    supermum_ms ,    Aramas206
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My Doctor suspects MS but it seems like it's taking forever to get the actual diagnosis. So I'm kind of new to this. For me everything st...
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  aspen2,    cjtmn
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I get more confused everytime I see a new doctor, every doctor seems to have a different opion and I was hoping you would have some advic...
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  Aramas206,    Kris310
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Was just wondering wether it is possible? Cause i have alot symptomes and one that ive googled bout that was bugging me was the sound of ...
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What is the difference between vertigo, dizziness, being light-headed, and/or faintness? I often feel that my brain is spinning inside m...
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Can anyone out there relate to my concerns please I've been having seizures since I was 17, I've had every test (ct, MRI, ultrasound, et...
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  supermum_ms ,    Tkb1904,    supermum_ms
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Hi all, small question for you, i had no symptoms for 5 months, which was wonderful, and then i got this urinary infection , and the next...
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  aspen2,    supermum_ms ,    supermum_ms ,    aspen2,    aspen2
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