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4 or 5 weeks ago on a Sunday morning, I got up around 7am and started doig chores and engaged in an entire pot of coffee all the while. ...
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I have been told by my doctors that lumbar MRIs are not used to diagnose multiple sclerosis. Can you give me information on this? I am in...
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There has been a great deal of confusion about what Oligoclonal Bands are, how they form, where they form, why they form, and how they ar...
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I have been dianosed with MS for over 30 years. I am through with doctors and medicine. It really doesn't seem to make any difference. ...
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I have been diagnosed with MS for about 4 months now after the right side of my body went numb and I had severe weakness in my legs makin...
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I've developed a new and annoying symptom and wondered if anyone else has had this too. No idea if MS or med related. I'm feeling lazy ...
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I wanted to know if there is ANYONE else out there who has both MS and graves disease? I have 2 auto-immune problems attacking my body at...
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Hi All- Question for any MS experts out there kind enough to read through this. I'm a 38 year old male and have been symptomatic for 8 ...
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Hi All, you seem to have a nice Community here, so I'm jumping in, and as this is my introduction post, it will be a bit long, with my pe...
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Diagnosed 2 years ago aged 54. First known signs appeared 4 years ago (double vision and a numbness in my right side of my face - double ...
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I know thats a weird question but this happens daily with me & its getting worse. I can be laying down watching tv or whatever & usually ...
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I had PT today, where there was some pretty deep tissue work and stretching done on my neck and upper back. My cervical and thoracic are...
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Had an Mir scan and received a letter with this result but don't understand it
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Could someone please explain the term "Drop Foot"? Need to know if this is what i am experiencing! SPres
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12 weeks ago i started having a really wierd form of headache. it started as numbness / tingling / pressure on the skin around the right ...
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Hey everyone, I was previously on Gilenya for over 6 months but was advised to go off it over a month ago due to the drop in my white blo...
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My insurance denied my claim for betaseron, as I stated in a previous post. They would prefer I take rebif. I have read that rebif is a...
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I am 44. I first went on the internet to search when my right hand was tingly, cold and numb. MS came up, but I thought it was most likel...
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At age 12, I developed a tingling feeling all over. It wasn't localised to a particular spot, I just felt it everywhere. Around this time...
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Phew... was eating lunch today, and while swallowing my delicious salad, my throat locked up. It was like I was trying to swallow a gol...
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