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This forum is for questions and support regarding neurology issues such as: Alzheimer's Disease, ALS, Autism, Brain Cancer, Cerebral Palsy, Chronic Pain, Epilepsy, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, MS, Neuralgia, Neuropathy, Parkinson's Disease, RSD, Sleep Disorders, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury.

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By TJ-Stewart Blank
Posted By TJ Stewart on September 17, 1998 at 22:16:01: In Reply to: Re: Calcium deposit in the brain posted by CC...
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chicosaltJun 21
gatammy70Nov 21, 2011
johnterry1004Sep 14, 2010
milty456May 17, 2006
JoOntarioMay 17, 2006
By Auburn Blank
I have had tingling/numbness in my arms/legs for 3 months. ARMS significantly worse than feet and SIGNIFICANTLY worse...
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Shan2479Jun 13
mawolveApr 08, 2010
Jamie914Feb 05, 2010
Blue6029Jan 07, 2009
CCF-Neuro-M.D.-CSAug 13, 2003
By Andi T Blank
Ultrasound during this pregnancy has revealed a right brain ventricle that has increased to borderline for normal--fr...
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By Waren Blank
Re: Drug Interaction [ Follow Ups ] [ Post Followup ] [ The Neurology Forum ] [ FAQ ] ...
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PittgirlsMay 31
razaabbasApr 15, 2010
johnfloxMay 12, 2006
motheroftwoMay 12, 2006
motheroftwoMay 12, 2006
By hbgmom Blank
In early Feb. my left arm started having twitches under the skin and feeling somewhat sore and then weak. My left cal...
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sslaineyAug 07, 2010
By chri9999 Blank
I am a 43 year old male in very good health. I started having tingling in my legs approximately 5 weeks with no othe...
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Adri888May 20
By Knusie Blank
Posted By Knusie on February 20, 1998 at 15:07:09: My family and I need help in finding a speciali...
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Katy42Apr 27
krayonJul 20, 2010
Tom92WJan 11, 2010
MatthewYDec 12, 2009
Neuro Forum Dec 12, 2009
By MatthewY Blank
Male, 18 When I was 14 years old I started having episodes(which did not include headaches) where I would: Lose t...
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By Jule- Blank
I have had a sinus infection for 4 months. My symptoms were very frightening to me, and when I spoke to md.s abou...
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nkumar1Apr 06
Neuro Forum Apr 23, 2010
my hand shake very badly when i write. it started when i was in +1 and i was not able to finish my exams on time.befo...
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Peanut404Apr 04
GrammaJewelryDec 02, 2014
lisaDec 06, 2000
nancyDec 05, 2000
margaretNov 30, 2000
By Dan Blank
HI I know neuros Do not like to make the distinction between ALS TWITCHES AND BENIGN FASCICULATIONS, yet PLEASE tr...
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Caul123Mar 28
echinacea223Feb 18, 2009
CrusherApr 02, 2004
rachealgrandFeb 24, 2004
CCF-Neuro-M.D.-CSFeb 26, 2004
By rachealgrand Blank
I had my 2 upper and 1 lower right wisdom teeth removed over 3 weeks ago. After the surgery I immediately had excruc...
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capp02Mar 19
yosemitesam60Jul 12, 2014
hubbyandwifey28Oct 04, 2012
sarah44956Sep 28, 2012
KSalabamaAug 21, 2012
By sarah44956 Blank
I got my iPhone about 5 months ago and use it quite frequently throughout the day, mostly to browse the internet. Rec...
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FastsmogNov 23, 2014
tigerlily994Sep 01, 2013
DawncherieJan 21, 2012
arielajoy122Jan 11, 2011
By anita Blank
Hi, I have been getting headaches almost exclusively when I lie down, which is making sleeping difficult. It feels...
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amywoodlingNov 16, 2011
Stresshead1983Jul 23, 2011
Stresshead1983Jul 23, 2011
mxandy359Mar 19, 2011
By dietcokebottle Blank
Hi, I get muscle twitches at least 20-40 times a day usually its in the legs or arm or just under the arm. I can see...
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dinkieyFeb 10
Rachelat40Sep 09, 2007
sandstorm1Sep 07, 2007
student018Sep 06, 2007
mitzi 13Sep 06, 2007
By 24/7 Pain Blank
I have had chronic headaches for 2 years. The headaches themselves remained daily (usual on sides of head, occasional...
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190072Aug 24, 2009
By SandiR__0 Blank
Hi. I hope someone can help me with this rare and painful condition. Three years ago I had surgury on my left foot...
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opundamuJan 25
surendranathDec 28, 2006
surendranathDec 28, 2006
surendranathDec 28, 2006
bulldog76Dec 08, 2006
By Zacksmom Blank
I began having a strange weakness in my right foot and right hand/arm a few weeks ago. No loss of strength, just wei...
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ArgylJan 08
birdfeederFeb 24, 2008
CCF-Neuro-M.D.-PWSep 02, 2005
By notwhatiaskedfor Blank
After 2-1/2 weeks of dizziness, I broke out with Shingles on forehead and eye. It took 5 doctors' visits to get the ...
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bandamldJan 04
By T_Renner Blank
My name is Trudy. About a year ago I started getting pain in my right foot when I walked and now it has progressed to...
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