This is a new Methadone group starting in March;2011. This is a group for anyone currently on Methadone, looking to start Methadone,getting off Methadone or just in need of an answer about Methadone. If you currently have an addiction to another drug, please stay. Addiction is a lonely place and everyone is here for the same reason. We need someone to talk to. Please be kind and respect each others feelings. Please feel free to talk about everyday life or something important that is going on. If you need help please ask. If you do not get an answer, please go to "Marebear74" and try there. This is my username and my MedHelp site. I am always here to listen to anything you need to talk about. Best Wishes To You!!!!

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ok i was just wondering on the day i am about to leave i jz trkae a double dose of meth n go on the airplan the whole trips gonna take atleast 23 hour would i be ok on the flight and also when i get to where im goin i was planin to go to...
dippset | Posted
ok im on 60 mg a day at thee clinic and i have about a month a half to go befor i leave the country if i go down 5mg a week and be at 30mg and leave would my withdraw be really bad .?
dippset | Last answer
Hi All, I am on Methadone Maintenance now for around 17 yrs. I have had clean UA;s for that long as well. My life is so far away from the circumstances that caused me to get on the methadone. I was released from a stint in dept. of corre...
truredhead | Last answer
Howdy... I am one ex-addict from Serbia, currently on MMT and on dosage of 87mg/260drops of Methadone HCL { ONLY additives are methylparaben,prophylparaben,prophylenglikol. No sweeteners or whatsoever... ... So I was wondering next... T...
ex_H_addict | Posted
i am currently trying to get off of norco. vicodin.xanex..morphine..tramadol. all of these are dr perscribed but i abuse the crap out of them. im definately an addict. i have a dr appt on monday and i am considering asking to be put on m...
I have been addicted to painkillers for over 12 years and started going to the methadone clinic 4 years ago in hopes of kicking my addiction. I had the best intentions when I started going, but shortly after realized that I was probably ...
Sun_Shine_On_Me | Last answer
i am trying to get off methadone, is there any info you can share with me? im down to around 30ml a day now,but not sure how far down i need to go before stopping? this **** is about to ruin my life, i need help with a plan to get off. ...
shan566 | Last answer
hi , ive been on methadone for 6 yrs now i started on 100 mls , ive now managed to get this down to 26mls over the past 3yrs , but lately these last few drops from 35mls down have really hit me hard my nurse wants me down to 20mls by nxt...
frankiejo | Posted
I was hoping to get some feedback from someone who has fibro or hep c with MMT. It seems no one ever jumps in to reply, am I the only one with these conditons on methadone? Very frustrating! I am worried at this age to take other meds li...
truredhead | Posted
Hi everyone,I'm Dino this is my first day on getting on a computer so bare withme please..Ihave been on methadone for three years i started out slow and ended at 85 mgs i sslowly tapered myself down to 30 mgs and with the price iwas payi...
dino46 | Posted
I have chronic pain in several areas of my body. Most of it is caused by car accidents and the resulting Osteoarthritis that came on after quite some time. I have been on Norco/Lortabs for four years, but my doctor very recently retired....
Pete_2011 | Last answer
I was wondering if pregnancey and methadone is dangerous? I want to get pregnant and my doctor said it was ok, but i watch dr phil and he showed new born babies that were withdrawling and suffering. what do you think?
chelly263 | Last answer
If your here, welcome! Please stick around. If you leave come back anytime. My name is MareBear74. I have been on Methadone and a recovering Oxy and Heroin addict. I have 4 children and love them very much.I have issues going on everyday...
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