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Good morning, I have a question in regards to MS and a positive result for Banding & an elevated opening pressure. My Neurologist did ano...
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My husbands father had MS and I'm a little leery about him getting MS as well. He's 33 years old and injured his neck a few years ago, be...
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I have had MS symptoms for 5 years now. It started mild but has worsened with each flare over the last 5 years. I have seen so many docto...
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Hi friends, I'm curious what non-prescription options exist to help with muscle spasms. I'm having a terrible time with the arch of my...
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Hello, This may be a silly Q, but it's been in the back of my mind since my last neuro appt. I always have some tingling in my fac...
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Hi Everyone, I have a general question that maybe your input can help with. My wife has been having a "roaming numbness" for the last...
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So this has me wondering lately and when I did a search, even online it came up with zilch! During my first pregnancy I found out that I ...
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I know this sounds like a strange question but at my last appointment with my neurologist I felt like I walked out of there without getti...
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I am still in limbo land but my neurologist didn't answer my question at my last appointment about my muscle spasms (even though I'm mid-...
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Hi. First time here. In 2008 I was sent to the MS clinic for symptoms of MS. Numbness, tingling of extremities, falls, periods of forget...
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As you all know I had quite an eventful spinal tap on Monday. Yesterday I was very tired..(which I figure is normal) Last night I noti...
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I am rewriting this as a new post, because it seems important. There is a type of paroxysmal paresthesia that people describe as feeling...
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I am a 48 year old female. My mother has MS and was diagnosed at age 39. I had an MRI 6 months ago and my primary care physician said e...
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MRI results came back odd.. There is involvement in the corpus callosum. Similar signal abnormality within the pons
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Well I had an appointment at a neurology clinic in my home state (NC) whose clinic is in a huge teaching hospital. I was confident that ...
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I have a new symptom that I just noticed in the past few weeks. When I exhale after sighing or taking a deep breath both my hands tingle...
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Hi everyone. I decided to post here because I need some input. Im a 25 yr old woman... About three years ago I started getting horrible m...
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Three years ago I had a neurological episode that included severe imbalance, tremors, speech dysfunction and vision issues. It was though...
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It started over a year ago with a constant corset type feeling around my ribcage. After various testing my stomach doctor felt it was mo...
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