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This forum is for questions and support regarding neurology issues such as: Alzheimer's Disease, ALS, Autism, Brain Cancer, Cerebral Palsy, Chronic Pain, Epilepsy, Headaches, MS, Neuralgia, Neuropathy, Parkinson's Disease, RSD, Sleep Disorders, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury.

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Spock53Apr 20
Owais_313Apr 15
Quinni24Jan 25
By quark Blank
I'm experiencing tingling and numbness in my back between the shoulder blade and spine on my left side. I can't recal...
116881 tn?1189759423
DibbyDApr 19
Carey01Mar 05, 2010
KarmazoicMar 04, 2010
0161sezwebMar 11, 2009
808dudeMay 29, 2008
By Carey01 Blank
Has anyone experienced "brain zaps" --- I have experienced this sensation several times in the past few months. I ha...
17889882 tn?1461106416
By mysticamberrose
I've had chronic Sinus Inflammation for 10 years or longer and I get sinus infections from time to time too. I've had...
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Babbs1952Apr 12
looselaceySep 24, 2014
LoveChamomileJul 25, 2014
MaryLynnJoMay 09, 2014
By diamantebear Blank
On Tuesday, Oct 2, I had a sudden onset of a cold sensation from my shin to my big toe , on the anterior aspect of my...
Avatar n tn
By Twinsplusone40
I am a 55 year old female. I play competitive tennis. Recently the base of my thumb started hurting in the joint ac...
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tensas22Apr 19
ct_norMar 10
ChzanzFeb 13
By honestmale Blank
I am 44 years old and being driving for years but unfortunately, for couple of years I started to feel dizzy and unba...
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Tippy1978Apr 19
RunfolaAug 01, 2015
Lexa123Jul 04, 2011
James_girl2011Apr 24, 2011
cccmclJul 24, 2010
By yaadie Blank
a few years ago i felt like someone rubbed pepper under the skin of my right arm. Fast forward to now...i've been fe...
Avatar n tn
Shari_60Feb 07
MedasinSep 30, 2015
abhinav789Sep 28, 2015
By sfkid Blank
I have been suffering from dizziness for the past 2 months. I am a 27 year old male. It is a feeling of unsteadiness ...
Avatar n tn
By JessicaLand Blank
My pain on my head seems to be more noticeable at times then others but the pain is constant. I have had what I calle...
Avatar f tn
By pink_lady001
I get these headaches except they're usually in the back of the head. The only thing I've found that sometimes stops ...
Avatar f tn
By Cheese17
I recently was hit in the face with a baseball right below the eye, side of the nose, and above the mouth. Since the ...
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rr100111Apr 18
SeekCareNov 23, 2010
JainMDJan 12, 2008
karlasJan 11, 2008
JainMDJan 11, 2008
By karlas Blank
In June of 2007, I had a fusion of the c-4 c-5 and c-5 c-6. I am still having pain in the sides of the neck and my...
Avatar f tn
By kotra87
I had a mri done it showed their was multiple white matter foci in the frontal lobes and single focus in the left cin...
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skr170784Apr 17
Arron1983Mar 16
FujmanJan 13
Nelle1hDec 30, 2015
By Debbie71 Blank
Hi everyone, Im hoping someone can help me here. I have a 10 year old son that is having episodes where everythin...
Avatar n tn
AutomelApr 17
abs723Mar 18
By jonis Blank
I have just started getting this burning sensation all over my body, at night, it starts in my back and travels to al...
Avatar f tn
By dawnhurts
I have severe lower back pain that radiates down both legs, but seems to be worse in rt leg. When sitting certain way...
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Mark30216Apr 17
Ajw89Mar 09
sncn73Nov 13, 2015
browsingandreadingSep 27, 2015
browsingandreadingSep 27, 2015
By skooly Blank
Every so often while driving on motorways I get a weird sensation that can cause me to pull over as my sight is affec...
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rease08Sep 23, 2014
Lesley247Feb 19, 2011
sophia2004Dec 06, 2010
DixieRose9Mar 01, 2010
Seneca21Aug 24, 2009
By Reg105 Blank
Hi, I've been reading the forum of others that are going through abdominal fluttering and it's freaking me out. I...
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By myeyefeelsweird
Hey, I am 17 years old and I had been in good health. I went to a theme park about a week ago and after riding one ri...
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selmaSApr 15
tschockBlankApr 12
By tigeress77
I am in hospital due to multiple seizures/severe confusion and recently changed epilepsy meds whilst been in to...
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