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Lower Lips twiched heavily today only for once should i consult doctor?
Bablu_Biswa | Posted
My baby is 7 weeks old and I recently started taking her outdoors. She has had these bumps on her face for around 2 weeks . I'm not sure of its because of the sun or some the else
sandraquintero23 | Last answer
Hi my baby was born with high arch feet and Claw tied she did not have clubfeet at birth she became sick at six days old with a Bilitubin level of 24 and was severely dehydrated and was hospitalized at the Vanderbilt nicu and stayed ther...
Chevon1980 | Last answer
Can someone please tell me that whether my virginity will be lost if i masturbate or not?
mari157 | Last answer
hi everyone could someone please tell me how to upload pics on here? congratulations on all your beautiful babies x
jadegriff89 | Last answer
I had my twin girls Taylor and Madison via c-section on the day after Christmas at 32 weeks gestation. It was a scheduled procedure because I was having complications in the pregnancy. Madison came out first and weighed 2.11 lbs, while h...
lil_lady25 | Last answer
This will be my first foray into photographing babies. Since they are such delicate little things I'm a bit nervous and would appreciate a few basic do's and don'ts if anyone can help. Thanks
sociable | Last answer
She'll be a month old Sunday <3
itsdebxo | Last answer
Going to put pics up of her
Haleymay97 | Posted
When does a new born start looking like the parents
sanantokat | Last answer
I know it'a a bit late but Blayde Arrived on the 21st April weighing 6lb 2oz 48cm long
misslollipop | Last answer
I was induced a week early on Feb 10 because of high blood pressure, i stayed all night without progressing much. The next day the 11th, the dr broke my water because there wasnt any progression. I was trying to NOT get an epidural. AFte...
Momma2MyAngel | Last answer
Hi, Welcome to the Newborn Photo Community! This community is your online " Baby's Brag Book" created with you and your baby in mind! We encourage you to kick off your shoes, relax and stay awhile (if you can!!!), as all members anno...
MH Community Mgr | Posted
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