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Hi guys, I have yet another question LOL Has anyone experienced severe sweating while taking Copaxone ? As most of you know, I have...
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  JMoses84,    JMoses84
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Hi. I have a question about my MRI results that I'm hoping someone can help me to make sense of. My neurologist had me go in to "assess f...
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  aspen2,    ebrownkirkland,    aspen2
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Would like to know what the first symptoms were that people experienced with MS and even those still in limbo along with the choices b...
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Hello, so I have written on this community before.. For the past 4 months, I have been experiencing dizziness (sensation of movement like...
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  supermum_ms ,    hillflower,    supermum_ms
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I have been racking my brain ( and all of your brains too for that matter) to figure out what could cause my symptoms if not MS. I ke...
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I am a 48 yo female.I have had fatigue, dizziness and tongue numbness and the ED did an MRI. It showed "several supratentorial punctuate ...
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  supermum_ms ,    Momma24rn,    supermum_ms
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This started for me on Saturday. Or, at least, that is when DH pointed it out to me. If I'm sitting fully supported I don't notice it, bu...
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  mrscmuzik,    Faithuruo
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I have been on it awhile and now I have had a couple blisters
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Hi, I have been reading this forum and there's so much good information and advice so I thought I'd post my symptoms and see if anyone ha...
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  supermum_ms ,    TiredConfused,    supermum_ms ,    TiredConfused
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I haven't lurked here in years but this site was invaluable to me when I was transitioning from probable to definite during / after my pr...
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  Poppy7402,    Cann1980,    aspen2,    Corriel,    TLC_31
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2 weeks ago I was prescribed amitriptyline at night the dose started at 10mg and have gradually increased to 50mg. This is on top of the ...
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4 or 5 weeks ago on a Sunday morning, I got up around 7am and started doig chores and engaged in an entire pot of coffee all the while. ...
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  MamaWudjet,    MamaWudjet,    kdbetteshanger,    Niki0505,    Niki0505
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Is anyone else bed ridden with MS and experiencing loneliness.
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For those of you with trigeminal neuralgia, would you mind me asking you what it feels like? I have been assuming, for a while, that wha...
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  Helo91,    ChiefBeachBum
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I had a weird episode while at work one day this week. I was sitting at my desk and all of a sudden it felt like I had very hot liquid...
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Happy anniversary to supermum_ms- your Community Leader!  Please take a moment to reach out to supermum_ms, and give a shout out for how ...
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  4happygnomes,    karryon55,    Corriel,    TLC1104,    aspen2
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If 20 - 40% of white blood cells are made up of lymphocytes, and my lab results on last week's CBC w/differential came back with my lymph...
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Hi could someone please help me to understand my Mri report. It says "no significant focal parenchymal abnormality. Right lateral periven...
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I have been having alot of problems and going steadily downhill for the last 6 years. I am now 64. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia qui...
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  Red_Star,    aspen2
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Hello to all, Previous written on a post a few weeks ago (just trying to keep up with all of these crazy symptoms). I am a 37 year...
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